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His Complete Control

Remember the past but don't be consumed by it
It is okay to remember both the good and the bad
But to dwell on the things that can never be again
Can cause you the worst feelings you have ever had

To worry over a fortune that has escaped your hands
Might tax upon your mind and then drive you insane
Free your mind of past misgivings that you may have
Open up your mind and heart and begin living again

Visions you wish you could relive are gone forever
Things known in the past are now but a memorey
Wishing will never bring back times we once knew
Live for Him this day and He will set your mind free

Tell Him of transgressions, He can and will forgive
Open up your heart and let Him cleanse your soul
For His is the only way that you can reach Heaven
Yes, you know everything is in His complete control

Quit Putting It Off

Tell me when will you get it done
Will it be tomorrow or the next day
Could it be months or even years
Don't you know, or can't you say

If you put everthing off and leave it
So many things in life you will miss
If you don't go to the flower garden
To you that lovely garden is useless

If you think of your life as wasted
I can tell you what you should do
Do some soul searching this day
Reaching out to God will help too

Ask Him for love and His guidance
He will show you the righteous way
Quit putting this off until tomorrow
Ask your loving Savior for help today


Why is there so much turmoil today
It seems so much confusion is seen
Where has all of the friendship gone
It seems everyone is angry or mean

We are worried about the economy
Banks loans are failing almost daily
Greedy bankers over extended loans
Both them and the clients are angry

We now pay inflated prices to buy oil
Yet it seems we have a lot of our own
Some have suggested oil companies
Have lied as their profits have grown

It is my most sacred hope and prayer
That God protects this land of the free
Keep His Holy name before the masses
I know He will protect both you and me

The Weather

With a damp chill in our air today
Will we get rain or will we get snow
These clouded skies can fool you
Even weather forcasters don't know

Weather can be funny some times
Raining here but it is dry in a mile
When it is raining we wear a frown
If the sun shines we wear a smile

Cold weather gives us some snow
While warm weather brings us rain
No matter what the weather is today
You will find someone to complain

Four seasons is what I like to have
Where Winter brings to us the cold
Springs and summers are so lovely
Autumn's leaves are a story to be told

He has made these seasons for us
You can find enjoyment in each one
If you think your weather isn't right
Wait a while you will find the Sun

He Will Love You Too

If your tomorrow will never come
Do you know where you would go
Is your life empty and without hope
There are things you should know

Ask Him and He will answer you
No matter what time of the day
He will always wait there for you
Just listen to what he has to say

He is the only way there is hope
No other path will become true
Open your heart and love Him
You will find He will love you too

A home He has built for all of us
To get there you must trust Him
Believe and obey His teachings
For without Him our future is dim

Ah Spring

Perfume of a purple lilac in the Spring
Gives out it's refreshing scent to the air
Gone now is the drudgery of the Winter
Seen in the Apple tree is Robins, a pair

Sounds and smells of the springtime
Abounds in all of the beauty we see
Free like the birds that fly in yon sky
Spring was made for someone like me

Sweet smelling flowers are blooming
Giving their nectar to the honey bees
Blue skies without clouds are blissful
It is perfect weather, made to please

Of course I am wistfully thinking today
For the temperature is down to zero
But there will be a springtime coming
Thought that you might want to know

Tiny Flakes

Tiny flakes come tumbling down
Soon they will lay on the ground
Cold and white are these flakes
Wind whips them into a mound

Children love to frolic and to play
In the newly fallen flakes of snow
Warm they will stay the day long
Bundled up from their head to toe

Tired they will be from their playing
Tracking snow and dirt into the house
Soon to be playing with a computer
If they can only find their lost mouse

To school tomorrow, they wont go
Snow has fallen up to three feet tall
Now that they know that school is out
It will be another day to have a ball

That Ice Storm

We saw a blighted Sun as it raised
On that cold and frosty January morn
With the dark clouds slowly massing
Looks like a snow storm is to be born

With the temperature slowly falling
It was a big ice storm on the way
To break off branches and fall trees
Then cover with ice where they lay

With the sounds of breaking limbs
Sounding much like a shotgun blast
With the freezing rain slowly falling
Its hard to tell how long it would last

Four days without any electric power
Roads impassable from fallen trees
Held captive by a heavy storm of ice
It seemed as if everyone would freeze

But the good Lord saw us through it
That year back in two thousand three
Faith that we had in Him back then
Has grown as has our love for Thee

Winter In Southern Ohio

With little snowflakes softly falling
Soon the ground will become white
Is a winter storm headed our way
Or perhaps the amount will be light

January is known for heavy snows
Here in Ohio we keep an alert eye
Running down to the grocery store
To keep our pantry from running dry

Cold can add to the misery for some
Sending those fuel bills soaring high
Our seniors always have this problem
Keeping warm and they wonder why

I hope the snowfall is but a dusting
Springtime can't come soon enough
These cold winters in Southern Ohio
Have been known to be mighty rough

Otway's Pump

I'll never forget that Halloween in Otway
All us kids soaped windows at his store
As a window opened water poured on us
We should have known about Lou Shur

Lou Shur owned that little grocery store
He got his water from the village pump
So we pulled that pump high into the air
It slipped and down it went with a thump

Although we were scared about the pump
We laughed when old Lou tried to use it
Only the handle could be seen sticking up
When it fell that cast iron flange did split

Early the next morning I found a flange
We went to the pump and that flange fit
We bolted it together and it fit perfectly
When asked, we knew nothing about it

I think back to that night many years ago
It still brings a big grin to my aged face
I don't know what could have happened
If I had found no flange for us to replace

copyright © 2007 By Acie

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