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Our Life On Earth

Time we spend here on Earth is short
Days spent in Heaven is for an eternity
God created both the Heaven and Earth
With life on Earth to be only temporarily

With time we are to spend here on Earth
We must prepare for the judgement day
Share the love and joy that's in your heart
Read the Bible for it will show you the way

Make good use of the time we are here
Obey God and stick to the Golden Rule
Treat your fellow man with great respect
You should never think of then as a fool

When this life on Earth is over and done
Heaven awaits you if you have done right
Then know God gives a life that is eternal
Never again to know the darkness of night

Answer To Him

As I go through the winds of time
Back to when I was just a little boy
May was always my favorite month
School was out we jumped for joy

Those day now seem so far away
Many years have come and gone
Sadness I feel deep in my heart
Friends have gone hither and yon

One day again I shall meet them
Up there on that Golden strand
Greeting we will exchange that day
While listening to an angel band

Life here on Earth is a short one
Measure what every day is worth
Be sure you can answer to Him
That day you leave this old Earth

That Path To Heaven

When time has washed away
Our life is no longer on Earth
I will be counted in His book
Heaven shall then be my worth

For trust unto the Lord I have
He is my Savior of all past sins
When this life has passed on
Eternal life for me just begins

Get that feeling in your heart
Seek Him, He will come to you
He will forgive all transgessions
Heaven's gate opens for you too

See how it feels like to know Him
We know your heart shall overflow
If you tell Him of your love of Him
That path to Heaven He will show

Awesome Wonder

As I stand here in awesome wonder
I can see the world surrounding me
From the water in a neighbor's pool
To the leaves on a tall sycamore tree

A pale blue sky with milk like clouds
Grass so green growing on my lawn
A bird in flight lights on a small limb
He looks around and soon he is gone

Green hills with leaves in full growth
A beautiful Red rose I can clearly see
All of these fantastic sites were made
For the pleasure of both you and me

Each year He seems to show us more
A flower with a different outstanding hue
They were made by God in all His glory
To be enjoyed each day by me and you

Because Jesus Loves

So Precious is the name of our Father
His Heavenly name we love and adore
For He created this world we all live in
He has given us life and so much more

He has made a world that is beautiful
Created both the mountains and seas
Added long rivers and flat farm lands
He made lovely flowers and tall trees

He has prepared a mansion in Heaven
Where we can go when this life is done
Give us an eternal life that forever lasts
Because Jesus loves each and ever one

He wants everyone to be there with Him
Even the sinner can be become sin free
Ask God, then He will cleanse your soul
A mansion up in Heaven for you can be

A Loving Father

If my tomorrow shows no Sunset
I will walk upon that Golden shore
Leave all the suffering behind me
Greet my Lord at the Eternal door

We know no tomorrow is promised
Today could the time for you to go
Will you be ready to see your Savior
God up in Heaven will let you know

Go to that place He has prepared
With mansions beautiful up there
God wants His children with Him
In His land thats high up in the air

We can all be up there with Him
Ask Him to forgive you of your sin
Knowing that He is a loving Father
Today we pray to Him once again

I Have Won My Race

If today I should cross the river of Jordon
Leave this old Earth never to see anymore
This feeling of gratitude to God I will know
When I reach that beautiful Golden Shore

That day I shall enter into that Eternal City
See all the wonders He has bestowed there
Perfection will show in each detail He made
Beauty that will be surrounding us everywhere

Know that I have won my victory to Heaven
Having worshiped God down here on Earth
Followed His teachings without reservation
To stand by His throne would be my worth

When I walk along side Him in His Kingdom
Joy shall hold my heart in a sweet embrace
Knowing all these things have pleased Him
With all my love for Him I have won my race

God Is In control

Although this world is so violent
We know that God is in control
Wars and rumors of war prevail
But Heaven should be our goal

When the thunder of heavy guns
Roar through those desert sands
Some will leave this world behind
To be joined by those angel bands

Some are given a reprieve by God
To come back to those they love
Tears will trickle down their faces
When they think of a buddy above

Wars make older men out of boys
Some will return broken and bent
Those that walked along with God
Eternal life in Heaven will be spent

No Other Way

Far over that hill is a distant land
One that I have never seen before
It is filled with both milk and honey
It is that land I one day yearn for

Filled with beauty that is fantastic
Everything there is made very fine
Carved Ivory is used for its portals
Everything we see here is genuine

Pathways are bordered with flowers
Showing every shape and every hue
An unclouded sky is high overhead
Colored with a shade of Azure Blue

With peace and tranquility forever
Meet with all of my friends one day
United with my family for an eternity
Go with God, there is no other way

Seas Of Life

As I sail on these seas of life
He is always there beside me
I always follow the right wind
My trust in Him shall ever be

It was He who made the sea
A beautiful blue He did create
Made the wind to fill my sails
Keeping my direction straight

Shows me the right way to go
Keeps me on that narrow lane
Guides me in the dark of night
Makes my life not one of vain

For He is the Lord and Savior
He instills love within my soul
I will forever sail with my Lord
Heaven shall ever be my goal

copyright © 2008 By Acie

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