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No Feeling Of Fright

With that loud clap of thunder
Rain has started pouring down
No place can I find any shelter
I am miles away from any town

I can see the maze of lightning
Each bolt comes closer to me
Just ahead I can see its might
It has split a mighty Oak tree

Still there is no feeling of fright
For I know He is walking with me
His hand is firmly on my shoulder
Sometimes I feel what I cannot see

When you walk that path with Jesus
Have no fear of what comes your way
He will protect you from everything evil
Until you see Him in Heaven one day

Clear Cutting

Tho the winds of time brush away footprints
We know it doesn't mean we were never there
When you are walking down an old walkway
Tell me why it doesn't it leave a void in the air

Sometimes we see things we don't understand
When God made this Earth it was perfectly mold
I wish the people He put down here understood
Our Worlds value, I guess they were never told

Hills are stripped of their mantle and laid bare
Rains cut ruts where the tall trees once grew
What once was a proud forrest with its beauty
Lies in ruin dismembered through and through

Clear cutting some choose to call this slaughter
Waylaying the trees that are both big and small
Many years it will take for the trees to grow back
There is no guarantee they will grow back at all

A Life That Never Ends

When our work on Earth is done
And the last flower has been laid
We no longer are bound to Earth
Our mortal thoughts will then fade

His blood cleansed our sins away
When He died on a cross that day
In Heaven He watches over us all
Talk and He will show you the way

His great desire is to meet us there
A land where we will never grow old
Where the air is forever unpolluted
With streets that are of pure Gold

What a wonderful time we will see
When we gather with our old friends
Living in His kingdom up in the sky
We will have a life that never ends

Golden Pathway

If we never see tomorrow
As we know our life today
Will you live a life eternal
Walk the Golden pathway

Follow all of His teachings
Know whats wrong or right
He will keep you from harm
Both in daytime and night

God's love is everlasting
To you He is always true
If you pray to Him tonight
Sins He will take from you

Don't put off until tomorrow
What you can do this day
Tomorrow might be too late
To find that Golden pathway

Love On Christmas Day

Another Christmas bring me so much joy
These years we have been man and wife
Have passed by with such great swiftness
It makes me happy you are part of my life

In you God gave to me a very special gift
Daily I thank Him and tell Him how I feel
How on that day we met I could feel love
A love that was deep in my heart and real

Since that day my love for you has grown
Each year gets much better than the rest
I am reminded every day of my happiness
To me I know that you are simply the best

Today is the time we celebrate His birthday
Named after Him and called Christmas day
Many more years being in love and together
Is what to our Lord up in Heaven I will pray

Most Holy Day

As I look toward Heaven
I peer up into a clear sky
With a circle of light blue
Its beauty tells me why

It was God who made it
Perfection in every way
Only He can destroy it
That He will do one day

He made it all sin free
He made Adam and Eve
A snake and an apple
Made them not believe

Now we rely on Jesus
To wash our sins away
It is a blessing He lives
On that most Holy Day

His birthday is tomorrow
We celebrate it that day
I know He is the reason
We have Christmas Day

Day After Christmas

It was the day after Christmas
And all throughout the house
Only two creatures were stirring
They were me and my mouse

Mouse clicked Outlook Express
So much email letters I did see
It was greeting from dear friends
All of it was addressed to me

Two hours I spent reading
Through each and every letter
When I got through reading
I really felt so much better

My mouse is tired and so am I
I am glad each email is read
Think I'll turn of the computer
Then find a warm cozy bed

A Golden Stairway

Refreshing is the wind on my face
On this mild late in December day
Getting a break from cold weather
As air from the gulf chased it away

This is the way of our Ohio weather
We never know what it is gonna be
Today it will be in the low seventies
Tomorrow a big snow we might see

Don't worry what our weather will be
Because I will leave God to control it
Think of a Heavenly Home He made
Where in that warm Sun we can sit

I want to thank Him for our freedom
Where we can pray to Him each day
When my mortal life is over and done
I'll be with Him on a Golden Stairway

Friendship Never Ends

Another year has passed and gone
Still, many things remain the same
We know that same Sun will shine
I know I'll keep the same old name

Many things have been good for us
God has been so great for our family
Tho at times we struggle with health
God has watched over Janet and me

We know God will always be with us
For His love is ever full and gracious
Not one day goes by without His love
We know His blessed love is ageless

Will the next year bring us happiness
Perhaps meet many more good friends
Maybe they will come over to our church
A Church where friendship never ends

On Your Way

Sing to Him the praises
Love Him and feel free
Tell Him of the feelings
That you have for Thee

Keep Him in your heart
Know He is so very fine
Pray to Him every day
He is ever on your mind

His path is the right one
Don't miss it or ever stray
If Heaven is your desire
In His Heart you will stay

Meet me up in Heaven
Skies are clear every day
God will forgive your sins
You can be on your way

copyright © 2008 By Acie

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