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This Memorial Day

As I place the flowers on her headstone
I feel a warm tear sliding down my cheek
My mothers love will never be forgotten
Kindness in this old world she did seek

Mother was my friend and my confidant
She was always there when I needed her
A lady with a heart that was always giving
She always was easy going never to anger

I know she is up in Heaven with our family
My two sisters and my brother are there too
My father must be a truck driver up there
Here on Earth that is what he loved to do

Flowers I give to each of them on this day
As I decorate this ground in which they lay
It is for the love we had here on this Earth
I place these flowers on this Memorial Day

The Beauty I See

I can see a bird and watch it fly
See a flower that's in full bloom
Look in awe at the beauty I see
Smell a scent that's like perfume

Look around to see what He made
Beauty can be seen if you will look
Do good to everyone that you meet
It will be written down in His book

I do pray to my God every day
He listens to what I have to say
He hears me as I give Him praise
He always shows me the right way

I will listen to what God has to say
We know He is ever right and true
His word I know we can depend on
He died to save both me and you

The Final Cost

In the quiet of the evening shadows
I think of things He has given to me
Life sometimes hard but mostly good
That is the way God intended it to be

Trials and troubles we will encounter
I know that I have found quite a few
We then must carry our own burdens
Jesus carried a cross for me and you

As these thoughts came back to me
I realize without Jesus I would be lost
To erase all of our past sins we know
It was Jesus who paid the final cost

Knowing a home awaits me in Heaven
I thank Him for this life He gave to me
I know at times I may have irritated Him
Now I want to fill His heart full of glee

The Holy Bible

To those of who think there is no God
That they are above what others think
How do you think you got in the world
To me your all of your theories do stink

Do you think man suddenly appeared
You give no logical reason for his birth
Your teachings are so far from the truth
Just what do you think they are worth

I know God exists up in Heaven today
In a Kingdom where one day I shall go
Knowing sorrow for all those unbelievers
Praying one day to our Savior they will go

Don't be misled by these kind of people
They are not God, there way leads to hell
Know all the teachings of the Holy Bible
Read it and think of the words it does tell

This World He Made

Each drop of rain He has counted
Every grain of sand He does know
With the flakes that hit the ground
He knows the number in the snow

For it was Him who has made it all
Sunshine, fog, clouds high above
When He created this world for us
He filled it with all His Heavenly love

Our world is the same as He made it
Only the people here have changed
Some will deny that God even exists
There is no Heaven He has arranged

Be not tricked by these non believers
For they are false prophets you know
Be firm in following all His teachings
If up to God's Heaven you want to go

Joined There By You

Beauty seen in this first week of May
Shows colors of many different hues
It's a season for all the pretty flowers
This is the time of year I would choose

Casting my eyes on this wonderland
There are many things that I can see
Deep Green is the grass in my lawn
Apple blossums are sought by a bee

With an array of pretty colors in Spring
Have you ever wondered who made them
Seeds weren't planted by a drifting wind
Think about it, they all were made by Him

God created everything here on Earth
He made everything up in Heaven too
Where beauty is far beyond compare
I would love to be joined there by you

The Sands Of Time

Time passes us all by so swiftly
Never resting one second a day
Always flowing are sands of time
Forever chasing the years away

It seems from the date of our birth
Each day passes by awfully fast
Older we are time is much faster
We hardly can think until it is past

Time one day will take us far away
To a life different than one we know
Will we find the Kingdom He made
One day up there I sure want to go

Time up in Heaven will be eternal
No clocks up there shall we see
Each day there will be so perfect
Time wont matter to you and me


It was on a beautiful Spring morning
Yardwork suddenly came to my mind
Grass was high and needed mowing
New string for the edger I had to find

It was so easy to mow the tall grass
I have a mower on which you can ride
That day I also mowed my neighbors
A good deed for the day I did decide

Finding the string for the old edger
Stringing the spool I started to edge
As I was making the yard look good
My Azaleas were looking like a hedge

Getting out my electric hedge trimmer
I began trimming the top and sides too
Getting carried away with my yard work
It sparked as I cut the electric cord into

Our Hillsides

Thunderstorms rolling over our small valley
Bringing the Springtime to these lovely hills
Beauty abounds in all the beautiful flowers
Mocking birds singing with melodious trills

These hills God has made for their beauty
Hickory trees that reach high up into the sky
With nuts for the squirrels to eat and thrive
A small stream with Bass is flowing nearby

Green grows these hillside with new plants
Awaking from the dormancy Winter brought
To be seen by seeking eyes in Springtime
After a season that was filled with fraught

White Dogwood and Red Bud there florish
As they dot the hills with their pretty bloom
God has put all this beauty on the hillsides
This site of wonder for our eyes to consume

The Kingdom Of God

Sweet is the singing of the Angels
As we enter into the land of Jesus
God has laid out Heaven in Glory
All for the souls that belong to us

We shall rise up into His Kingdom
As our Earthly trip comes to the end
Some will join up with those Angels
With voices that will perfectly blend

So lovely are the those Pearly Gates
As we enter and meet a dear friend
One that we met down on the Earth
Now our friendship will have no end

For it is written believe and be saved
Then enter into the Kingdom of God
Then to walk with our Blessed Savior
Along that river where He once trod

copyright © 2008 By Acie

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