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Life In Otway

I remenber my younger years in Otway Ohio
Life was so more sedate back in those days
Everyone was friendly and always said hello
This is how they were and that was their ways

I guess you could call it a sleepy little town
Not much ever happened to be in the news
Although people would talk about the fires
Three major fires and they were without clues

In the 1920's one burned most of the town
How it started I guess no one is really sure
Very few of the houses were left standing
But they built them back and a few more

In the 1940's a fire started in a restaurant
It was a total loss as was a store next door
A double fire wall saved Don Fosters store
Otway wouldn't be much like it was before

A fire also ravished the Otway grade school
This also was in years of the1940's I recall
With no school they used any room found
I remember music class was in the fire hall

Those 3 fires caused most of the excitement
I guess that this little town has ever known
Spending the biggest part of my young life
In Otway, you might say I am home grown

God And The Farmer

John was a very humble man
A farmer who plowed the sod
At times he would give pause
Wipe sweat and look to God

Lord, as he looked to the sky
I thank you for my family life
For the three children we have
Most of all for my loving wife

Lord to know is to love you
To you my heart is open wide
Yes my Lord you give comfort
I know you are ever by my side

Lord I must get on with my work
But you are always on my mind
I would love to talk all day long
But my work would get behind

Refreshed he goes back to work
It seems to be easier than before
He will finish three acres today
Feeling great he may plow more

With Perfection

We see the Sun rise in a cloudless morn
Beauty seen as another day has begun
Showing us a whole wide open expanse
For our eyes to see until the day is done

Marvelous scenes He made for us to see
From the highest mountain to a blue sea
To see the beauty of the Grand Canyon
Or Smoky Mountains down in Tennessee

With upmost perfection He made them
Could it be He gave a glimpse of Heaven
When He made all this beautiful scenery
With the change of seasons it will leaven

We will never know unless we get there
What He has prepared for all of us to see
Heaven I know will be everyones great joy
Listen to Him and believe, then it shall be

Heaven Isn't That Far

Tomorrow can be our vision of hope
Today should be a time of study for us
Knowing we live but for a short while
We must prepare today to meet Jesus

We know that eternity will be waiting
Heaven is there to welcome you home
Bring your heart to your loving Savior
Never ever let your love for God roam

Say a prayer today for those that are ill
Ask the Lord to bless them in some way
For those that are not as fortunate as you
For these people today you should pray

Every day count all of your blessings
Let Him know just how happy you are
Keep obeying all of His commandments
You will find that Heaven isn't that far


Wild goes my imagation at times
Dreaming of flying my own plane
Roaring off into a blue sky above
Fly like a madman who is insane

Wild thoughts enter my mind
Like winning a big lottery prize
Then buying a worthless ticket
That comes at no big surprise

Wild are my dreams of being rich
A butler and a maid are a must
But then I own an ordinary house
My car looks like a bucket of rust

Wild is this whole jumble of words
But wild is what I did write about
As I finish this wild and crazy poem
I think it is a way for me to copout

My Daily Prayer

Just to walk upon those streets of pure gold
Where my Lord and my Savior has long trod
Is the prayer that I ask of my Lord every day
Let me spend life up there with my loving God

There to see the angels playing their harps
Every day without clouds and no setting Sun
Walk on the white sands of the nearby river
There to know that my victory has been won

To put my arms around Him and feel the joy
Then to let my heart open wide with my love
What a beautiful thoughts I have of my Savior
In the wonderful home He has made up above

Lord let me know what I should do each day
To meet your excellence for thy Holy reward
Knowing you are our great Holy Redeemer
It is with reverence that I ask of you my Lord

Blessed Are These Children

Some of them are blind and cannot see
Others can neither walk or can they talk
These angels that we can quite often see
Are God's very special children of His flock

They are born different from the ordinary
Made fun of by the people that are unwise
Not dreaming that it could have been them
Or if one of their children, what a surprise

God made these babies as pure as gold
He has blessed them in a very special way
When life as an angel here on Earth is over
They go to Heaven, there to sing and to play

We knew one of these angels here on Earth
She had brought so much joy into our life
Today she is singing her songs up in Heaven
We so loved Mary who is a sister to my wife

No Uncertainty

If you seek Him then you will find Him
He will always be waiting there for you
When He speaks always listen to Him
Valuable lessons you can then accrue

Talk to Him, tell Him of your troubles
Ask Him how you can be a better man
He will tell you to follow His teachings
It is your way to Heaven it is God's plan

Abide with these things He tells you
As you are filled with love each day
Let not your heart ever be troubled
For He is the light and He is the way

Growing closer to our Lord and Savior
Will give you feelings never felt before
With His spirit uplifting your entire soul
There will be no uncertainty any more

God's Miracles

We watch a small acorn grow into a giant oak
Seeds as they grow into a field of waving grain
See a clear blue sky rising far beyond our sight
See that sky become clouded bringing us rain

Many miracles God has shown to us each day
Open your eyes look around and you shall see
Some of the many miracles that God bestows
From the giant redwoods down to a tiny baby

What a wonderful world He did make just for us
He created everything with His exacting perfection
From the blue oceans and all the winding rivers
Creating broad plains up to the tallest mountain

It is to Him that we owe everything we now have
Everlasting faith in Him should never be in doubt
Tell Him in your prayers how you feel about Him
Know when we go to Heaven you wont be left out

Aren't You So Happy

I look out and I can see that stormy sea
Look up and I can see clear blue skies
With all the beautiful things God made
Aren't you so happy He gave you eyes

As the violionist plays in a string band
With all the sweetness a person hears
Magic that he puts in all of the strings
Aren't you so happy He gave you ears

In an early Spring day we are refreshed
With the perfume of a fresh picked rose
So lovely is the fragrance they do give
Aren't you so happy he gave you a nose

Do you like to chew a juicy steak slowly
Never to hurry or eat it that meat in haste
Then savor each tiny morsel to its upmost
Aren't you so happy He gave to you taste

Have you ever hooked a big mouth Bass
Landed it but it's pull almost sent reeling
With the joy that occasion brought to you
Aren't you so happy He gave you feeling

copyright © 2007 By Acie

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