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On This Day

On this day of Thanksgiving
We thank our Lord up above
It is He who provides for us
He also fills our life with love

Without Him we would be lost
No future could we ever find
Although He has great power
He is always gentle and kind

Trust in Him and you will find
His word is filled with honesty
Our place there in His Heaven
Will be waiting for you and me

On this day wont you tell Him
How thankful we are for Him
As we gather around the table
After thanks the feast will begin

God's Eternal Care

There is a very special day that's coming
A day when God calls His children home
To live in His mansions of Gold and Silver
There on that Golden shore they can roam

Up there, they will hear the angels singing
Some will pluck their harps to a sweet song
I want to walk the path near that seashore
There to talk to my dear Savior all day long

What amazing beauty will surround us there
Everything emaculate with no trash around
Soft will be all of those lush Green grasses
There never will be one blemish to be found

God has made Heaven absolutely perfect
With no wishing to be asked by those there
Everything you need will be waiting for you
Forever you will be in God's eternal care

God's Ship

Somewhere over that distant horizon
His home waits both for you and me
If a path you choose is the right one
You will meet Him on a Golden Sea

You will see the sails fully unfurled
On the ship steered by God's hand
He is the Master of that great ship
That will take you to His Holy land

This trip will be only a short one
Just the faithful will be on board
With the winds blowing just right
This ship sails on its own accord

You will dock at a port in Heaven
Your journey has come to it's end
Now to spend your life in eternity
Your sinful soul our God did mend

We Are God's Children

When our Heaven's crown has been won
In front of God we will all bow one by one
In that land where we will never grow old
There never again to see the setting Sun

To live there where life will be supreme
Never wanting or ever needing anything
Living up there in God's eternal mansion
Feel the joy of listening to the angels sing

Perfection will be our home up in Heaven
There where things are made of pure Gold
But you must earn your way up to Heaven
Because life there is neither bought or sold

We are all God's children and He loves us
He ever wants us to repulse all kinds of sin
So when that call comes to go to Heaven
He will invited all of His children to come in

God's Devine Power

You can climb the highest mountain
In a clear large pool you can swim
You can see everything in the world
But life means little til you meet Him

For He walks on the broadest plains
His ship sails on the most fierce sea
He could shield you from life's harm
But to Him your love He must see

He is the power that is from far above
This world He had created years ago
Life He then put on this Green Earth
He then made man to live and grow

This life on Earth is only a short time
In God's book there is a day and hour
When we no longer breathe Earth's air
It is then we need God's devine power

His Four Seasons

White clouds swirl around the mountain top
We see pristeen snow on the frozen ground
This is the beauty that God put in this world
If you want to find it you need to look around

In Springtime He dots the world with flowers
He makes manicured lawns a deep Green
With trees that flower to develop its fruits
Springtime is a time for beauty to be seen

In Summer our crops grow if we have rain
Corn tassels will wave in a summer breeze
Sunflowers heads make a meal for the birds
They fly so they can come when they please

Autumn brings a time to harvest those crops
Time to thank God for this country where we live
As we all sit down to our Thanksgiving dinner
It is Praises to our Lord that we should give

Your Eternal Life Begins

When you reach out for our Lord
He will give you a home in Heaven
To live in one of God's mansions
There to walk in His lovely garden

Search deep down into your soul
Feel your heart swell up with love
Knowing that you will be blessed
By our Lord up in Heaven above

There will come a time for us all
To leave this old Earth far behind
You know all sins can be forgiven
His home in Heaven you can find

Tell Him every day you love Him
Ask Him to forgive all of your sins
You will climb those Golden stairs
In Heaven your eternal life begins


What is happening to this world
There is no Paul, Peter, or John
Long time ago they left the Earth
Heaven is where they have gone

Their teachings show in the Bible
Many places they spread the word
In Synagogues and in Churches
Anywhere they could be heard

They preached about Jesus Christ
How He was born in a manger
All of His life He told of Heaven
His life was in constant danger

On a wooden cross they put Him
Cursed Him for the life He had led
On that cross they nailed Him
Finally Jesus Christ was dead

Arising from a tomb where He lay
He ascended to that Heavenly home
He came back to tell His disciples
I am in Heaven for now it's shalom

We Will Find

What a great day when we meet in Glory
There to find our friends on the other side
We will meet our dear Lord and our Savior
Somewhere out beyond that great divide

What a feeling of excitement we shall find
When that Heavenly home our eyes do see
Gleaming Gold shall pave the streets there
This home He has made for you and me

There to hear the Angels sweetly singing
With their songs so beautiful for us to hear
No more to wonder what they are singing
Their words come to us now perfectly clear

We will all gather around the great Throne
Hear God as He welcomes us to His home
See the sheer beauty that is up in Heaven
With a vast garden where we might roam

Can you see that day when you arrive there
No more worries will ever cross your mind
Comfort and safety there will be for us forever
Everything the Bible has told us we will find

It Is Christmas

Although Christmas comes but once each year
We should remember him each and every day
For it was Jesus Christ who saved us from sin
You should tell Him everytime you begin to pray

From His humble beginning in that cold manger
He lived in this Earthly world much like you or me
But He was born the son of God that clear night
So that our home in beautiful Heaven might be

Do some people think that His name is holiday
In stores I see happy holiday on big banners
I know Christmas was named for Jesus Christ
Managers of stores have no Heavenly manners

If Christ was back in Christmas as it should be
Our country would be standing in better stead
If we want to back the thoughts of our founders
We wouldn't call it holiday but Christmas instead

copyright © 2008 By Acie

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