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If You Talk To Him

As we walked on the banks of the river
Things He told to me so I have learned
To spend eternity in that Heavenly City
Is not given to us for it must be earned

To earn my home up in Heaven above
He has said I must be faithful every day
To love and to obey all of His teachings
In my heart I must let these things stay

He talks to me about that beautiful City
Where some day we shall eternally live
He prepared this wonderful place for us
To go there undying love we must give

If you talk to Him. He will listen to you
Heed Him and you shall find that way
That will show you the steps to Heaven
I pray I will meet you up there one day

Weather In Southern Ohio

In the quiet of a cold December night
A silent snow has started to lightly fall
Morning may find snow on the ground
Could be half way up the garage wall

Inside the family sleeps without care
Not aware of what is going on outside
This is the time of winter's uncertainty
Dad keeps heavy boot at his bedside

As the alarm anounces its wakeup time
He stumbles over to the bathroom door
Peeping out of the frosted up window
He sees a snow that is a foot or more

Daybreak is clouded by the snowfall
But its to work he knows he must go
Carefully driving a slippery ten miles
Good thing he is driving a new auto

When the kids awake they are happy
No school today will they need to go
After a hearty breakfast they go outside
To ride their sleighs in the heavy snow

With this snowfall being so heavy now
His drive home will make him quite late
Still he loves the life in Southern Ohio
To him no other place is half as great

It is often said about Southern Ohio
If you don't like the weather wait awhile
It will change so many times in a day
One time it will put on your face a smile

His Immaculate Kingdom

In the quiet of this early morning
I listen as we are slowly walking
He smiles as we pass the Roses
I listen to Him as He is talking

Love the beauty and protect it
He said in a soft but stern way
With His hand on my shoulder
My son just listen to what I say

All plants and animals I created
For a purpose I put them on Earth
Although some might frighten you
Now know they all have their worth

Respect and honor my judgement
For this day I will say if to join me
There in My immaculate kingdom
In your heart you must be sin free

Go now and remember what I say
I have prepared this home for you
Give all your trust and love to Me
Your place I promise will come true

This Man Of God

It was an old well worn black Bible
One he carried it with him every day
At times when he walked to church
You could hear when he would pray

I can never remember him not there
In that little white church by the creek
Although he was very short in stature
His voice showed he was never meek

A man who's love for God flourished
His home in Heaven was on his mind
He had the spirit in his heart and soul
But it was at the pulpit that he shined

This man I knew back in my childhood
Suter Hoople was this nice man's name
Preaching every Sunday and Wednesday
Helping us find love of God was his aim

Suter has long departed from this Earth
His place up in Heaven he won years ago
Some day I will see him in that great city
On that day when up to Heaven I do go

Within These Walls

Today she sits in that old rocking chair
She forgot who he was some time ago
A happy couple for fifty years and more
With tears in his eyes he is ready to go

He goes home to an empty house now
No love can he find within these walls
So many happy years they spent here
Tonight he will walk these empty halls

A house bright with love and goodness
Is reduced to one that is dull and gray
Loneliness he now finds in every room
Its been like this since she went away

How he would love to relive that time
When they first started married life
He will never forget that wonderful day
When she became his beautiful wife

Tomorrow its back to the nursing home
Where grief will fill his heart once more
Alzheimers is what they call her sickness
Their life can never be like it was before

A Happy New Year

As the old year slides into oblivion
A new year will then take its place
Gone is the time but not memories
Some happenings we can't replace

New year starts like a new born baby
Uncertain but will soon start to grow
Events will be that are good and bad
It is so hard to tell how things will go

My choice would be to dodge Winter
Let the Spring start out my New Year
But I can't change any of the seasons
So I will have to keep my Winter gear

I can't make a change in the weather
But let me make this one thing clear
May joy fill your heart with goodness
As I wish everyone a happy New Year

This New Year

Tonight old man two thousand seven
Gives way to baby two thousand eight
Some will be watch the old year away
While others will not stay up that late

This New Year gives pause to wonder
Will things be any better than the last
Is it possible we see peace this Earth
Catastrophic events happen very fast

If looking through rose colored glasses
We could see a world full of perfection
Still we must be logical in our thoughts
Knowing the future will be so uncertain

May the new year bring you happiness
Don't let a devil cause you to be enticed
Trust only in the words of our Holy Savior
To know and love our Lord Jesus Christ


Another year has now passed on by
A new year is dawning this very day
Everything that happened last year
Has now been swept completely away

Hoping that no bad things befall you
May this year bring to you good health
Here is hoping all of your days be sunny
Would you know how to manage wealth

May you think about your future
Not just a few days that are ahead
Watch all the things that you speak
Knowing how all the rumors spread

Make this year a time of goodness
A time when you do commit to Him
You will find when He is in your heart
More love then you could ever fathom


With a light snow on the ground
A wind sends the snow swirling
We can see it blow from the roofs
Against the roads bank it is drifting

Chill factor is about zero I guess
Think I will stay in the house today
No reason to drive on icy the roads
Until the salt melts all the ice away

Wallyworld you can do without me
Gonna watch television all day long
Keep the furnace turned up a little
Staying in the house can't be wrong T

hese old bones can't stand the cold
Still I miss the being out in the snow
Fun we had in those long years ago
Gets me thinking where did time go

My Radio Flyer

Walking through the falling snow
On this cold and blustery Morning
I see some children up on the hill
Some sking others snow boarding

What fun the children are having
Youth will ever be served this way
Dreams of those long past years
Flash before my eyes on this day

I have this urge to get me a sled
Then climb to the top of that hill
Riding down with reckless speed
I can still remember that big thrill

Smiling I walk on down the path
Thinking of how it was back then
When I rode my old Radio Flyer
Fastest sled there has ever been

copyright © 2007 By Acie

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