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God's Heavenly Team

If my last day on Earth was yesterday
Then tomorrow I will be Heaven bound
Ascending from the six foot deep grave
Where I was buried in the cold ground

I know when this Earthly life has gone
My happiness will then reign supreme
My place up in Heaven will be affirmed
I will be a part of God's Heavenly team

Delight will then accompany me there
No sorrows or pain will we then know
Love has touched my mind and heart
Now into Jesus loving arms I shall go

A celebration with our dear loved ones
Will bring a great day for them and you
There in the beautiful Heavenly setting
One day I want to see you up there too

On Judgement Day

It's deep In my heart I long to see
This land He made for you and me
To walk upon God's Golden shore
To enter His kingdom for evermore

We know He is always not far away
We can feel His love each time we pray
I know when my victory has been won
My life on this old Earth will be done

I know beauty there will be so rare
Angels there with flax colored hair
Wonders that we have never seen
Where grass will be a perfect Green

I know I can you feel the thrill of it all
But until I can hear my Masters call
Each night and every day I will pray
I meet my Master on judgement day

The Master's Hand

When the twilight comes and shadows appear
We sit down and think of the events of the day
It is then I know how much God has blessed us
He shows love by keeping us on the right way

If ever any doubt should come into your mind
Think of that wonderful place He has in store
There to have joy come into your heart always
Feel sand under bare feet on the Golden shore

Walk with Him there in that place that's eternal
Abide with Him for He shall ever be true to you
Somewhere out far beyond our way of seeing
He has built His kingdom out there in the blue

When He calls your name to come on to Glory
Be ready to go to that wonderful, perfect land
Know the feelings for being true and faithfulI
When you are touched by the Master's hand

Heaven's Pathway

There is a light at the end of the tunnel
It can't be seen by going half of the way
Twists and turns hide that end from us
Going to the end will turn night into day

There is no half way with our dear Lord
For He will let you see the light anytime
Open your eyes and look toward Heaven
If you want to hear the Silver Bells chime

His heart is overflowing with love for us
Wont you give your love to Him in return
Remember the old devil will fight with Him
That demon wants your soul in hell to burn

Yes there is light at the end of the tunnel
Ask your Savior to lead you all of the way
Believe everything He instills in your heart
That tunnel could be Heaven's pathway

There Is No Other Way

When the trumpet sounds I will be ready
Jesus blood has washed all my sins away
He died on that cross upon the hill Calvary
So I might meet Him in Heaven some day

His love for us is so genuine and it is real
Happiness being with Him will fill our soul
There to live an eternal life with our Savior
For it was He that has made my life whole

Let Him guide you along that righteous path
Listen carefully to what He does command
If you feel His love overflowing in your heart
Then get ready to go to the promised land

As our years roll away down here on Earth
We must make preparations for that great day
When we ascend to that home up in Heaven
Believe in Him because there is no other way

Some Bright Day

As I walk through this valley of Green
I feel a sense of His presence with me
Here I find some of the lovely flowers
Growing near a tall White Poplar tree

Beauty here He made many years ago
Has reseeded and still keeps on growing
But after all He was the One who made it
For He is God, perfect and ever knowing

As the Sun shimmers through the trees
Shadows can be seen on the valley floor
This is the perfect place that I have come
Here I see my Lord and Savior once more

I ask Him what must I do to please Him
He tells me, listen to what I have to say
Follow me and through all my teachings
We will meet in Heaven some bright day

Paved With Pure Gold

When the road becomes rough and rocky
You feel all the whole world is against you
You need to talk to our God up in Heaven
He can relieve the soul and the mind too

He is our Father, the creator of everything
His hands molded us from the eathern clay
That we might be here on His green Earth
Then meet Him up in Heaven one great day

Some say He doesn't exist and never was
Open your eyes and look around my friend
These things you see didn't happen to be
It is He that makes your broken body mend

Get right with our God and see me up there
In that land where we shall never grow old
For He will ever be up there waiting for you
Where the streets are paved with pure Gold

There For Evermore

Yesterday is gone and is past forever
Will tomorrow be just another lost day
Twenty four hours will bring a new one
Will you use it right or fritter it all away

You were put on Earth for a purpose
He created you, and will take you one day
To the land that's beyond the shining river
If you will listen to everything He has to say

If you are wise you will pray to Jesus
He will tell you what you must do today
Believe and adhere to all His teachings
He will direct you up to Glory's pathway

Those who do love our Lord and Master
Know what God has for us that's for sure
Taking us up to that land that is eternal
We will find happiness there for evermore

The Old Man

To the old man this was a very sad day
His wife of sixty years had passed away
When he had kneeled by his bed to pray
He found no words to what he should say

Attending church those long years ago
But it's so many years since he did go
He has forgotten words he once did know
Because his mind is feeble and very slow

He knows she is waiting for him there
High beyond this Earth's rarefied air
He knows God for him does really care
If he could only lay his soul open and bare

God then came to him and they had a walk
It wasn't very far just enough to have a talk
God told him he didn't have time to balk
If to see her up in Heaven you can't sulk

Tomorrow they will be together once again
Up there where there is no cloudiness or rain
Not an illness will be there to show you pain
It was a home in Heaven the old man did gain

Do You Know Him

Do you know Him
Will you see Him today
Can you say you love Him
To our God will you pray

He is your salvation
Creator of Heaven above
Believe in Him and find
He filled your heart with love

He wants to see you in Heaven
But that is up to you
Ask Him to forgive all your sins
Heaven can be your's too

Know that feeling of happiness
Listen to what He has to say
Obey and follow His comandments
You will meet Him up there one day

copyright © 2008 By Acie

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