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If Jesus Came to Your House

If Jesus came over to your house
Would you be awestruck that day
Or would your happiness overflow
Making your day better every way

Would you then invite Him inside
Offer coffee or break some bread
Hearing the kindness in His voice
Listen to all the words that are said

Would you offer Him your best bed
One with the linens that are so fine
While you sleep in your guest room
Bed lumpy and its hard on the spine

Would you expect something in return
For showing Him the best for this day
Know this day should be like all days
You can tell Him tonight as you pray

Sweet Beulah Land

In the time of dispair He is with you
Talk He will hear the words you say
Show how you are worthy of Heaven
As you prepare for the judgement day

Hear His soothing voice as He talks
Know the day will be better some way
When you llft up your head to Heaven
Have His love in your heart as you pray

Believe and you know He will help you
Power of prayer is strong as we know
As you read our Holy Bible every day
Your knowledge of Jesus then will grow

He gave up His life to save us from sin
Is it too much to obey His every command
He has prepared that eternal place for us
I have heard it called Sweet Beulah Land

He Does Care

I know If you only think about it
You certainly will know it is true
Why God's son died on a cross
To save people like me and you

What agony He suffered there
On a cross high on Calvary hill
Determined to die for all of us
To save us from sin was His will

From that tomb He then arose
To ascend up to Heaven above
Wanting to fill the whole world
With all of His unadultrated love

Believe and He will show you
How you can join Him up there
In that beautiful land of glory
Thats how much He does care

His Presence

I want take a walk beside my Savior
Smell the sweet Spring morning air
Listen to His soft and soothing voice
I can feel free and without any care

His presence gives a warm feeling
He will shield me from all the cold
Deep in my heart I do feel His love
His is the sweetest story ever told

As the Sun shines through His hair
Beyond I can see a city of beauty
With purest Gold and halls of ivory
He has prepared it for you and me

For He died to save us all from sin
This son of God wanted it that way
Praise be to this Holy man's name
He will take us to Heaven one day

Judgement Day

Today is your world all mixed up
With no solace that can you find
Get down on your knees and pray
Comfort will come to your mind

Ask and He will give you peace
Wash all of your past sins away
Power that can be done by God
Brightens a dank and dreary day

He can hear even in silent prayer
But it is much better to pray aloud
His smile will light up your world
You will feel as floating on a cloud

He is your path to a Celestal Home
Do not doubt for His is the only way
If you read the Holy Bible and abide
Heaven is yours on Judgement Day

Scarred For Life

I scarred myself for life that day back in my youth
When my mother had asked me to split kindling
With a double bit axe out on the chopping block
When I chopped away you know I wasn't fooling

There had been a blight that had hit the forests
In a year or two all the Chestnuts would then die
Perfect kindling did those Chestnut blocks make
They would split with ease when they were dry

As all kids are prone to do I let my mind wander
Lifting that axe and thinking I knew the right spot
I then brought it downward with all of my strength
But alas I soon found it wasn't where I had sought

My index finger got split with that Chestnut block
That axe gave me much trouble and a lot of strife
When blood ran from that deep gash on my finger
I knew then that I was scarred for the rest of my life

A Fork In The Road

When he approached a fork in the dirt road
He knew not on which road he should tread
Lost and hungary he became very confused
Not one house where he could beg for bread

Knealing down his eyes looked up to Heaven
Lord, he said I know I haven't always been right
But I really need some food to noursh my body
I need a place to lay down because it is night

At that time the moon came out of the clouds
Lighting up the horizon and showing ahead
Wispy smoke from someone having a cookout
Perhaps there he could get a piece of bread

Welcomed he was told to eat until he was full
As he finished he was told of the bunkhouse
He could sleep there until the morning comes
It is kept clean although it is not a penthouse

Leaving the next morning he thanked them
He thanked his Lord for what He had done
As he left they gave him a hundred dollar bill
It was how God rescued him from the fallen

March Snow

With this eighth day of March
Down comes the falling snow
r>Around four inches has fallen
When it will stop I don't know

Heavier snows are north of us
To the west it is pouring down
Blizzard conditions some have
Surely it will bring them a frown

My friend who lives in Urbana
Has drifts up to three feet high
I suppose I shouldn't complain
Still I guess I could give a sigh

Spring will be here in a few days
This snow will be but a memorey
Warm weather will come our way
Lovely to me Spring will ever be

God's Love

There is a light shining bright
High in the heavens up above
It is in God's great storehouse
One He has filled with his love

Love Him and get love in return
For He is a loving God you see
It is the blood from His only son
Some day will save you and me

Tears must flow from His eyes
As He looks at this world today
Drugs being used by teenagers
They know it's not the right way

Still He loves everyone the same
Hate is a word He doesn't know
God gave His only begotten son
Because He loved this world so

Outlook On Life

Although some may walk in solemn sadness
There is something that they can do this day
Hold their head up to a place we call Heaven
Open their hearts to God and begin to pray

For He will always hear your honest prayer
Do not think that you can fool Him in anyway
With more knowledge than all computers have
He knows a fraud before he has a word to say

He will listen to your cry for help if you ask Him
Let Him know just how much your love for him is
From the darkness of night He can hear you ask
Then you will know the Kingdom of Heaven is His

Never waiver from your love for a man called Jesus
For He is the salvation for us and the world today
If you believe in Him and study all of His teachings
Your outlook on life will be changed for you today

copyright © 2008 By Acie

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