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Each Church night he would pass our house
His kerosene lantern flickering with each step
I could hear his voice singing those old hymns
Even back then I knew he relied on God's help

Suter and his brother owned an apple orchard
Having to spend long hours doing orchard work
He would hurry up and get ready to go to church
Walking in a deep snow he found the paths fork

Many memories I have of that man named Suter
When I was a little boy he stopped at our house
He had gifts for each of the children living there
As he said a prayer we all were quiet as a mouse

He had brought me a wooden mule that kicked
I will remember that little mule the rest of my days
I know Suter is now a Saint there in his eternal life
To his Lord and Savior I know that Suter still prays

You Will Get Motivated

I can remember that little church in childhood
Windows were clear and no colors were seen
Just a simple room with a wood burning stove
In Summer windows were covered with screen

That little church would jump at revival time
Hymns would be sung and souls were saved
We would hear those happy reborn Christians
So hot we could see fans as they were waved

Back at that time you wanted to go to church
It was so much different than it is these days
People worshiped and had their belief in God
I guess some churches do it in different ways

So much like that little church is where I go
Over on Hinckley Hollow Road it is located
Shawnee Hills Baptist Church is our Church
Listen to Pastor Ken, you will get motivated

Find Love For Our Savior

When you feel helpless and alone
Seek and listen to God's Holy word
Be not afraid to ask Him for strength
His is the sweetest words ever heard

He will lead you on the straight path
That puts you on to that eternal shore
In a place you will find peace forever
Find love for your Savior for evermore

Show to our Savior all the love you have
Tell Him so each time when you do pray
You will find that His love is overflowing
He will love you forever not just one day

Find His word has the truthful meaning
Praise to Him for He is the right and way
If to find your way to that Golden Strand
First ask Him to wash all your sins away

If only everyone could see Heaven once
No way would they turn away from Him
If you do not heed everything He tells you
You will find that your future is mighty dim

He Has Smiled

How long has it been since you told Him
That our lives so depends upon His love
You know He loves everyone in the world
He wants to take us to Heaven up above

Can you feel His love deep in your Heart
Return with your love, be sincere, be true
Confess to Him sins you have committed
His blood will wash all the sins from you

What a great friend we have in our Lord
He lifts us up when we are down and out
He restores our soul and brings to us joy
Glory to our Great Savior I want to shout

With life on Earth we live but a short time
But in Heaven we will live for all of eternity
God has been so good to all of His children
He has smiled down on both you and me

Winter Weather

Snow, sleet, freezing rain we have today
Everything that the Winter weather can be
It lays on the ground like a big ice cube
There also is icing on each and every tree

Power is out to almost everyone near by
We have a natural gas generator outside
It starts in seven seconds after an outage
So this is another storm that we will ride

No phone, no cable, and no computer
Ice has put a stop to it at least for today
Guess I will have to watch some old cd's
Or this disconnected computer I can play

As long as we can stay warm it is alright
Thank God our furnace is working today
God has been so great to Janet and me
This I tell to Him each night when I pray

He Gives Me

When I am thirsty He gives me water
If I am hungry He gives me food to eat
When I am tired He gives to me sleep
As I walk with Him my life is complete

He is my precious Lord and my Master
It is with Him that I will ever trust my soul
With His love I can feel the excitement
His teachings now have made me whole

He is gentle with His children that obey
But His wrath can destroy the universe
Obey His commands and live in Glory
Ask Him and your sins He will disperse

He is the wonder of all of the wonders
His love He spreads from far and near
If you walk on the path He sets for you
You will find the road to Heaven is clear

Your Greatest Desire

Although it is so very cold outside
Hear and find warmth in His word
He tells us the truth and the right
With the kindest words ever heard

Tomorrow if we find the Sunshine
It will brighten up our soul within
Bring us hope soon winter is over
Then blooming flowers can begin

He is in control and that we know
There is nothing that He can't do
He can make the water into wine
He has a heart full of love for you

Tell Him that He has your love too
Each time you kneel and you pray
Let Him know your greatest desire
Is to be with Him in Heaven one day

If You Believe

If this morning you should meet Him
Would you know what words to say
Did you read His words in the Bible
Would this be your very special day

For you know He is the great creator
Everything was made by His hands
He made the mountain and the seas
He created both lush and arid lands

When you see Him smiling sweetly
Will a smile come to your face too
Can you tell Him that you love Him
You surely must know He loves you

Would you tell friends you met Him
That He has built this place for you
In a far away land that is wonderful
Believe and He will let you come too

Everyone There Is Your Friend

One day I will walk with my sweet Jesus
We will walk on Heaven's Golden Strand
With waves of the water washing ashore
This walk with our Savior will be so grand

With feelings of joy filling my entire being
I can taste the purity of the unpolluted air
God has made this special place for us all
If you believe in Him He will take you there

You will find that Heaven is filled with love
No arguments or quarrels are heard there
Everyone treats others with great kindness
Shared hugs will show how much they care

A day that's spent in Heaven is for eternity
Because up there the day shall never end
Can you imagine the feelings you will have
When you find everyone there is your friend

Heavenly Land

Time on Earth is getting shorter
Are we ready for what is ahead
If you have met our great Savior
You live in happiness, not dread

His word has told us to repent
Then He will take our sins away
Trust in Him and if you believe
Heaven you will see some day

Follow Him into righteousness
For His is the right and the way
Through Him you will see Eternity
Be ready for the Judgement day

I dream of that blissful morning
When at God's Throne I stand
To shout out HIs name in Glory
Up there in that Heavenly land

copyright © 2008 By Acie

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