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Acies Poems Page 21

My Grandmother

I see her sitting there
With her snow white hair
Ever her picture I see
My Grandmother in memory

I watched her sit in a chair
Rocking but going nowhere
Dreaming of days gone by
A tear glistens from her eye

Her smile lights up the room
Kept clean by her and a broom
So much kindness in her heart
Always doing more than her part

The memories come back to me
This gentle lady was happy to be
Both a grandma and friend to me
So happy her vision I can see

In heaven is where she is now
To God she made a solemn vow
To give her best every day
Rememberance of a lady today

Pride In Life

To have my arms around you
Would be near heaven to me
Yes I know you are an angel
In my heart you will ever be

You will always be my lady
On my face I carry a smile
I know you are so precious
Please love me all the while

II'll give my heart to you
Keep it and watch love grow
My darling I love only you
In every way we could know

Happiness I will give to you
For you are my everything
With you by my side forever
Pride in my life you bring

Feelings of the Heart

So beautiful in all of my dreams
Although we are so very far apart
Her image comes so clearly to me
I know it is feelings of my heart

These feelings are and ever will be
For the sweet lady I see every night
Just to hold her and always love her
Would make my world be so very right

She knows how much I truly love her
And I know how much she loves me too
Our world will be full of happiness
We will ever share in everything we do

This wonderful world can be for us
Come with me and let our love grow
Every day to be a joyous occasion
Two loving hearts that wont let go

Ever On My Mind

In my dreams I go out walking
I see a beautiful image of you
Arm in arm we walk that pathway
Expressions of love that is true

You squeeze my hand and smile
Such beauty I see in yout face
You are the sweet love of my life
A love no one could ever replace

With my arms circling your waist
I pull your soft body against mine
With tender love I kiss your red lips
Lips that are sweeter than fine wine

My dreams are always about you
No lovelier lady could I find
Love that is forever in my heart
Your beauty is ever on my mind


Last night again I saw her
My lady who is warm and kind
So lovely is this sweet lady
She will ever be on my mind

Her memory will never leave me
For she has truly won my heart
I would rather fight the devil
Than to know we could ever part

Tonight I will see my lady again
Her smile will be waiting for me
Her kisses will be of sweetness
In heaven I know I will then be

With a heart full of love for her
There is a happy smile on my face
No happier person could there be
The luckiest man in the human race

Life Together

We spent an hour today
That sweet lady and me
Our time spent together
Made me happy as can be

I know she also enjoyed it
So much happiness to share
Love with this sweet lady
She knows I will ever care

Tonight we will meet again
My heart will beat so fast
Love that we have between us
We know will eternally last

You make my life much brighter
Forever I will love only you
Lets spend our lifetime together
Excitement in everthing we do

Our True Love

Today we share a love
Beautiful in every way
You gave your heart to me
And I cherish it every day

The love between us grows
It gets better every day
life can be good to us
Let me show you the way

With you ever on my mind
I have given you my love
It didn't take very much
Cupid just gave me a shove

Our time is blissful now
Many kisses I give to you
Happiness will reign supreme
Our love will ever be true

Exquisite Woman

Her blushed face is so lovely
More beautiful than a red rose
My heart will ever be with her
Anywhere in the world she goes

I have an undying love for her
Wanting and hoping to be near
That ravishing wonderful lady
I will always call her my dear

To meet and fall in love with her
Was something I never had planned
One look at this exquisite woman
The flames in my heart were fanned

With hearts that are beating together
Love in our hearts adds to the bliss
Down lifes pathway always inseparable
Her beautiful red lips I will now kiss

Our Feelings

Do you want to know the feeling
That beats deep within my chest
The warm and wonderful feeling
Lets me know you are the best

This feeling tells me that ever
Your heart will beat just for me
Come to my arms my sweet darling
Happiness in life you will see

Your love has been waiting there
For my heart to come seeking you
Your sweet love has just given me
Happiness in everything we can do

The passions that we share together
Will encompass your heart and mine
Your love I will treat so sincerely
Everything in our lives will be fine

So Much Love

I get an awesome feeling
Everytime I see you dear
My heart beats much faster
As I see you coming near

For all my love is for you
Never will I throw it away
So much love in our hearts
Happiness for us every day

You make my life much better
Love we will share every day
With you in my arms forever
Love words I will then say

I know in the coming years
Our love will continue to grow
For hearts with this much love
Will have no place else to go

Copyright © 1999 Acie

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