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Miracle Of Flight 1549

It was a cold clear day in New York
People were traveling that Thursday
Some had their business to attend to
Others had vacations and golf to play

Flight 1549 was going to Charlotte
They loaded and taxied the runway
Some had dreams of arriving home
But this was not to be on this day

High in the sky God smiled on Sully
His hand protected all 155 on board
So many souls were praying to Him
They were praying to the same Lord

God told Sully, son hold her straight
On the Hudson will be the best shot
If you let the tail hit in the water first
Hold on tight and don't get distraught

God and Sully made a miracle that day
Everyone aboard flight 1549 is still alive
Thursday wasn't their time to see God
But some day in Heaven they will arrive

When Your Sun Sets

When your Sun sets, never to rise tomorrow
Will you be headed for the Golden seashore
There you will never see a sunset or darkness
Beautiful Sunshine adorns Heaven evermore

This is the Heaven God has prepared for us
Beyond the clouds, up above the Earthen air
Wonders He has made for all of us believers
One day I would like to meet you all up there

Trust in the Lord and listen to all His teachings
For He is the only one who can let you enter in
Monies you may have earned down on the Earth
Wont pay for one time that you have comitted sin

God is the right and the way to restore your soul
His power to help us is so overwhelmingly strong
Although we wonder at times why we must suffer
We know time spent here on Earth isn't very long

A Beautiful Site

Can you feel His love deep in your heart
Have you felt His power down in your soul
Do you want to meet Him up there one day
If you follow Him He will make you whole

There is no other way to meet the Father
Who has His Kingdom high up in the sky
Obey His words and you will find a home
Up in the eternal place where angels fly

Skies there will always be clear and blue
No pollution to bring tears to your eyes
There find much happiness in your heart
Up there even a young child never cries

Live for eternity where we never grow old
In that celestial home made for you and me
God's power has made this heavenly home
This beautiful site He wants everyone to see

The Begininng

In the beginning of time
There was nothing at all
With no Earth and no air
There was nothing to fall

No raindrop was seen
There was no eyes to see
No butterflies there to fly
Not one bird or one bee

With no wind to blow here
Stagnation filled the space
Without a thing here living
There was no human race

God then did something
He created a place for us all
He took on this mighty job
In six days without a lull

That is how it all started
Don't forget it my friend
God made the beginning
He will also make the end

He Will Beckon

Will you meet Him up in Heaven
Do you give all your love to Him
Is there now a rebirth in your life
Is your future bright that was dim

Do you feel the love in your heart
You have for our Lord who is above
No matter how you feel about Him
For you, His heart is filled with love

On that great day when I meet Him
Joy will overflood my soul that day
As I walk through those pearly gates
Welcome home, I will hear Him say

Why would anyone turn Him away
For His way is the way to salvation
Heed His teachings and be saved
Soon from Heaven He will beckon

To Know And Believe

Please, Lord keep me on that straight and narrow
Help me to be a better person each and every day
Show me what I must do to be worthy of your love
Tell me how I might help others find the right way

With all of the turbulence found around the world
How much longer will you stand to see this go on
I am sure you must be heart broken with all of us
It seems most of your teachings are all but gone

If only we would read and believe in the Holy Bible
Our outlook on what He wants us to do is so clear
His love for us is shown throughout that great book
He made Heaven so He could have us believers near

So Lord if today You decide You want to end Earth
To so many million people I would say I told you so
Knowing that God lives and is around us every day
I want to tell you how very important He is to know

His Weather

Today the skies are cloudy and gray
I heard another clipper is on its way
This cold weather isn't for me I know
I prefer the sunshine over the snow

What I want is not always what I get
I may want it dry but rain makes it wet
Every day changes some from the last
Thank God our Winter will soon be past

It is He that make each day's weather
In Heaven it is clear and warm forever
Up into His Heavenly City I want to go
Please Lord don't let me find any snow

But I will take any weather He gives me
As long as that Golden Shore I do see
If you will look for me I will be up there
Enjoying perfect weather, high in His air

The Wiley Wolf

Out in the dry sagebush a Wolf howls
He sounds like he is lonesome tonight
Is he calling for his mate from far away
Or just howling at a moon that is bright

He is the wiley animal of the dry brush
He hunts prey with his keen eyesight
Laying in hiding during the days light
He is a hunter stalking quarry at night

Alone most of the time we will find him
Anti social decribes this animal to a tee
He sometimes will run with a wolf pack
Most other animals will just let him be

With sharp fangs he attacks his enemy
Not letting loose until the fight is done
If I ever am confronted by this animalI
I hope I am carrying my trusty old gun

Happy With What I See

If tomorrow these mortal eyes close forever
This body will be intered in the cold ground
To leave the wicked old world here on Earth
I know my soul will soon be Heaven bound

Reading, I believe what the Bible teaches
With our Lord I know I can never be wrong
With the faith I have for our loving Savior
My love for Him each day will grow strong

His truth will lead us to a Heavenly home
Don't ever turn your mind away from Him
Believe in Him and He will take you home
If you do not believe your future will be dim

When that beautiful day finds me in Heaven
What a joy to find what He has made for me
With the peace and quiet Heaven will provide
I will live an eternity happy with what I will see

The Reason Why

Rejoice when you hear His sweet name
His blood will wash your every sin away
We know Jesus Christ is our great Savior
Confess to Him your sins when you pray

His love for you is overflowing and real
Never turn your back on Him in any way
But return His love with love of your own
All of the worshipers will see Him one day

So if you believe and obey His command
A rebirth within your soul will become true
Feel the strength that is His great powers
He has a place that is reserved only for you

I will meet you up in His Heavenly mansion
After we walk that Golden Stairway in the sky
As I arrive and see how beautiful Heaven is
I believed in Him and know the reason whyCenter>

copyright © 2008 By Acie

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