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He Has The Answer

It's a chilly Sunday morning
But soon it is off to church
This happiness in my heart
I feel, no reason to search

With pastor Ken preaching
Solace comes to my mind
Knowing our God is real
He is so loving, He is kind

Feeling love of the church
When we all shake hands
We all feel that our church
Is the best one in the lands

Go to a church this Sunday
You will feel so much better
Tell Him of your problems
I know He has the answer

Where They Belong

His eyes showed only the sadness
For he had been left here all alone
He knew she was in a better place
Tears fell as he saw her headstone

He didn't blame God for taking her
Her condition worsened each day
It was that cancer that he blamed
A bad disease that took her away

Knowing he must return to home
Tho it's so lonely without her there
These things he sees in the house
Reminds him how much he did care

Today he finds love with his God
Knowing separation wont be long
Reunited up in beautiful Heaven
Together thats where they belong

The Young Children

We wonder will the end be coming soon
Has God got fed up with our foolishness
Have we drifted away from His reachings
Do you think He can clean up this mess

With children selling drugs in the school
Making money to get that fix of their own
Many young enough to be in grade school
Evil of these drugs they have never known

Is God mad, you know that He really is
Because He loves all of the little children
His heart is breaking with a terrible grief
To children this should never have been

What can we do to reverse these events
Bringing the children to church is a start
Teach them of our loving Lord and Savior
Show then that He is ever in their heart

Don't throw away the misguided children
Help them to turn their young life around
It is with your help they can see the light
It is wonderful to see them church bound

A Date And Time

Although it is far away and we can't see it
We know it does exist some place up there
A heavenly home for us to look forward to
Where we can live eternally without a care

He has told us of this place called Heaven
Where our trials and troubles will be no more
If only we will follow His teachings and learn
It makes no difference if you are rich or poor

But riches can only be an Earthly possession
We will all be equal when our life has passed
As we stand in judgement on that day up there
Riches then will make you neither first or last

For it is He who will determine when we will go
Not one minute or one second shall that time vary
In His big book each name has a date and a time
It is then we will be able to see His land of beauty

His Words

As our time on Earth slowly fades
We wonder just when it will come
Time we sever Eathly connections
This time comes faster for some

For He has shown the right path
On which He wants all to tread
He has told us this in the Bible
You would know it had you read

In the twinkling of an eye its over
No chance to atone will be given
So pay heed while there is time
He will hear you that is for certain

His love for you will be everlasting
With devine guidance He will show
You the right way to conduct your life
It is His words that will let you know

A Day

With the unrelinting chimes of time
Each day will evaporate in the next
No holding back this phmomenom
It happens each day without pretext

Takes twenty four hours for it to start
Takes twenty four hours for it to end
All of the hours that are in between
Are added to make this daily blend

As the Sun will rise in the morning
It also will set into the dark of night
Not reappearing until the next day
Hidden and completely out of sight

This balance of darkness and light
Gives a perfect twenty four hour day
He has made this span of time for us
With time to work and a time to play

His Beauty

Beautiful snow capped mountains
Mirror lmaged on a sparkling lake
Wild and free is the morning wind
A scene only our God could make

White water cascading from above
Fills the lake in a springtime thaw
Trout swim in a cool clear stream
Some quite large others are small

Sights and sounds of the forest
Are seen as a grouse whizes by
Sun splashes the mountain top
Highlighted by a cloud free sky

Beauty is everywhere you look
Find it for He has given it to you
If we can find beauty on the Earth
Heaven will give us a finer wiew

Waiting For Spring

Fleecy white clouds dot a pale blue sky
Earth will soon open her arms to Spring
Bringing a profusion of beautiful flowers
Freshness to this drab world it will bring

This transformation will break the bonds
Winter has held us in these past weeks
With the enthusiaum of a new born colt
Spring bursts forth with ramps and leeks

Sweet smelling Lilacs to fill the fresh air
Pushes thoughts of a Winter far behind
Warmth found on the Sun splashed soil
With a good rain Mushrooms we will find

Springtime and we can see love flourish
Mrs Robin is busy building her new nest
We can see a boy and girl holding hands
It is sure everyone loves Spring the best

A Light From Above

As I open my eyes I can see that light
A light that beams from Heaven above
With this beautiful feeling that I now have
I know it is my Savior giving me His love

Listen to your heart as it sings His praise
Feel comfort in the arms of a loving Lord
Be not afraid to express your love for Him
Is there anything less that you can afford

He will see us through the troubled times
We know He will wash all your sins away
Believe in what we are taught in the Bible
You will be ready for that Judgement Day

When this feeble live is over and passed
I want to ascend up to the Heaven's Blue
There to see all of my friends and relation
My sincere hope that you will be there too

My Sweet Valentine

When two hearts merge into one
Love shared will be in full bloom
Hearts then become so entwined
A marriage proposal will be soon

With the years passing so swiftly
This love has grown and is forever
Lovely she was then as she is now
Our kisses become a little sweeter

These past years spent with Janet
Gets better as each day goes bye
Funny how the years have passed
I guess you could say time did fly

As another Valentine's day arrives
My love again I pledge to my wife
Happy are the days we have found
Wonderful has been this time of life

copyright © 2008 By Acie

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