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2007 Years Ago

Two thousand and seven years ago
A Baby was born in a manager of hay
Jesus Christ was the little Boy's name
Our Holy Savior that will save us today

As the world proclained this Holy birth
Many people gave their undying love
To a Baby who was born of Virgin Mary
Son of God, King of the Heaven above

Today we give thanks to His Holy Spirit
Believing in Him will wash your sins away
We know that He is the Prince of Peace
Bring Him into you heart, feel free today

Remember Dec. twenty five is His Birthday
Celebrate, have peace and joy in your heart
Give gifts, have friends in for a grand feast
Tell them He can give their life a new start

If You Met Him

If you met Him would you know what to say
Or would you turn from Him and walk away
Are you ashamed of the life you have led
I will forgive all your past sins, He has said

Study His teachings and then you will find
Love of our Lord will clear a troubled mind
If you can feel His presence in your heart
Spirit Of God and you shall never depart

If you will only let Him be in your life today
Walk the straight and narrow and never stray
My place up in Heaven is safe you will say
When it comes to that great judgment day

Our days are numbered on this place Earth
Have you proven to our Creator, your worth
Tomorrow will you drink from the Holy Grail
Or spend eternity elsewhere should you fail

Heaven, the ultmate place you can ever find
How to get there should ever be on your mind
Listen to Jesus for He will show you the way
To eternally live in Heaven when it is that day

This Holy Day

As we smell the scent of cooking Turkey
Pumpkin pie in the oven does now bake
Some other goodies now sit on the table
Centered by a delicious large spice cake

This is Christmas Day over at our house
Visitors will be welcome this blessed day
Never to forget the reason for celebration
It is for the Baby born in a manger of hay

Happiness will fill our house all the day
Exchanging gifts with excitement and joy
Socks and a tie will be great for the men
For each child there must be a new toy

Ladies are eagerly waiting for their gifts
Chanel number 9 will suit them just fine
As the day is ending friends have gone
On this most Holy day joy has been mine

His Lord And Savior

Many times he had walked past Him
He knew only His face not His name
Many were the times times he had sinned
But close to Him it was never the same

For he felt comfort when he saw Him
No visions of sin could he then see
Tranquility he could feel in his soul
It seemed that he was now sin free

Next time he saw Him walking alone
He stopped and did ask of this Man
Could you be my Lord and my Savior
Answering He said yes my son I am

He walks with a spring in his step now
Knowing what is right and what is wrong
Love that he has for his Lord and Savior
Is undying and will forever stay strong

You Must Decide

When the skies turn dark and the rains pour
Seek shelter find a safe place to to lie down
If you should fall into a rapidly raising stream
There is a very good chance you might drown

Do you sometimes have a sense of drowning
A feeling that everything in life has gone wrong
Have you searched for help with your problem
Do you feel weak when you want to be strong

Turn your eyes up to the sky toward Heaven
Seek the help that you have long looked for
He will listen to any and all of your problems
He will show you compassion and much more

For it is with love He will walk and talk with you
Just believe in Him, He will ever be by your side
For He is your only way to that Heavenly home
Remember my friend, it is you who must decide

It's Our Choice

It was long ago and very far away
A Child was born on a bed of hay
Three wise men came to greet him
A bright star had guided their way

They brought gifts to give that night
These men who came from the East
Knowing they would see this miracle
Their happiness they then released

Today we celebrate that Holy time
For the Son of God had been born
He is so loved by the many masses
But by few He is an object of scorn

If the few can rule and turn Him away
Our freedom to worship will not exist
Everything He has taught will be lost
How can we let our faith be dismissed

A Perfect Christmas Tree

As we had searched for the perfect Christmas Tree
Walking through a large forest on a December day
Many trees we saw that were nice, still not perfect
We were tired as we had walked a mighty long way

Suddenly it appeared about a hundred yards away
A perfect Douglas Fir standing about eight feet tall
We were so full of glee as we approached the tree
Under it we would have our gifts and for sister a doll

When we neared the tree we heard a bird sing
It was a song that gave us much joy in our heart
We then said we would listen to the bird's song
Before a harvest of this perfect tree would start

We waited I would guess at least an hour or two
As we sat on the leaves we listened to her song
Thinking it would be dark before too much longer
We would have to get our tree and move along

We wanted so badly to take this tree to our home
But to deprive this lovely bird of a place to perch
We knew we would have to come back tomorrow
For a perfect Christmas Tree we will again search

It Must Be Earned

As we walked on the banks of the river
A fact He told to me I have now learned
To spend eternity in that Heavenly City
Is not given to us for it must be earned

To earn my home up in Heaven above
He has said I must be faithful every day
To love and to obey all of His teachings
Another thing is every day I must pray

To dedicate my life to our loving Savior
I must atone for all the sins I have done
Confess for any and all evils in my life
When I do this my reward will be won

Then I can reach that Heavenly portal
Where my eternal life will then begin
Walk down those streets made of gold
To see my family and my friends again

My Thirty One Doctors

With new aches and pains every day
Each day I have to take fifty one pills
If I didn't have that medicare part D
How in the world would I pay my bills

I have had open heart surgery lately
After that I got a stent I guess to boot
With thirty one Drs billing to medicare
What the Drs bill they don't give a hoot

Now it is go back to all them Doctors
Some I know that I never saw before
With the gas prices going up higher
Just driving to the Drs makes me poor

I guess it don't matter if I have money
Wouldn't have time to spend it anyways
I kinda chuckle some of them months
Cause they don't have thirty one days

Years Of Bliss

Twenty nine years with you have passed by swiftly
So much happiness you have brought into my life
With fond rememberance I look back to that day
When we exchanged vows and you were my wife

Years have gone but it seems only a short time
Since we met on that bitterly frigid Winter day
You were so beautiful when my eyes saw you
Your beauty still shows brightly in every way

A wonder came into my life that day we met
Opened up my heart to you in a special way
Love that we have shared since our wedding
Will ever stay strong throughout every day

Happy Anniversary to my loving wife so dear
You have filled my life with so much happiness
May there be many more years to our union
To you I owe so much for these years of bliss

copyright © 2007 By Acie

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