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Our Golden Years

How could thirty years pass by so swiftly
Seems only a few months ago I met you
This time we have been as man and wife
Has been a sweet dream that's come true

I am so happy that I met someone like you
But happier the day you became my wife
Every day I thank the Good Lord up above
That He let you enter into my humdrum life

These days my love for you grows greater
Your beauty has not dimished in my eyes
You will always be the one that I truly love
But that should never be a great surprise

I hope we have many more anniversaries
Each one becomes better than the past
Sharing the love we hold for each other
Our Golden years seem to fly by so fast

His Son Is Born

It was on a clear night in Bethlehem
All of the inns were taken and full
Their only shelter was in the manger
To make a bed the straw they did pull

On this night the world would change
For the blessed Son of God was born
Three wise men came in from the East
Bringing gifts to Baby Jesus that morn

Although we do not know the exact day
We celebrate His birth on Christmas day
It is without doubt a time of excitement
A time we all gather together and pray

We thank God for sending His Son to us
So He could keep all of us from our sins
When I get up to that land called Heaven
I know there we can find some empty Inns

A Blessed Night

Lights decorate the Christmas tree
It has an Angel that adorns the top
Little children await Santa's arrival
They are off to bed so he will stop

Blessed is this kind of a celebration
As the parents know about this event
Instead of Santa, they think of Christ
Who to Earth this Son of God was sent

Born in a rustic manger in Bethlehem
There was no room for them in the inn
Baby Jesus and His mother did great
No safer place could there have been

So let all the children have their Santa
But let me know Jesus Christ instead
Let me be as much like Him as I can be
Tho I know I can not live the life He lead

In The Eyes Of A Child

In the dark of this snow covered night
Strange noises I hear up on my roof
A jingle of a small bell I hear ringing
Could I have heard a reindeer hoof

With the other children tucked in bed
Sly old Santa has come to my house
With eyes wide open I sneak a glance
I make sure I am quiet as a mouse

Coming from the fireplace I see him
Dressed in Red with a little bit of white
He puts gifts under our Christmas tree
Then he hurries off into the dark night

I left dear old Santa a cookie with milk
Sneaking down stairs I find in its place
This note from the man we all call Santa
Thank you, it will help keep up my pace

On This Day

On this day of Thanksgiving
We thank our Lord up above
It is He who provides for us
He also fills our life with love

Without Him we would be lost
No future could we ever find
Although He has great power
He is always gentle and kind

Trust in Him and you will find
His word is filled with honesty
Our place there in His Heaven
Will be waiting for you and me

On this day wont you tell Him
How thankful we are for Him
As we gather around the table
After thanks the feast will begin

Our Church

Wont you come to our Church Sunday
Over on the corner of Hinkley and June
Meet the most friendly people ever seen
I am hoping to see you there very soon

Joy fills our heart as we hear our Pastor
Each sermon we love to hear him preach
His preachings come from the Holy Bible
In his own way everyone he tries to reach

What a blessing to have a church like this
I would never try to compare it to any other
You'll love to see and hear all of the greetings
Calling the ladies sister and the men brother

Whether it is to Church or to Sunday school
Everyone is welcome to come to the meeting
When you visit Shawnee Hills Baptist Church
You will always find a very sincere greeting


As the snow falls heavly on the meadow
Animals scurry to find some warm shelter
Wintertime has come to our small valley
With falling snow the temperature is bitter

A far cry from what we saw in summertime
When swimming pools were filled with kids
Ice cream parlors had a booming business
Seems like all of that stuff has hit the skids

With the snow getting deeper and deeper
Winds starts to drift the snow into a pile
Children love to play in the snowy weather
They sit by a bonfire to get warm for awhile

Wouldn't that be fun to go back to childhood
To play in that cold and icy snow once again
As I sit in this warm room and daydream today
I can feel this old arthritis and with it the pain

Bless The Day

Our way to Heaven is through Jesus
We know there can be no other way
If we believe HIs word and trust Him
We will see Him up in Glory one day

A land that is only for the believers
God has created this beautiful land
Where peace shall ever be with us
This is just as our God has planned

Bless the day that I arrive up there
Happiness there will reign supreme
No ills or any troubles to beseige us
It's more perfect than we could dream

Thanks to the Son of God we go there
Jesus' blood has washed away our sin
We must tell Jesus of our love for Him
If we have been true He will show us in

In His Kingdom

When we gather around God's great throne
Happiness will flow throughout His kingdom
Angels will softly strum on their Golden harps
A great celebration up there will be awesome

Friends will greet us with profound adulation
Smiles will show with their love and happiness
Knowing this eternal life God has given to us
Will forever be filled with all his love and bliss

In our wildest imagination we couldn't visualize
All the beauty God created up in His Holy land
Love abounds there and will throughout eternity
There is no other place He made that is so grand

If you love and obey Him, He will show the way
To an eternal life that is far above our expectation
To that Holy land we shall ascend one happy day
Filling our hearts with the most spectaular elaction

December Twenty Five

So many miles they had to travel
Weary they had tried to find an inn
But all rooms were filled to capacity
There was a barn they could stay in

Baby Jesus was about to be born
He would have a manger for a bed
This Son of God was born that night
Saving us from a sinful life we led

December twenty five, we celebrate
As the birthday of the Christ child
It was in a plain stable He was born
On the bed of straw they had piled

We will never forget this man, Jesus
We shall see Him on judgement day
When we ascend high into Heaven
He will answer prayers we did pray

copyright © 2008 By Acie

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