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Win Your Reward

No need to be alone my friend
For Jesus will answer your call
When you feel you can't go on
He wont let you stumble or fall

His is the power that made you
Given you legs that let you walk
Eyes with which beauty is seen
A mouth with which you can talk

All of the world He has given us
Still for some that is not enough
Not wanting to share with others
These cannot become a Seraph

If you will listen He will tell to you
Of wonders that Earth can't afford
Heaven is the place He talks about
Listen to Him and win your reward

Harvest Time

Look up and see the distant stars
Some are bright and some are dim
A universe so complex to balance
Everything in it was made by Him

Look and see things here on Earth
Hills, plains, lakes and all the land
Everything we can see in our world
Was created by the Master's hand

All these things he saw a need for
He then created a man to use it all
With the fertile fields to grow crops
Grain would be gathered in the fall

Tho mortals aren't allowed to see it
We know there is a Heaven above
Our Bibles tells us we can go there
A wonderful land He filled with love

That Glory Train

When you see that Glory train
Make sure you jump on board
It will take you on up to Heaven
There to meet your loving Lord

With rails narrow but straight
Fast as the twinkling of an eye
Have your ticket validated today
That train will shortly come by

As you arrive at the Pearly Gates
All the passenger there will alight
You have entered Heaven's Glory
There you will see a beautiful sight

Wonders there will surround you
Beauty never seen by you before
You have gone to your Eternal life
To feel pain and suffering no more

Age Of Antiquity

Having entered the age of antiquity
Soon my life on Earth shall be over
Then to ascend the Golden stairway
See angels playing in the Red clover

Beauty we have never seen before
Will appear before us on that day
Guided by the hand of our Saviour
We will walk on a Golden pathway

See those Mansions made of Ivory
Grass with a perfect shade of Green
Walkways edged with Gemstones
To be believed they must be seen

Some day I know I will be up there
To see all of this beauty on that day
All because of my belief in our God
We know that there is no other way

Glory In Heaven

Some day I will see my mother
Walking on that Golden shore
Her arms will reach out to me
To hug her baby boy once more

Mother protected all her children
She tried to keep us from harm
I guess would fight if she had to
Still mother was filled with charm

I loved to take mother my roses
Each Sunday I would take a spray
Freshly cut from my Rose garden
Knowing this would make her day

It broke my heart to lose her
But I knew better she would be
She loved her Lord and Savior
Glory in Heaven she would see

Years Of Youth

If to only go back to that yesteryear
When our lives were young and free
Osborne's farm was the place to play
Baseball was a game you might see

Sometimes we would play basketball
Arch Moore put up a big backboard
Brothers Gene and Mack played there
They often faked me out and scored

I remember that day riding the wagon
They were gathering up the mown hay
Mack Moore slipped and fell off the wagon
Dislocating his arm that Summer day

Many memories that I now hold so dear
Live in that past time of our young years
Wanting to relive those years once again
If I close my eyes that time soon appears

Independence Day

Night time on the dark and wide Ohio River
We see exploding fireworks light up the sky
Rockets are seen in so many different colors
When they explode you can hear people sigh

Celebrating the birth of the United States
A tradition we observe as Independence Day
July fourth is the day that we celebrate it
From British rule we fought to break away

Now we have grown into this mighty nation
Where freedon is a right for one and for all
With a constitution that governs the people
For without it this country surely would fall

Many wars this nation has been involved in
White crosses show in our cemeteries today
God has blessed this great nation we know
Give thanks to Him for this Independence Day

God's Green Valley

I can feel the cool breeze on my face
As I walk down into the valley below
Down in this lush valley it is so green
High on the mountain I can see snow

Down here I can find peace and quiet
It is where I can sit and talk to my Lord
I listen to all the things that He tells me
If I follow all of them I will win my award

He tells me of a land that is far far away
No man could get there in a million years
But through Him and faith in His name
He will take me there without any fears

Without Him I know that I would be lost
It is here I make Him an unbreakable vow
That I will forever be a servant to my Lord
Love for Him I shall show starting right now

A God Made Show

We see the Sun cast a star like image
Raising slowly over yon mountain peak
Beams of light scatter to the five points
Adding to this early morning mystique

Beauty of the world we can see daily
Like a reflection on the deep blue lake
Showing snow high upon a mountain
Its a setting that only God could make

Across the lake we can see Pine trees
A deep Green and with branches full
Bald Eagles soar in a deep Blue sky
With wings spread wide they are artful

Even night time can bring us beauty
Lightning bugs show glitter and glow
A mellow Moon hanging up in the sky
Adds to this lovely God made show

God's Showcase

Will I meet you by those portals
On that bright and sunny dawn
There see our Lord and Master
Standing on an emaculate lawn

With open arms He will greet us
Welcome us into this great land
Show what He has done for us
This place made by God's hand

A land of prefection we will see
Where not a thing is out of place
Beauty we can see everywhere
We know it is God's showcase

His kingdom welcomes us home
To live there throughout eternity
Where peace and tranquility prevail
Heaven He made for you and me

copyright © 2008 By Acie

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