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Acies Poems Page 20

Natural Beauty

I see her standing there
In all her natural beauty
So charming is this lady
Loving her will be my duty

So much in love with her
I can feel it every day
The wonderment of her love
Has amazed me in every way

We will face the world today
Together as if we were one
Our harmonious hearts beating
In unison forever to be done

I ask the world to see and know
Just how much she means to me
This beautiful lady I do love
Is where my happiness will be

The Secret

The love between a man and a woman
And all the secrets they can tell
Whispered in to their listening ears
They know why their love is well

Never will they ever tell a living soul
How their love was created and grown
It will ever be their untold secrets
And they will keep all of them unknown

All the love I have whispered to her
Were words I want only her to hear
Never would you ever hear them
Not if you listened for a year

So we will keep all of our secrets
Keeping them forever and ever
Loving and caring for each other
And knowing we will be always together

Make Your Heart Mine

When a man loves a lady
Like my love is for you
His heart swells within
In everything we ever do

Can you feel it my lady
The yearning in your heart
Of wanting to be together
Forever never could we part

Day by day our love grows
You are etched in my mind
The image of sheer beauty
Prettiest I could ever find

If I had your love forever
Would be a world so devine
My heart will be ever yours
Please make your heart mine

Just A Wonderful Start

To hear her lovely voice
To see her beautiful face
Brings much joy to my heart
No one can take her place

To know how much I love her
And to know she loves me too
Makes our love much stronger
Forever to be in love with you

You are of such rare beauty
Lovliest lady I will ever know
Lets explore our world today
And see how our love will grow

With the tender feeling of you
That I have deep inside my heart
Makes me know a lifetime with you
Would be just a wonderful start

Precious And Prime

The greatest gift you could give me
Would be your heart to have and hold
It would mean more than anyting else
Would be worth more to me than gold

I give my heart to you from this day
For you to keep forever as you choose
I know in my lifetime I shall love you
With a passion that I shall never lose

Today, tomorrow, and always it goes on
These beautiful feelings I have for you
In my heart I will forever keep them
Our love will grow in everything we do

Tomorrow we may find all the happiness
That has been for us all of this time
To find our greatest perfection in life
Love that will always be precious and prime

Our Promise Land

Can I call you mine
My dreams to come true
Be there by your side
In everything we do

The love we now share
Excites me every day
Your beauty inspires me
I love you all the way

Like the beauty of a rose
You are so soft and nice
Lips so sweet and lovely
I want to kiss them twice

Some day when we meet
And stroll hand in hand
We will walk that lane
Down to our promise land

How Can We Stay Apart

To be in the arms of the one you love
Is like no other feeling you can know
Goose bumps and a lump in your throat
Are some of the things that will show

Magnifience and splendor ever you are
Forever to be in the heart of this man
Lets enjoy the realization of our dream
Unadulterated love will be there if we can

Love will bring us such special happiness
Throughout all the days we will be as one
Our hopes and all our dreams will be true
So much radiance in our lives will be done

Today and tomorrow I will love you my dear
With a passion that burns deep in my heart
Every day I long to be with there with you
Forever in love nothing can keep us apart

My Love With You

Once you have reached the summit
Once you have had the very best
The others are a distant memory
You are different from the rest

Your blue eyes are of sincerity
Your golden heart beats for me
Never again to be alone or lonely
Happiness in my life I will see

The future we will make plans for
We will build a home that is neat
With a white fence and pretty roses
And a welcome mat to wipe your feet

Our life together will be so happy
Every day will bring us more love
Some day we know this will happen
That day my love I will then prove

From The Heart

Your love is here
Safe in my heart
Never to leave
Never to part

Tell me today
Our love is strong
To hold you in my arms
Can never be wrong

We are in love
We ever will be
Me loving you
You loving me

I'll dream tonight
Of you my dear
Hoping some day
You will be here

Our love is sweet
Ever it will be
What I would give
To have you with me

Please Tell Me

Please tell me that you love me
Please tell me that you care
Please tell me I am yours alone
Please tell me we are a pair

Please tell me of your love
Please tell me it's for me
Please tell me these things
I beg you on bended knee

Please tell me that forever
I will be your sweetheart
Please tell me my darling
Please say we will never part

Please tell me how you want me
To be forever by your side
Please tell me sweet lovely lady
Always together stride by stride

copyright © 1999 By Acie

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