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Minister Ken Estep

We go to Shawnee Hills Baptist Church
There our minister Estep, we hear preach
His words, all the congregation will listen
Chapters from the Bible He does teach

We love to listen to him as he preaches
He tells of the Bible from a long time ago
Explaining the meaning of the scripture
So our knowledge will continue to grow

He tells of the Apostles following Jesus
Of how Judus Iscariot had betrayed Him
When the Roman soldiers arrested Jesus
His life here on Earth seemed to be dim

How He was nailed to a cross on Calvary
With two thieves crucifiied at the same time
One chose to listen to Jesus and was saved
One denied Him, to Heaven he didn't climb

Put into a tomb by His tormenters that day
Blocked by a heavy boulder He pushed away
After ascending up into His Heavenly home
He prepared a Great Mansion for us one day

Of his Bible studies we all enjoy very much
Taking the time to make sure we understand
How he wants everyone to prepare for Heaven
To live up there were eternal life is so grand

Walk With God

Some struggle through an Earthly world
With no thought of what will be their fate
Oh yes they have heard of a loving God
Still they may ignore Him until it is too late

God will reach out to the unsaved people
Then will try to teach them right from wrong
Some will be too weak to heed His warning
To walk along with God you must be strong

If tomorrow I hear that trumpet sounding
With that call for me to join Him up there
Then escape from the bonds of this Earth
Into that land that has no trouble or care

I will give Him a smile when I get up there
Put my arms around Him and feel the joy
Tell Him of the love my heart has for Him
That walk with Him in Heaven, I will enjoy

Easter Day

Many years have passed since that day
High on the hill that was called Calvary
Jesus was nailed to an old rugged cross
He still was as quiet as anyone could be

With two thieves on crosses beside Him
He was ridiculed and mocked that day
Taking his robe and then gambling for it
Roman Soldiers were having their way

They put a crown of thorns on His head
Closing His eyes He died on that cross
His suffering then had came to an end
Many knew the world had a great loss

Put into a cave and blocked with a rock
He then removed that big rock some way
Ascending up to His Heavenly Kingdom
On the day that we now call Easter Day

Hath God Said

God created this man Adam
With Adam's rib He made Eve
He made them a lovely garden
A life of leisure they did receive

Don't eat fruit of the center tree
God had told Adam on that day
Fruit of other trees you may eat
Of the center tree you stay away

Hath God said thy shall do
A serpent said in a soft voice
To Eve on that fate filled day
Eat it or not will be your choice

Plucking an apple from the tree
To Adam that apple she did show
God told Adam that he would die I
f eating the apple pleased him so

For It was in that beautiful garden
They had seen peaceful tranqulity
When Adam took a bite of the apple
It was God's wrath then they did see

An Old Farmer

As the old man stared at his farmland
His mind wandered back to time past
He started with twenty acres of hillside
A farmer's life back then he did cast

Seldom did he go to town at that time
Too busy clearing the land he owned
Chopping the trees to build him a cabin
He used an old double bit axe he honed

One day he went to town for supplies
A beautiful girl at the store he did meet
A blue eyed little girl with blonde hair
He tipped his hat to that gal so sweet

A smile showed her pearly white teeth
For both it had been love at first sight
Awkwardly he did ask her for a date
She agreed to see him that very night

He remembers the dates they had then
Of the night he ask her to be his bride
How with the years and the four babies
He built a house with plumbing inside

He thought of the Sundays at church
How they were baptized there one day
They accepted the Lord as their Savior
How too soon his wife was taken away

With everything he had he now felt poor
This big farm he had built with his hands
One that measured over a thousand acres
Every bit of it had been tree covered lands

He knows he will see his wife up in Heaven
For with God he knows he cannot go wrong
When it comes time for the Judgement Day
It's the streets of Heaven they will walk along

A Kingdom In The Sky

If your road is rough and rocky
You can find no place to lie down
If you find no friends to help you
Upon your face you wear a frown

Your help is but one prayer away
Focus not on negativity but good
Ask God what you can do for Him
His plan is easy to be understood

Listen and He will surely tell you
If you into Heaven you are to go
You must have the faith and obey
Love is something you must know

Realize His is the path of righteous
It will lead to a kingdom in the sky
Find the home He has built for you
Never let temptation lead you awry

Your Heavy Burden

When I raise my eyes up toward Heaven
I am reminded of that old rugged cross
One where our Lord and Master expired
We thank God, Jesus's life was not a loss

By dying on the cross He can save us all
Because He was the son of God you know
Forgiving us of all of our Earthly sins in life
Read the Bible if to Heaven you want to go

Answer to Him and He will tell you the way
That leads you up to that Eternal Kingdom
Here you will find rest and comfort forever
That City there you see is totally awesome

Receive into Him and heed all His advice
For His is the only way to get to Heaven
Know He is the power that rules the world
His life He gave to lift your heavy Burden

His loving Care

My love for Him I shall never deny
Precious feelings He brings to me
This heart feels all the joy He gives
It's soon I know I will walk with thee

With great honor I speak of Him
Knowing it's to Him we owe it all
So great is my Lord and Master
Some day I know that He will call

He has built a beautiful mansion
That He has filled with pure love
These thoughts today are of Him
In peaceful Heaven so high above

On those streets of gold I will walk
With Him on that great day up there
Then to fall on my knees into prayer
To thank Him for all His loving care

Follow His Advice

He will walk with you anytime if you ask
Even the lost sinners He will never shun
For we are His children and He loves us
Not just a chosen few He loves everyone

He will listen to your troubles and woes
Give Him a chance and see the difference
Ask Him to give you a change in your life
Show Him of your desire for real penance

His is the right and the only way to follow
Be alert to those who would lead you astray
For the old devil will be always lurking about
He will follow you around both night and day

To live in His home high up in the blue sky
Follow His advice and listen then if you obey
He will accept you in His beautiful mansion
Heaven will be yours on the Judgement Day


Green grows the grass on my lawn
Regenerated by the late March rain
Brought back to life as is it's cycle
Returning it to growing once again

Brown it was just a few days ago
Lifeless looking after a cold Winter
Fearing to show its tender shoots
Til Spring's warmth it does deliver

Much like the grass is life of man
Growing for a time and then dying
Then to be resurrected to Heaven
To find out that God is so forgiving

Not growing from season to season
Man has but one season on Earth
It is in that season that we find God
It's with His power we have a rebirth

A rebirth that will change our lives
To make the old into someone new
It is then you find there is joy in life
Know that Heaven is waiting for you

copyright © 2008 By Acie

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