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This Memorial Day

As I place the flowers on her headstone
I feel a warm tear sliding down my cheek
My mothers love will never be forgotten
Kindness in this old world she did seek

Mother was my friend and my confidant
She was always there when I needed her
A lady with a heart that was always giving
She always was easy going never to anger

I know she is up in Heaven with our family
My two sisters and my brother are there too
My father must be a truck driver up there
Here on Earth that is what he loved to do

Flowers I give to each of them on this day
As I decorate this ground in which they lay
It is for the love we had here on this Earth
I place these flowers on this Memorial Day

Get To Know God

With our time here on Earth fading
We must be ready to meet our fate
Know we have all our things in order
Get to know God before it is too late

It is with Him you can go to Heaven
This wonderful place He has for us
Days where sunshine ever prevails
Time we can walk along with Jesus

Enjoy all the songs the angels sing
As they sing there in Heavens choir
All their voices blending in harmony
So beautiful in their Heavenly attire

This Kingdom that is called Heaven
Going up there should be our desire
Every day we should pray to our God
If it is an eternal life that we do aspire

Those Orange Barrels

Those old dirty plastic ODOT Orange barrels
Are lining the highway far as my eye can see
Road construction has stopped the traffic cold
Wasting gas that costs everyone, not just me

It is always a hot day when I see the barrels
Rolling down the windows wont help today
Sitting for fifteen minutes in a boiling hot sun
Along a black ribbon called the state highway

Some times I wonder if they know what to do
Or are they dragging out time for more bucks
Flagmen grin as they see the backed up traffic
Giving the rightaway to the dirt smeared trucks

I guess this is part of the price we must pay
To have roads that wont do damage to our car
Although I know that in a few days from now
I will have to work hard just to clean off the tar

Better In Heaven

He made the mountains and the seas
Sky so blue and rivers that were clear
Then He made man to see it with eyes
Sound a man with his ears could hear

Beauty He put on this place He made
Dotting the hills with many lovely trees
Showing a multitude of color in flowers
All unique as He made them to please

Mountains that He made reach the sky
Many kind of fishes He put into the sea
With fertile fields He made for the crops
To feed all of the people like you and me

Clean water He made for us all to drink
Rain He made so the crops would grow
With this complex system here on Earth
Everything is better in Heaven we know

Best Birthday Wishes

Best birthday wishes to my sweetheart
I hope this brings to you a big old smile
I know that all of my years spent with you
Have made this man's life so worthwhile

These years have passed so swiftly by
I realize so much what you mean to me
All my love for you my wonderful lady
Shall keep on growing and ever will be

My graditude and love I give on this day
For without you my life would be so bland
It is our sweet love that keeps me going
Without you I am a beach without sand

I hope we share many more birthdays
Your birthday the sixth and mine the fifth
With the month of June as your birthday
In that month God gave this world a gift

God's Awesome Power

As the dew collects on the Rose bloom
I am reminded of God's awesome power
He created all the things I can see here
One of these things is this lovely flower

Beauty abounds now because He cared
Making the hills, mountains, and the sea
But the most cared for by our sweet Lord
Is the love He gives to both you and me

His son walked up that dreaded mountain
That wooden cross His shoulders did bear
His crucifixion ordered by Pontious Pilate
On the cross they took a robe He did wear

If not for the love of of everyone on Earth
Why did Jesus give His life for you and me
He wants us all to go to that great kingdom
Where an eternal life for us is waiting to be

Love The Lord

As the last day ends and life is gone
It will be a glorious time that has come
Angels up there will sing so sweetly
On their Golden harps they will strum

With those streets of Gold to walk on
Air thats unadulterated and so pure
As beauty abounds in every direction
There I shall meet my blessed Saviour

If you want to join me up in Heaven
Pray the Lord relieves you of all sin
When that final bell rings on Earth
Your place in Eternity you shall win

Love the Lord as He loves all of us
Let Him stay forever in your heart
Praise Him everyday in your prayers
Be ready when this world you depart

Window To Heaven

Is your window to Heaven bright and clear
No smudges to obscure your view this day
Ask the Lord to forgive you of all your sins
As you kneal by your bed tonight and pray

He will forgive and keep your window clear
Bright will be your way to the golden stairs
Without any obstructions to mar your vision
You will have no fear, worries, or any cares

Listen and hear what our Savior says to you
Bend not to either the left or not to the right
Forever will that window to Heaven be clear
With a Sun that will always shine so bright

Tell others about the window that you see
Show them it is the way to Heaven this day
Be true to way you feel about God up there
Know it is the right and so it is the only way

Neither Bought Or Sold

When my heart meets Jesus up in Heaven
I will sing and shout about this great victory
As Angels line the pathway of my ascension
Tears of joy will flow, still clearly I shall see

With the troubles of Earth left far behind
It is on to this Promised land that I then go
Where everyday brings us total happiness
No heartaches like we saw on Earth below

It is here where I shall abode with my Lord
Walk the green meadows of Heaven above
There to once more be with my dear family
In that beautiful land that is filled with love

Peace and comfort will surround us there
With a Sun that shines brighter than Gold
Still we must realize we must earn our way
Because Heaven is neither bought or sold

I Wonder.....

In the quietness of my little nook
I sit and think of days gone past
Hearing the small rippling brook
This vision I have will forever last

It is here I can talk to my Savior
Ask that He bless this land I see
It seems things are not just right
In the home of the brave and free

I ask how could this mess happen
A country founded by religious men
As He shakes His head in sadness
Loss of faith was when it did begin

They took His name out of schools
In public places He cannot be seen
If some of the people had their way
They would wipe the Bible clean

Tears comes to my eyes as He talks
For I know everything He says is true
One thing He never told me that day
Is the fate of the Red, White, and Blue

copyright © 2008 By Acie

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