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Our Sad World

With many jobs lost around the world
In the US many homes are being lost
Oil prices had exploded to a new high
How can an average man pay the cost

Auto manufacturing plants are in limbo
Waiting for the government to bail them out
Banks have failed and many have folded
Gone are some companies who had clout

What started this and who is to blame
Once everything was properly humming
Seems like it was greed that got us here
Couldn't someone see what was coming

When we spend more than our budget
We run at a deficit, we are out of cash
Our government just prints more billions
So what if the stock market does crash

What a bad situation this world is now in
God and His great power can save it today
Is He disgusted with what has happened
Does He feel like sweeping all of it away

A Frosty Morning

Beauty of a frosty morning
It keeps the chiggers away
No gnats to bother us now
Too cold for them, hooray

Wasps, bees, and others
Are all hiding in their den
Not to worry about them
Like they never have been

No more night crawlers
Upon my concrete drive
Frozen ice in the bird bath
Now the birds can't dive

Got rid of all those pests
Someone tell me please
Who let in the hound dog
With all the jumping fleas

First Christmas Tree

I smile as I think back to my childhood
As I remember our first Christmas tree
It was an old Cedar we cut from a field
It sure was pretty for all of us kids to see

No lights because we had no electricity
Strung with popcorn and an angel on top
Us kids knew we had the perfect tree
No way could old Santa refuse to stop

It was so cold on Christmas morning
I didn't want to get out of my warm bed
But soon my feet hit that ice cold floor
Straight to that Christmas tree they led

I can't remember what was under the tree
A small toy was all my mother could buy
Still it was one of my favorite Christmas days
Not another one like it would ever come by

Crunchy Snow

I hear the crunch of the snow
As I walk down the frigid street
Wind swirls on the fallen flakes
Walking straight is quite a feat

Why I am outside walking today
Is something I really don't know
I could stay in my warm house
Instead of walking in this snow

Does youth ever return to us
Maybe that is what I feel today
Hope I don't fall on the slick ice
A lot of pain I would have to pay

Go back to my overstuffed chair
I'll yawn deeply then go to sleep
Knowing I don't want back outside
That crunchy snow is just too deep

Wonders Of His Hand

Could this the be the same pathway
Where I walked so many years ago
Now overgrown with these old briars
Even the Oak trees did mightily grow

It was on this old path I walked daily
Just a child, I was barely in my teens
I admired all the beauty of the forest
I felt awestruck at some of the scenes

God had made in His Majestic Glory
A wonderland that so fascinated me
I would see all of the different animals
Hear cuttings fall from a Hickory tree

As I now reminisce back to past years
I still see many wonders of His hand
That scrubby old hillside near the path
Will in my mind, always look so Grand

Night Time In The Forrest

When the Sun hides behind the Western hill
We will start to lose the last vestiges of light
Soon darkness will come into our little valley
We then will settle down in the Black of night

In Summertime we can hear the whippoorwill
Calling with that melodious but lonesome call
Perhaps he has lost his mate and is unhappy
But still he may not have lost his love at all

Night time brings out animals large and small
A doe with her newly born fawn goes in silence
Protective of her little fawn, furtively she walks
Tho wary this night she covers much distance

We can hear the night time animals moving
An old hoot owl is looking for his nightly meal
Ground mice scurry on the dense forest floor
If that owl sees them their doom he will seal

Crickets rub their wings to make that noise
Hoping that a mate will hear their raspy call
Many weird noises we can hear in night time
Spend a night in the forrest and hear them all

In December

As the Sun raises in a clear blue sky
This has the start of an excellent day
Frost covers the now dead lawn grass
Soon the Sun will melt that frost away

Unpredictable is the December weather
Moderate one day, the next day is cold
Snow and ice may cover the landscape
Making it like a fairy land that did unfold

One thing that is predictable in December
We will celebrate the birthday of our Lord
From that old rustic manger in Bethlehem
He would walk among those that he adored

Today His home in a place we call Heaven
A beautiful place that is higher than clouds
Up there where all the life shall be eternal
Never again will anyone see those shrouds

City Of Love

If tomorrow I don't awake
Bury me in the cold ground
Pull that clay sod over me
Then I'll be Heaven bound

I know that I am a believer
In God and all of His Glory
I know the Bible is the true
Not just a made up story

He is the Power and Truth
His word you can trust in
He gave up His only Son
To free us all of our sin

I want to see you up there
Past the clouds in the sky
As you get to the City of love
You'll know the reason why

Wonderland For Children

When snow is on the ground
We see children as they play
Making snowmen big and tall
Sleigh riding down a pathway

Never do they seem to be cold
Although their face is firey Red
They stay out most of the day
With a scarf around their head

Night comes and still they play
A bonfire lights up the dark sky
As the snowflakes keep falling
They go as the fire starts to die

It is a wonderland for children
A time we have gone through
As I fall asleep on my recliner
I dream I am one of them too

For The Children

We must do this for all of the children
As they reach to those vulnerable years
Guide them away from the sins of life
Show them how to conquer their fears

Tell them of the great power of Jesus
How He can wash all their sins away
If they will follow the teachings of Jesus
A home in Heaven awaits them one day

Tell them of the love Jesus has for them
Believe in Him and then know He is right
A day will be when you will walk with Him
In a land where we shall never see night

Remember these are the years of learning
Show them the truth don't let them go astray
Tell them of peace and happiness of Heaven
Of how to get ready for the judgement day

copyright © 2008 By Acie

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