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God's Beauty

With a kiss of frost in this morning's air
Autumn has moved into the Ohio valley
We know it takes cooler nights like this
To bring to our hills this special beauty

We will see those flaming Red leaves
Brilliant Yellows, and some subded Gold
So many shades of these colors we see
Some are pastels, while other are bold

It is a world of exciting colors seen here
Each color and shade is to be just right
Some say that God lets the moon shine
So He can do all of His painting at night

These colors will last but for a short time
Then without color will turn a nasty Brown
All too soon Autumn season will be over
Wind will put God's beauty on the ground

Home For Evermore

When it is time to lay down my burdens
It is to this beautiful place I will then go
There to meet there my Lord and Master
Then to proclaim how much I love Him so

Knowing He is my creator and my friend
Makes my efforts at times seem small
For without Him there would be no one
No world, no life, would be nothing at all

Praises to God for He loves every person
Because we are all children of our Lord
Listen to Him and meet Him in Heaven
Giving to Him all the love you can afford

Tomorrow may be the day you meet Him
As He stands on that far off distant shore
It is there He greets His precious children
He will welcome them home for evermore

Masterpiece Of Art

A gentle breeze on this warm October day
Sways the limbs on a dead Sycamore tree
An Azure sky with scattered White clouds
Makes this an ideal day for you and for me

God has made this day perfect for a reason
To show His paintings high up on yonder hill
His perfection with all the colors in the leaves
Will give these searching eyes a special thrill

Not two leaves will be the same in a pattern
Nor will any leaves match with the exact hue
Each leaf must be exacting in His own design
Not a half hearted way for Him would ever do

See in these hills what a vision has come to be
One that could never be duplicated by any man
God has given us this masterpiece of art to see
It is just a small part of our Great Master's plan

Tender Mercies

There will be happiness that morning
When I meet my dear Savior up there
To walk on the shores of Golden sand
There to breathe that non polluted air

Up there we will find no need for night
No sleep needed to refresh your soul
He will provide us with what we need
For up in Heaven there will be no toll

It's a wonderful land He has provided
Only happiness will we find up there
God will treat us with tender mercies
He will show His children upmost care

Tell Him you will obey His commands
Ask that you live throughout eternity
Show the love that you have for Him
Then one day our Savior you will see

His Awesome Love

At days end we pause to thank Him
It's a wonderful day that He did give
We pray tonight when we are retiring
For allowing us this life we now live

Past sins His blood washed from us
His love and compassion is for real
Know that He is our Holy Redeemer
Praise the Lord with all of your zeal

Days would be empty without Him
No idea of where we might then be
Isn't it great what He has prepared
This land that made for you and me

If tomorrow we should depart this life
Ascend to our Heavenly mansion above
Know that Holy City built by God alone
Will be filled with all His awesome love

In Heaven One day

When I meet my Lord that morning
Standing there on that distant shore
I will fall down on my knees with love
For it is He that made my soul restore

While standing upon the mountain top
High up in a rareified and unpolluted air
I met the Creator of all of the universe
Then I knew my reason for being there

He smiled as He talked to me that day
Warmth deep in my heart I could feel
As He continued to talk I then did know
All of His love is overflowing and so real

If you talk to Him He will listen to you
Not one person will He ever turn away
If you believe and obey His commands
You will meet Him in Heaven one day

Beauty In The Trees

Magnificence, God has brought to Southern Ohio
Brilliant beauty is showing in the changing trees
Gorgeous are these shades of Reds and Yellows
Waving like little children in a cool Autumn breeze

Each day the colors are becoming a little deeper
Amazing how many hues and shades we can see
As the leaves become more rich in their beauty
No other has the depth in color as the Maple tree

Some of the more amazing colors the Maples have
Their leaves may have a Golden Yellow, others Red
Great are the color these hills will have for a short time
Soon beauty will turn Brown and the tree willl shed

Our life is much different than leaves on these trees
Leaves will lose their beauty and decay on the ground
But for all of those who believe in our Blessed Savior
Will ascend from Earth one day and be Heaven bound

Son Rise Hill

On that beautiful hill known as Son Rise
Old fashion day was held on that Sunday
Great fellowship was enjoyed by us adults
While the kids found many games to play

Voices blending to tell us the story of Jesus
Bluegrass gospel music filled the hill top air
Filled our heart to overflowing with His love
Letting us know that our Lord will ever care

A setting that is serene in its opulent beauty
Characterized by the brillant color of leaves
It is almost as He made this dream site for us
On the top hard work made it devoid of trees

Dreams for this hilltop will one time happen
Being directed by our loving Savior's hand
He will tell the people how it is to be done
That is the day this hilltop will be so grand

A Camp In The Hills

Hidden in the hills down in Southern Ohio
Shawnee Hills Baptist Church camp grows
With the help of all the Church's members
From that scrubby hillside this vision arose

There will be nice cabins along with a chapel
Some cabins for the girls others for the boys
With no child being left out because of money
A place where each and everyone enjoys

One day it will be a retreat for the children
Bible studies will be the theme of the day
A safe haven where there shall be no fear
Where they may kneal anytime and pray

There they might get to know sweet Jesus
No way could anyone let the old devil get in
There to learn of the teachings of our Lord
Little children of God will then be without sin

A Broken Clock

No longer do the chimes ring
Quietness fills the living room
Dust lies on the old wood floor
Once kept neat by her broom

That old clock stopped working
When she drew her last breath
With no hands to wind it up now
It much like her is quiet in death

We hear no tic tocs in that room
Those echos have gone away
But unlike that departed old lady
Her clock was allowed to stay

You might think it is mechanical
Why that old clock does not run
I guess the clock is just like her
It's worthy life is over and done

copyright © 2008 By Acie

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