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Her Bible

Long it has laid there on the table
Unread since those three years ago
Not a page has since been turned
Untouched, the dust started to grow

If known her heart would be heavy
For that Bible she loved so dearly
She had an eye checkup each year
Wanting to see words more clearly

Hours she would spend just reading
Never uttering one single word out loud
She had read that book over ten times
Telling you, because she was so proud

I know if only she could reach it now
Each page would be turned with love
She would read it in God's Kingdom
For I know she is up in Heaven above

My Neighbors Flowers

While I was sitting on my back porch
Admiring my neighbor's lovely flowers
I started looking at the different colors
I know she worked with them for hours

Arranging them in the vases so pretty
All colors and with many different size
A masterful taste she has for flowers
So much beauty right before our eyes

As she started in the early Springtime
You could start to see the beauty grow
Now in the middle of the Summertime
Aroma is sweet as the wind does blow

I know I should thank her very much
For brightning up the neighborhood
With these words I have written today
Somehow you know I wish they would

Your Last Mile

As you are walking your last mile
You will come to a fork in the road
One of these roads lead you to hell
One leads you to a heavenly abode

Miles you have walked yesteryears
Will determine which fork you take
Please don't try then to fool yourself
Because God knows real from fake

Don't you be misled by the old devil
For the fork you take will be all wrong
That fork is littered with obstructions
Taking that fork your walk will be long

If you have walked the straight road
Love and glory will be there for you
God will have your mansion waiting
On that day you cross over the Blue

Tell Him Of Your Conviction

That path up to the old rugged cross
He walked to save both you and me
Unbearable must have been His pain
To save us sinners He knew it must be

Mocking Him they took away His robe
They gambled with it making it a prize
Made Him a crown with sharp thorns
Pushing it until blood blinded His eyes

Hanging Him up on that rugged cross
Two thieves were hung on crosses too
One believed Jesus and He was saved
One turn away not knowing what to do

If you are a believer you will be saved
All non believers shall be turned away
Talk to God, tell Him of your conviction
You'll be ready for the Judgement Day

You Can Trust His Word

It will be a most wonderful day up in Heaven
When we gather around God's great throne
To join there along with all of God's children
That will be the greatest meeting ever known

How many of your friends will you find there
Those who have followed God's spoken word
We know some will have not paid any attention
They closed their ears to God and never heard

Those who have heard Him and then believed
Will be in that great meeting up there in the sky
God weeps for those who were the non believers
As they are somewhere else and wonder why

Cast not your chances aside but to Him listen
He will tell you the right steps you should take
You can trust His words without any reservation
If the destination to Heaven you want to make

A Great Blessing

A cool drink of water on a hot day in Summer
Is like the love I have for our Jesus each day
I can feel it in the daytime until nights starts
Even if sleeping I get that feeling someway

For He is my Lord and my Master I do know
He guides me through both the bad and good
He has fulfilled my life with great happiness
Because of my belief in Him I knew He would

My life has changed so much since I met Him
No more not knowing which way I should turn
His guidance will always be the right way to go
He has given me many lessons I need to learn

As the yesterday turns into another tomorrow
His love I feel and I know it is ever unyielding
Each day I know that He is walking beside me
To know my Lord and Savior is a great blessing

My Home On The Hillside

Looking through the dark Green Pine trees
We see the low clinging fog on the hillside
After a loud thunderstorm with vivid lightning
As the two weather fronts did violently collide

Lightning followed by the thunder roaring
Shook windows in my cabin up on the hill
I know the storm was very heavy at times
I could see the rain run on the window sill

There are big storms quite often on my hill
We are thankful as it keeps pollution away
When stagnant air from down in the valley
Drifts up it makes for a very unpleasant day

How they can stand it down there in the city
Where pollutants are a daily problem to see
I'll take my home here on the lovely hillside
To live up here in peace and to ever be free

Burma Shave

Got that five o'clock shadow
Your whiskers wont behave
Go down to your local store
Get a can of Burma Shave

Stubby whiskers are a pain
They make you rant and rave
You can solve that problem
With a can of Burma Shave

Cold water just wont hack it
Pennies is all you will save
Heat that water until it's hot
Then use some Burma Shave

I know you've heard about it
Unless you are living in a cave
So give your face a big break
With lather from Burma Shave


Stretching from a night of relaxing sleep
He looks out the window at a rising Sun
Now off to a hot shower before breakfast
He must hurry as there is work to be done

He must get to his computer and to work
He has a new book that needs to be done
With this one he needs to have a best seller
Beside the honor there is wealth to be won

Many ventures he has tried in his writings
He had some novels that were pretty good
Still he was not happy writing those novels
He would make a book of poems if he could

He smiles as he thinks of those times past
It was back then that his life became brighter
Meeting some other authors that winter night
It was that night he became a Phoenix Writer

A True Christian

When time seems to be the darkest
Let the light of Christ come through
He will brighten up your world today
It will strengthen the faith within you

For He is the devine power for us all
Never will He ever desert your dream
To Him He wants us all to be in Heaven
For the love He has for us is supreme

Having died on that old rugged cross
He showed a way to atone for our sin
We must believe in Christ as our Savior
If our place in Heaven, we want to win

There wont be any endless tomorrows
Here on this Earth, only up in Heaven
His is our way to those Pearly Gates
That's why we must be a true Christian

copyright © 2008 By Acie

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