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This Country

America is what they call this great land
When settled it was guided by God's hand
It flourished when people were true to God
Sadly today we know it is not the same sod

Far too many soldiers and sailors have died
It is for the freedom the people had all cried
All too soon we let their memories fade away
Only to remember them on Indpendence Day

What has happended to a country so great
One for freedom of religion they did create
In public, the Holy Bible is not to be seen
There the thoughts of God are wiped clean

Yet money has the motto "In God We trust"
"So Help Me God" to swear a politcian must
Yet they Have taken God out of our schools
Our ancestors would think that we are fools

But some would like to reverse todays trend
Those who would never let God's word bend
Some might wonder if it is now too late anyway
Sadly some will find out on the judgement day

Bob's Old Ford

You could hear that old car coming
It backfired down around the bend
It was Bob driving that old model A
He had come over on the weekend

That old Ford was huffin and puffin
When he got out he had a car jack
He jacked up that old piece of junk
Then he took the wheel off the back

Putting a strange wheel in its place
He then took a belt he had in the car
Wrapping it around that flat wheel
He put something on it kinda like tar

Last week he left a woodlike frame
A saw he had put on that ugly thing
It had a flat wheel in the other end
I was wondering what did he bring

He put that belt on the small wheel
Got in the car and put it in low gear
They sawed up a pile of slab wood
That would last the rest of the year

Are You Ready To Go

All the beauty thats high up in Heaven
Has never been seen by a mortal man
To get there you must go with our God
It's a part of the Lord and Master's plan

To enter that land that He made for us
To go up there and to live an eternal life
You must confess all of your sins to Him
He understands your troubles and strife

Believe and obey all the words He gives
For His is the only truth you will ever find
Walk with Him in the light or the darkess
You will find you will have peace of mind

When we reach that land we call Heaven
It is a rejoicing time that we all shall know
To live in eternity with our Blessed Saviour
When that day comes are you ready to go

Our American Eagle

Soaring high in a brilliant Blue sky
An Eagle flies with awesome sight
So keen he can spot a small trout
This bird is so majestic in his flight

Strength of an Eagle is very great
As shown on many of our emblems
Depicting the greatness of our land
Shows an Eagle has many freedoms

As shown on our Presidential seal
An Eagle makes both peace and war
Right talon an Olive branch for peace
Left talon arrows to fight here or afar

Almost extinct not so many years ago
Our American Eagle is thriving again
A bird with both strength and beauty
He lives with family high up in a den

What You Are Worth

It was just an old whitewashed Pine board house
Not one drop of paint had that house ever known
Situated in a hollow they had named Sugar Camp
I lived in that house until I was about half grown

On rainy days we would snuggle in our warm beds
Listening to the rain as it fell on that roof made of tin
Our mattress was one made of a tick filled with straw
We were poor but I envy the days we had back then

Things were cheap back then but we had no money
We couldn't afford a Pepsi although it cost but a nickle
Saturday my mother would pay her weekly charge bill
Getting treats I went to the jar and got a big dill pickle

Why do we yearn to go back to those days of poverty
When we have most everything we want these days
Time was so tranquil back then with very little violence
Maybe that is why I would like to return to those ways

Money is a necessary evil I know some people will say
But really what does it buy when you leave this Earth
It takes not one penny to buy your way up to Heaven
God and God alone will determine what you are worth

Beauty Of The Morning

With a quietness that is only broken
By a bird singing on this early morn
We can feel air that is so invigorating
A most wonderful day has been born

Looking up to the cloudless Blue sky
Excitement of the early day I can feel
Awestruck by this beauty of this day
My happiness is too hard to conceal

A smile comes to my face so easily
As this morning blossoms into day
Sweet is the scent of all the flowers
That grow along an old dirt pathway

Thinking if Heaven could be like this
One day I know I will be able to see
A Kingdom that our Lord has made
Up there we will spend an eternity

God Made A Wonderland

We will see no trash up in Heaven
No old junk cars will ever be found
Paper wrappers will not be needed
Sparkling clean will be the ground

Soda cans there wont be discarded
For they will be of no use to anyone
Old refridgerators we will never see
Only on this Earth is their work done

No garbage cans there to be used
There wont be a thing to spoil the air
Immaculate will be all the landscape
No ugliness will ever be seen there

What a beautiful land up in Heaven
Ornamental carvings up there will be
Gold covered are the streets we walk
God made a wonderland for us to see

Come On In

He was just an old weary traveler
But where that road led he knew
For many years he was a sinner
Now to the Lord he has been true

His road has been a bumpy one
Years ago respected he had been
Good job and with a lovely family
He thinks of what happened then

At his company's employees party
Too many drinks he had that night
He started flirting with a pretty lady
He did it tho he knew it wasn't right

They started then to see each other
In a place that was outside of town
His wife caught up to them one day
A divorce tore this playhouse down

A new life started when he met Jesus
This Man who died to save us from sin
He will open that big door up to Heaven
Then say welcome my son come on in

Silent Prayer

At the end of the hot Summer day
As the twilight begins to cool the air
Resting after another days hard work
We thank God with a silent prayer

Although it is silent God will hear it
He knows everything on your mind
Don't be fooled, confess your sins
You will find He is gentle and kind

His Son died so that we might live
In an eternal land beyond the Blue
Its Heaven built by God in His glory
This place He made for me and you

We dream of this great land up there
Wanting to know its location and size
This land will remain a mystery to us all
Until the day it appears before our eyes

Your Personal Savior

In Heaven the Angels wait for us
They are there at the Pearly Gate
With harps strumming so sweetly
So beautiful it will be worth the wait

We know that Heaven is up there
Because our Holy Bible tells us so
Words of wisdom are in that book
Scripture Jesus wants us to know

It tells us how Jesus was crucified
Hung on a cross on Mount Calvary
It was up there He shed his blood
To save the sinners like you and me

Let Him be your personal Savior
To my friends these words I impart
Know your love for Him is returned
Then find joy has filled your heart

copyright © 2008 By Acie

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