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Acies Poems 2

Elegant Lady

The most elegant lady in the world

is walking in my lady's shoes
and to everyone who knows her
it is a quality she will not lose

A bright smile caresses her face

lit up and highlited by blue eyes
her easy going loving nature
lifts our hearts up in the skys

the generosity she has shown us

has been known well by us all
our expectations have been exceeded
from that level she will never fall

yes she is a high quality lady

one who makes me happy to know
you see my heart goes with her
always and everywhere she does go

copyright © 1998 By Acie

The Taste Of Her Lips

The taste of her tender lips

have set my heart on fire
knowing she is in love with me
fulfills my wildest desire

why she fell in love with me

is something thatís hard to know
but I am eternally grateful
knowing how daily it does grow

beautiful is this lady of mine

so much like a full bloomed flower
every time I get to meet her
the whole day seems but an hour

she knows how very much I love her

because I tell her this every day
my darling your sweet tender lips
will always convince me to stay

Am I Wrong About Tomorrow

Am I wrong about tomorrow

well I very well could be
but I will never see it
it doesn't happen you see

Only today and yesterday

ever can be seen as right
you see today just changes
back to today at midnight

So lets use our todayís carefully

knowing tomorrow never show
yesterdays will never matter
in today our efforts should go

So darling love me this day

knowing tomorrow will never be here
and yesterday is a thing of the past
today is the only time we should care

The Blue In Her Eyes

The blue in her eyes tell a story

its a secret for only my eyes to see
how she fell in love with a stranger
she wonders how long this can be

She longs to be with her lover

and some day it very well may be
to have her love there with her
forever and ever no one but he

she saw him one day while out walking

and her heart went to him on that day
she will always be there for him only
and stay with him until time is gone away

A Life Tragedy

The daffodils are blooming now

beneath that old birch tree
it was there I cut our initials
in a heart for all the world to see

We were kids so young and in love

but we knew what we wanted back then
our love became so strong and happy
all set for a wonderful life to begin

Our first baby came in September

and joy overflowed our hearts
eighteen months and we had another
we knew we could never part

The years have gone past now

here in this lonely cell I am
smoking hemp and snortin coke
caused me to not give a damn

hearts are made to be broken

in love we all could be lost
using drugs is not the answer
we all seem to share in the cost

how many times must this happen

why do some not really care
is it just a sign of the times
stay off that poison if you dare

Cutting The Lawn

Pull tug tug what can I do

I can't get this thing to start
I guess I will get one at Sears
I hate the one at Walmart

Been trying now for a week

to battle this tall grass
but it just keeps growing
it will soon be a morasss

Could borrow my neighbors

but then I'd have to mow his too
I have enough trouble with mine
takes me 3 hours to get through

This old one has me getting mad

I pulled my back out starting it
and had to let it sit til now
this new one will help a bit

I watch the blades flying now

and never miss nary a spot
with my new Sears mower
my neighbors think I'm hot

It starts every time now

all the neighbors lawns I mow
now I hear them say to me
hey boy get that thing on the go

Her Auburn Hair

There is a hint of a sparkle

in her pretty auburn hair
When you see the wind blow it
You know she is without a care

Her long auburn hair is flowing

around her beautiful blushed face
her hopes and dreams will always be
looking for her sweet lovers place

The ribbons she ties in her lovely hair

are of a wide and varied hue
it makes that long auburn hair shine
how she does it I have not a clue

So now you know about her lovely hair

and all the joy that goes with it too
she is forever in love with this man
she will only tease someone like you

What A Beautiful Gift

what a beautiful gift she gave me

all of her love and her heart too
and since she has come in my life
our tender caring love has been true

the beauty of her lovely face

tells a tale so fine and clear
of wanting to ever be with me
and keeping our love always near

the gift we will share forever

never ever will it go away
but to stay with us forever
yes stay until our dying day

a gift of love is beyond discription

for true love is very hard to find
but our hopes and dreams will be
always and forever one of a kind

The Garden

In the garden we are surrounded with love

We hear the birds singing their lovely song
waiting and looking to be with their mate
knowing soon the baby bird will come along

we see the pansies and periwinkle so pretty

the beautiful rose in all its stunning beauty
we know that all the flowers and animals
were put on this earth and have their duty

The two most important creatures here today

are a man and a woman who are so much in love
they think and they wonder why they are here
all they need to do is just ask HIM up above

Their life will be simple, their tasks hard

their time spent together will be blessed
together forever they will be much in love
much more than anyone could have ever guessed

copyright © 1998 By Acie


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