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Scenic Scioto County

Azure Blue is the sky on a cold frosty morning
You can see the Sun peeking over yonder hill
Soon it will rise to look like a Golden ball of fire
That melts off the frost and warms away the chill

With the first frost the leaves will change color
Beauty will be seen in our Scioto County hills
So many shades of the spectrum can be seen
A Master made this painting with His vast skills

With pastel shades of Red, Orange, and Yellow
These hills emit an illusion you never saw before
Dazzling to the eyes, visitors come to see them
Some have returned just to see them once more

Our arms are always open to meet new people
We welcome visitors to this land of the Shawnee
Visit us when you would like to see our County
Floodwall murals in Portsmouth are a must see

My Toes

I went to see the Dr Greiner
He said they will have to go
I was wondering which one
He looked at my left big toe

It will be the left one I guess
Then he looked at the right
It must be be both of them
I held on the chair real tight

It was then I saw that needle
To be used to mumb my toe
Then when they were numbed
Off those nasty nails did go

No more ingrown nails for me
Mine were removed and so now
To fix your old ingrown toe nails
See Dr Greiner to show you how


With just a whisper of wind
On this warm Summer day
Up in a Blue cloudless sky
An airplane flies on its way

I wonder where it is bound
Perhaps over to Hong Kong
Maybe to beautiful Bermuda
How I wish I could go along

I dream of the distant lands
Where I haven't been before
All of the lovely British Isles
I would visit and even more

So many places I have visited
One place I missed is Rome
No place is better than USA
I am proud to call it my home

We Shall Focus

One day we will see that beautiful city
Some where out beyond those blue skies
Where all our lives shall be lived forever
There we will find answers to all our whys

If you had all the gifts in this Earthly world
None compares to what God gives to you
He will give to you a life that is ever lasting
His condition is that you must ever be true

Although the path gets rough and rocky
Don't let that old devil get in your way
You will find that you will then be ready
To meet the call on that Judgement Day

Bright will be that day when we leave
To find the angels there are waiting for us
Where we will see the joy in His blessing
It is there the love of God we shall focus

Great Banner

Wave on to the glory great banner
Your Stars and Bars in the breeze
Ever shall you bring to us freedom
Never to be brought to our knees

Strong on values and determined
This great country will ever survive
Following the traditions of our past
Strength in our actions will arrive

Protecting our shores from harm
If provoked we will fight in a war
Then to help rebuild these countries
Showing our compassion once more

Greatness you have shown to be
Your struggles have made you free
Ever will that bell of freedom ring
To bring peace to both you and me

With God's help this nation was born
Please don't lose track of His name
Without religion in our lives every day
This country could never be the same

Colors In Ohio Hills

Let September bring on October's colors
As the time of Summer slowly ebbs away
Leaves of green yesterday trees did show
Tomorrow will turn to colors of a wide array

Beautiful are the pastel and the rich colors
Painted by the Great Master with His brush
Slowly as each layer of color must be right
With His exacting strokes for there is no rush

With the passing of each day they change
Becoming richer in color to amaze our eyes
Beauty we have in our Southern Ohio hills
Makes us proud that we are true Buckeyes

So many trees there are with these leaves
With many colors of the Yellows and Reds
Some may have different shades and hues
Sadly colors fade and then the tree sheds

I Talked To Jesus

To smell the cool mountain air
Brings invigoration to our soul
This morning I talked to Jesus
It is He that makes me whole

For without our loving Jesus
What would life be like on Earth
No thoughts of seeing Heaven
What then would living be worth

Jesus died on the rugged cross
So He could take our sins away
Our lives then to be redeemed
That we enter Heaven that way

Not a Man of riches and wealth
He walked down here as a man
Was resurrected from His tomb
For this was part of God's plan

Talk to Hm each day of your life
Tell Him of your wonderous love
Then one day you can meet him
In that Heavenly land far above

One Day In Heaven

We were all born to be Holy
Somehow the devil slipped in
Bringing misery to the people
For his way was a road of sin

A crooked road the devil has
One filled with trouble and woe
This is the wrong one to travel
It is to the Lord you should go

Talk to God and you will find
Truth, He will never lie to you
Find He has true compassion
Great is love He has for us too

Follow his each and ever word
You will be blessed and given
Directions on how you must go
To meet Him one day in Heaven


I can see her smiling face each morning
She reports the weather on station WSAZ
Sometimes as she tells us of the weather
I would swear she is looking straight at me

By far the best looking of the weather team
None of the others can hold a candle to her
Eat your heart out guys I must tell you all
Everything in weather she has the answer

Her grace and charm always is outstanding
She is like a ray of sunshine on a lovely day
Like a beautiful flower we have grown to see
It would be a sad day if she should go away

So Marina will our day be filled with sunshine
Or will it be overcast and the sky filled with rain
As the morning passes and the guys take over
I wait for morning to see your lovely smile again

A Bouquet Of Roses

Here are your flowers, a bouquet of roses
I give you them to show that my love is true
Not one thing on this Earth is as important
As all of this love I have in my heart for you

Dreams I have for us are burning bright
Down through the years, it's you I adore
You have lightened up my heavy burden
Smiles you brought and very much more

You are my rock in the time of my troubles
So compassionate to those who need aid
Giving of yourself to help those around you
You are so cheerful never are you dismayed

I thank God that He brought you into my life
I don't know where I would be without you
Love that is in my heart for my sweet wife
Is burning brightly and will ever remain true

copyright © 2008 By Acie

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