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He Is By My side

So beautiful is this Sunny February morning
Frost is in the air and snow is on the ground
Diamond like ice chips cling tightly to the tree
Waiting for the Sun to make them unbound

God has made this day so pretty and clear
Although it is very cold when walking outside
Snow is crunching under our feet as we walk
I can feel the thrill of knowing He is by my side

He will walk beside me through good and bad
Never forsaking me no matter where I should go
I smile as the vapor comes from my warm breath
As I am walking along this path of frozen snow

Joy will be found in your heart when you meet Him
There will never be a feeling more sweeter to you
Than that day when we all gather there in Heaven
There where happiness is felt through and through


Tall and lanky was this great man
Born in Illinois on a February day
Most say he was ahead of his time
Trying to put slavery out of the way

He had great debates with Douglas
Some say Abe was the clear winner
Later when he became the President
His speeches were front and center

Mary Todd was a pretty Kentucky lady
Abe looked at her with love in his heart
After a long courtship they were married
It seemed nothing could keep them apart

Abe and Mary went to the Ford Theater
As the Civil war was coming to an end
John Wilkes Booth that night shot him
Poor Abe never had a chance to defend

For those many years He was honored
On Feburary the 12th, it was his birthday
No longer is any president so recognized
Yet many people still honor Abe anyway

My Lovely Valentine

Two hearts entered into Holy Matrimony
For the rest of life they shall never part
Their love grows with the passing of time
As the love comes straight from the heart

Such is the love I have for my lovely wife
This love grows sweeter as time goes by
She is the nicest person I have ever met
You might say she is the apple of my eye

Aging together time seems to swiftly pass
At times I wonder what day this might be
Is it Monday, Tuesday, or maybe Saturday
I guess they all are filled with love for me

She is my Valentine and I love her so much
This delightful lady means very much to me
Throughout the coming years I will love her
No more beautiful wife could there ever be

His Greatest Promise

I know our home will be up in Heaven
This is a place He has prepared for us
It is with the upmost beauty He made it
There we will see our wonderful Jesus

There we will find our friends waiting
Brought up from the Earth down below
Never again to face woes and troubles
We know because the Bible tells us so

It's a breathtaking view we will see there
With Mansions made of Ivory and Gold
God has told us we can be there forever
This is the greatest promise He ever told

If we will believe and trust in our Savior
His Heaven will be a home for you and me
If you follow on a path that He shows you
He will give you Heaven for all of eternity

He Gave Us Love

If everyone's heart was filled with love
There would be nothing to worry about
Not a single war would we have to face
Happiness would abound without doubt

Beautiful would be the life here on Earth
But my friend I am sorry it is not that way
But If everyone loved our Lord and Savior
They will find it like that in Heaven today

Love is our greatest gift from God above
Given to you as you when life first begins
It is meant to follow you through your life
Not to come to you in spurts and whims

Praise be the Lord who made it this way
He knew love should grace every heart
That love should last all our Earthly life
That is why He gave it right from the start

A Heavenly Blue

Terrible weather will scar the landscape
But in time will come back the way it grew
Broken trees look like abandoned trash
In years this whole area will look like new

God makes a way for plants to grow back
Once these devastations have passed by
So great is His power to heal the broken
He could do it in just the blink of an eye

I want to meet my dear Lord and Master
See the many blessings that He bestows
Love I have in my heart for sweet Jesus
Fills my heart and daily I know it grows

There will come a day we leave this world
Know God and let the Holy Spirit fill you
He will take your soul up to His kingdom
Where the skies will be a Heavenly Blue

Forever Blue

On this picture perfect February morning
A brilliant Sun lights up the Eastern sky
Melting frost that was painted last night
Soon Spring will cause the Winter to die

Beautiful Spring will bring us the flowers
Our hills will come alive with Green trees
I know God made Spring after the Winter
To make it warm after the Winter's freeze

He carefully planned each of the seasons
A time to plant the crops and a time to reap
A time to store what is needed in the Winter
Knowing what we will eat and what to keep

There is a cycle of life for all our foodstuffs
Unlike that life that God gave to each man
Only one life shall we have here on Earth
But God has given us an everlasting plan

If you believe and trust in our dear Savior
An eternal life He has there waiting for you
Up there in the land that is called Heaven
There where the skies will be forever blue

God Is Everything

I often sit and think of the days gone bye
I also wonder what the future might bring
Each day I strive to do the very best I can
One thing I know is that God is everything

Through the years something was lacking
I had often wondered just what it might be
Then one day He came into my bland life
His love and compassion had entered me

He has walked and has talked to me daily
He tells me of that glorious land in the sky
Where we will all gather on that bright day
His only Son died for us now I know why

Today I thank Him for this beautiful feeling
Knowing He entered my heart with His love
Bringing to me comfort and ease of my mind
Sent to me from God's Kingdom high above

Faded And Gone

We see our country's workforce dwindling
I now wonder what our future might bring
Seems as everthing we buy is foreign made
Our economy certainly is feeling the sting

What has happened to us must be greed
How do they think we can buy without a job
Most of the big stores are buying from China
At one time it was a country we used to snob

We know bickering will not solve the problem
There are many things that we should do
Getting back to ideas that made this country
We need to bring God back in our lives too

Too bad some have lost the religious principle
A thought this great country was founded on
If the powers to be don't wake up very soon
They will find our country has faded and gone

So Special

As the days keep right on moving along
Precious thoughts of Jesus fill my head
Comfort and peace He brings to my mind
Happiness replaces what once was dread

I sing praises to His Holy name every day
His love for us is great and grows each day
He died on that old rugged cross for us all
Study the Bible for it will show you His way

Seek and find the voice of our great Savior
Listen and obey everything He has to say
Feel the Holy spirit that He gives unto you
Know that you will walk with Him one day

When the gates open up there in Heaven
I want to be there to see the land eternal
What happiness and joy we will see there
God has made this place for us so special

copyright © 2008 By Acie

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