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Acies Poems Page 22

Like A Raging River

Our love is like a raging river
Flooding our hearts with happiness
On a true course it will ever flow
Our hopes and dreams it will bless

Every torrent I know will bring us
Visions of the one we love so true
Riding the crest of this mighty river
My heart could love no one but you

As our love rides the huge breakers
Your love I will never let wash away
Riding the swiftness of this river
My heart is yours forever and a day

The days of pleasure it brings us
Every kiss is flooded in memory
Our hearts are flowing ever onward
On this river of love for you and me

Our beautiful World

I hear the rumble of the thunder
Those vivid memories return to me
We made passionate love in our cabin
Our world was a perfect as it can be

How beautiful you were that night
As we were lying there on the floor
We knew the world was ours to be had
But our love meant so very much more

As you know I shall forever love you
And I know you feel so much the same
With all these feeling in our hearts
My darling our love can never be tame

I want forever to love and hold you
We can ever let our emotions run free
In our world where only happiness lives
A totally beautiful world for you and me

A Perfect Love

The aroma of her perfume still lingers
The most perfect night we will ever see
I still see her there in all her beauty
And in my heart her love will ever be

If you could only see this lovely lady
And know all about her the way I now do
Happiness would fill your heart forever
If only you could find one like her too

I will ever love this special lovely lady
With a passion I have never known before
Life with her would be so much like heaven
Her image will be in my heart forever more

Tonight again I will see that ravishing beauty
She will remind me of all the things I adore
I will hold her in my arms and whisper to her
And I will see the biggest smile she ever wore

Fantastic Beautiful Lady

You bring a big smile to my face
To see you in all of your grace
Happiness you bring to my heart
My love you had won at the start

I love you more and more every day
Take my heart don't throw it away
The beauty in you I can see so clear
Forever I will love only you my dear

Tomorrow I know our love will grow
My love for you I will forever show
I love the lady that is ever so fine
I have won her heart she has won mine

I know there can be no one but you
I love you with a heart that is true
So much joy in our lives there will be
This fantastic beautiful lady and me

Rapturous Love

I had a beautiful dream of you
I must now tell you how I feel
So enchanting as I kissed you
I know it must have been real

The warm feeling of you with me
Our arms held in a tight embrace
Two people so wrapped up in love
A feeling that no one can replace

Tonight again I know we will meet
With all the love I can ever give
All my endeavors will be for you
A wonderful life for us to live

Our hearts are now beating as one
With all the love we will ever see
Joy to our hearts we will now sing
Rapturous love will be ours eternally

Side By Side

The thrill of seeing you
Has made my heart sing
A song of total happiness
Like two doves on the wing

Yes my heart seems to rise
Every time I get to see you
Contentment fills my soul
In everything we can do

The love I have for you
Gets better every day
Send your heart to me
Here it will ever stay

Beautiful are you my lady
You have opened my eyes wide
From now throughout eternity
We will be standing side by side

Love Chains

I felt it when we first met
It was there from the start
Love to share for a lifetime
Love chains around my heart

Our love has grown every day
Such sweet feelings for you
You have given me your heart
With love chains around it too

How beautiful the days are now
Everytime I get to be with you
My heart becomes so enchanted
I feel your love coming through

How I want to be ever with you
I know some day it surely will be
Two hearts wanting to be together
Inseparable in love are you and me

Trust Me With Your Heart

My love I give you today
So perfect in every way
You will ever be on my mind
A special lady sweet and kind

Yes special you are to me
My love is for you to see
Nothing can keep us apart
Darling I pledge you my heart

In my heart there is a glow
I want all the world to know
Happiness I have found in you
Forever in love just us two

Forever until that final day
You will always hear me say
My love will be only for you
Trust me with your heart too

Happiness our love does bring
Pure as the flowers in spring
Your sweet love has come my way
I love you much more every day


Dreams of you have come to my mind
So much sweeter than any other kind
The love in my heart is ever for you
Please let your heart be for me too

Time will bring us what we strive for
So much in love and even so much more
The days we can share will be so good
I love you more than I thought I could

Today we will enjoy a walk hand in hand
Along the beach with its snow white sand
The breezes will blow in your auburn hair
So much in love we are the perfect pair

So beautiful is that lady I now call mine
To kiss her sweet lips that are like wine
Intoxicatihg my loving heart with each kiss
In love with this great lady how can I miss


I give me heart to an angel
Most beautiful lady of all
The feelings I have with her
Caused my heart to take a fall

So beautiful is my angelic lady
Ever my heart I give to her now
She must be the queen of angels
To this sweet lady I take a bow

In the days ahead we will happy
We will share in all that we do
Always in love we are partners
Forever my heart belongs to you

My darling please let me show you
How deeply in love we can now be
You will forever be my sweetheart
Join me for life just you and me

Copyright © 1999 By Acie

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