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This Thanksgiving

November is a great month for celebration
Crops have been harvested and put away
It is time to give thanks to our great Savior
With a feast and prayer on this special day

We give thanks for this bountiful harvest
Grown and protected by God's Holy hand
With sweat and hard work by the farmers
Who toiled faithfully on this God made land

With the many cans of vegetables stored
From the gardens they so skillfully tended
With their beef and pork they have cured
They will have meals that are well blended

This time to celebrate is Thanksgiving Day
When the family gathers around the table
It is then we will give thanks to our Creator
Then eat this feast by the light of a candle

This Late October Day

As the Sun comes up on this frosty morn
Those little icy fingers soon will melt away
This late October day is setting the pattern
As these days of our Autumn will not stay

This is a good time to do some thinking
To give thanks to God for what He gives
We know He is the Savior of this world
Ever believer in our Lord knows He lives

He provides us with all our daily needs
To sustain us through our life on Earth
We should pray that this years harvest
Will prove to be the farmer's true worth

Tomorrow we may see the snow falling
Cold air might bring Winter out our way
If you have the need of food and shelter
Ask Him for help tonight when you pray

Water Of Life

When you take a drink of the water of life
He will see your sins are all washed away
He, who died on that cross up on Calvary
So He could meet you in Heaven one day

His Father never doubted His son that day
We then gained a Savior of our sinful souls
Don't think the pathway to Heaven is easy
On it we find many temptations and holes

It is written that we must follow and obey
If Heaven is to become our home one day
Thank Him every hour of prayer you have
You know that He is the right and the way

His love for us all we find is overflowing
Never doubt we are all children of God
Know that we will meet Him in Heaven
Soon after we are laid beneath the sod

Forever Last

When He comes, will you see Him
Will you recognize His sweet voice
Know Him on this Earth, my friend
Love Him, there is no other choice

On that day when your life is over
Will He take you to a distant shore
To that land of your home eternal
Feel no pain or sadness any more

What we do in life will determine
If up that Golden stairway we go
Pray to God that you understand
He died because He loves us so

Obey and follow all His teachings
All your sins will be left in the past
When you meet Him up in Heaven
Know your life there will forever last

Know The Truth

Do you get that feeling deep within your heart
Each time you go to the blessed Lord in prayer
Have you told Him how much your love for Him
Has made your life complete and much happier

While we travel through our life here on Earth
So many things the old devil will entice us to try
If you do listen to that devil and go the way of sin
You lose an eternal life that is far beyond the sky

Walk along with Jesus and see so much joy
Trust Him for He will always show you the way
Know the truth, see the light and praise Him
He will then guide you throughout every day

You know if you talk to Him, He will answer you
Listen and obey the comandments He does give
A life eternal shall be the great reward given you
In a mansion up in Heaven is where you will live

Prepared To Go

Tell me are you going to be with Him
Up in Heaven, the land of eternal love
Will you forever hold Him in your heart
Do you long for His kingdom up above

Do you hear Him when He calls you
Have you had a talk with Him lately
Do you want to be with Him up there
Where everything is made so stately

When you pray He will answer you
He will tell you the path that is right
He will show you the love in His heart
Both in the daytime and in the night

When your life on Earth here is over
It is back to the soil you will then go
He wants you up in that beautiful city
Do you know if you are prepared to go

His Tender Care

What a gloomy old world it would be
Without a Savior for both you and me
Jesus died on the cross on hill Calvary
So eternal life in Heaven we could see

He can turn the darkness to Sunshine
Touch the lame so they can walk again
Heal any sickness or injury that we have
Quiet even the most excruciating pain

His home is found up in a far off place
High beyond the skies that we can see
There He has built for us a home eternal
Nothing can be as perfect as it shall be

Tell Him in your prayers this very day
How you want to be with Him up there
Never doubt He has great love for you
In Heaven you will be in His tender care

God's Holy Hand

Have you grumbled about flustrations
Do you grow impatient how things go
Have you talked with our Savior lately
You know it is He who loves us all so

Though life can become a big puzzle
Not knowing the way we should turn
Listen to His voice when He speaks
Know a place in Heaven we can earn

For He will set you on that right path
Tell you of the place beyond the sky
Where angels sing in sweet harmony
A land we will see in the bye and bye

Up there in that land of great mansions
All of this created by God's Holy hand
If you are to earn your way to Heaven
Along with our Savior you must stand

His Spoken Word

As lightning strikes, thunderbolts roar
A raging storm has come to the valley
Wicked bright fingers flash in the sky
I shutter at this terrible sight I can see

Could this be the end of everything
Will I escape the horrible pain of it all
I then think of that mansion that waits
When I hear that great trumpet call

God will protect you from any harm
If you are true to His spoken word
His is the only way that you can go
Every word He utters must be heard

You will find that city that's eternal
Follow God for He will show the way
Live a life that is eternally peaceful
Give a prayer to our Lord every day

That Wonderful Site

Our greatest time will be up in Heaven
When we gather together to exalt Him
Great blessings He bestowed upon us
My cup of life He has filled to the brim

With feelings of love surrounding me
I know that I shall see Him some day
There to face a life that will be forever
This I ask my Savior each time I pray

He said we must trust and obey Him
If Heaven was to be our home up there
So gentle is our Lord who's in Heaven
It is He who will tend to our every care

I want to be ready when He calls me
If it is in daytime or the middle of night
I want to go to His home that is eternal
Up there I will see that wonderful site

copyright © 2008 By Acie

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