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All Of The Glory

This a very beautiful Sunday morning
Sun is shimmering on the dew drops
It's the plowed fields we soon will see
As farmers prepare to sow the crops

Crops must be seeded in the ground
To grow and put food on our tables
Ladies will can food for a long Winter
In glass jars with all kinds of labels

God gives us means to feed ourself
Off from land he has carefully made
Providing a summer to grow the food
Then in Autumn the plants start to fade

Consider what all He has done for us
Giving His Son's life to save us from sin
Go to your Church this morning and pray
For all of the Glory that we give unto Him

No Sorrow

Far away and into a different life
One day we shall all have to go
Abiding with our Lords teaching
Wins you the place of no sorrow

When we feel that sting of death
Time on Earth will then be finished
If we have followed His Holy word
We will find a life of joy cherished

Finding no sadness up in Heaven
Every day will bring joy abounding
He has said anyone can go there
To this city that is so outstanding

Listen to what the Bible teaches
Believe in Him and do not sway
This shall be your home forever
When you enter Heaven that day

My New Shoes

I remember the new shoes mom bought
Being proud when I wore them to school
A pair of Brogans and made for hard wear
I was called a bumpkin and felt like a fool

Still that pair of shoes meant a lot to me
For my old pair had those stick on soles
Wearing them as long as they fit my feet
Even if the uppers were filled with holes

Born in a time that money was hard to find
Dirt poor, still we appreciated what we had
Some times we could have used more food
But you know things weren't really so bad

Now as I look back to those depression years
What would the children of today have to say
If they couldn't find enough dollars to spend
On those expensive Nikes like they do today

Jesus I Will Extol

As the days we live race swiftly by
We look to the future, not the past
Knowing our sins are washed away
Because God's powers are so vast

Believe in Him for He's the only way
That you will spend life forever there
In His great mansion filled with love
Somewhere up there high in the air

It is my God that one day I will see
Up there where daylight never dims
To hear the Angels play their harps
Have the air filled by lovely hymns

There to meet my precious Savior
For it is He that has saved my soul
To eternally live there so peacefully
Every day my dear Jesus I will extol

In The Highest Regard

He who walks alone walks in sadness
A void seems to follow him through life
Struggling to meet his needs each day
He seems to find only trouble and strife

If he would open his heart up to Jesus
Peace on Earth he certainly would find
Give to his troubled heart some solace
Make perfectly clear his mixed up mind

For the power of Jesus is the greatest
He can take all of your troubles away
Brighten the darkness into Sunshine
Give warmth to a cold despairing day

He who walks with our Savior is happy
Everlasting life will be his sweet reward
If you believe in the teachings of Jesus
You will hold Him in the highest regard

God And Heaven Is True

When I walk on those streets of Glory
It is with my Savior that day I will tread
Knowing that I have won my redemption
As that great book of life has been read

For life here on Earth is but a short time
We must spend this time knowing Jesus
It's through him we can go up to Heaven
He gave His blood to save sinners like us

Agony He must have felt up on that cross
Yet He did it to make a home for you and me
Still we can see those who reject His teaching
Pretending the cross Jesus never did see

Let them do the things they are doing today
Because I know that God and Heaven is true
I have a heart filled full of sadness for them
I am sure that our Lord and Savior does too

His Springtime

As the Sun brings us another bright dawn
Invigorating the world and opening our day
We see what God has given for us to enjoy
It is with great thanks I give to Him as I pray

It seems as if our whole world has changed
As Springtime has brought Green to the hills
Warming weather will be coming to us soon
Taking care of those long cold cabin fever ills

Our air seems much fresher and smells clean
Flowers are starting to open their buds to bloom
Creating this time of beauty He wants us to see
After a long past Winter and its picture of gloom

At this time of rejuvenation of the life of flowers
I stand in admiration of the world in which we live
Knowing God was responsibile for all of this I see
It is to Him I shall show all of the love I can give

It Is Written

As I walk in a lightly falling rain
I know someone walks with me
He hears me tell of all my faith
That I have entrusted with Thee

Feelings of warmth I now have
Flowing into this heart of mine
He has filled it with all His love
Making everything ever so fine

If you will walk along with Him
Feelings of hope you will find
He will show you the right way
Then ease your troubled mind

For He is the right and the truth
His is the only way to life eternal
We need to give Him the praise
For it is written in the Holy Bible

It Is The Bible

He carried that old Bible to church
Tho its's cover is tattered and worn
Some members saw him with pity
Others looked upon him with scorn

Part of the congregation whispered
When the man's back was turned
If we could get that old worn Bible
We would see that it gets burned

One Sunday he carried a new Bible
He stumbled and it fell on the floor
Inside it he had made out a check
That paid off the Church and more

Don't judge the Bible with it's cover
Every word in each one is the same
God doesn't care about it's condition
It is the Bible, there is no other name

Days Of Joy

I want to meet God at the portal
When life here on Earth is done
To hear Him welcome me home
To tell me that my victory is won

For His kingdom is up in Heaven
We will live a life eternal up there
Never to worry about the next day
In that mansion high up in the air

We will walk those paths of Gold
With our sweet Savior by our side
Walk the lovely strand of that river
It's His every word we shall abide

Days of joy will meet us up there
Smiles there will caress our faces
Happiness will forever be with us
In this most wonderful of all places

copyright © 2008 By Acie

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