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Shawnee Hills Baptist Church

These Shawnee Hills seem so peaceful
Nary a whisper of disbelief can be heard
Everything we hear is clear and precise
Sweet like the singing of the canary bird

As we visit this Shawnee Hills on Sunday
A feeling of great relief enters our soul
We hear beautiful singing by the children
It enlightens our heart and makes us whole

Friendly people are at the Shawnee Hills
Love there is pure, simple and so sweet
They gather together at The Shawnee Hills
With a wonderful greeting when they meet

If you are feeling down and despondent
There is something that you should know
You can be at peace with your life there
If to Shawnee Hills Baptist Church you go

Show A Me Miracle

If you show me a great miracle
I know it comes with much love
Granted by our blessed Saviour
Sent from His Heaven up above

Give Him a promise He will reply
Come to me have faith in what I say
You shall be with me up in Heaven
When I decide it is judgement day

Tell Him you love Him so dearly
Put a big smile on His Holy face
Obey all of His spoken teachings
Be invited to His eternal place

When this mortal life is passed
Can you say I will come to you
To meet God with compassion
He will know your love is true

Joy In My Heart

I can explain all this joy I have in my heart
It was put there by our good Lord up above
For it was He born in a manger that night
That has so filled the world with His love

He, who was born of the pure virgin Mary
That night in the small city of Bethlehem
Finding a barn that cool December night
Because there was not a room at the Inn

Hated by some, but was so loved by many
He was God's one and only chosen son
Jesus Christ was the name He was given
As He walked upon Earth, hearts He won

Crucified on a wooden cross on Calvary Hill
He suffered more than we could ever know
Put in a tomb when His breath went away
His arose and up to Heaven He did then go

It was His life on Earth that we know about
He has told us that there is a far better place
For me I am glad He has so filled my heart
May I forever be held in His eternal Grace

We Walk And Talk

It is a very soothing feeling I get
When my Lord and I have a talk
As we meet there in the garden
With Him it is with love we walk

He tells me of that eternal place
Where the days there never end
Peace and tranquilty there to see
A permanent place never for lend

Work hard I must to gain that land
Never let the devil enter in my mind
Tell my brothers and sisters of Him
To others always be gentle and kind

It is with some sadness I leave Him
However I know He is always near
I know I can rely on Him when I call
He has made that so perfectly clear

His Waterfalls

He stood beside the waterfalls
It was so pretty yet so powerful
Spray had made a big rainbow
Its colors bright and beautiful

Many years it took to make it
Or was it made by God's hand
Done in the twinkling of an eye
This spectacle that is so grand

Tons of water cascade down
To hit that bottom far below
Roaring waters raging down
Becoming a wonderful show

We know God had to make it
There could be no other way
He made everything we see
What else can anyone say

United Again

He fumbled with the knot in his tie
Knowing he hadn't tied it just right
He had always struggled with a tie
It was always too loose or too tight

When she was here she tied it
But now he has been left alone
Only time he can feel near her
Is when he sees her headstone

He must get ready for church
His old brown suit is so worn
He sewed a patch on the coat
Getting out of the car it was torn

Oh he knows they will laugh
But he could care less today
He was still going to church
After all this day is a Sunday

He still feels very close to God
Knowing she waits for that day
When they will be united again
He knows that is not far away

Call It Christmas Day

When our stores call it holiday season
Are they denying the birth of our Lord
If all of the people would stick together
The cost to them, they couldn't afford

Walmart, do you hear what we mean
Lowes, do you want to sell your wares
Kmart, not only will your light be blue
Target, we will show you that we care

Sears, better get all your ads straight
Sam's Club, we are still watching you
Keep your eyes open to these stores
It's time they all got this season true

Listen to me stores, can't you hear
It is Christmas, do you know or care
You better change your way today
If it is our money you want a share

A Baby, Who was born in a manger
He will take eveyone of your sins away
Why can't you see why we want you
To call His birthday Christmas Day

Shopping Then And Now

We hear the Salvation Army bells ringing
As we walk along with the busy shoppers
Some will be looking for toys and games
Tags seen on some toys are real shockers

Four or five hundred dollars seen on some
Shows me how old I am this shopping day
A couple of bucks was the price back then
When a gift was bought for a child to play

I think we were happier back in those days
Than children who get expensive gifts today
We would treasure and take care of ours
Today its play a while and then put it away

Differences you can bet that it certainly is
Back when I was a kid we lived day to day
Money was hard to come by for my folks
Today with a plastic card is how they pay

Feel The Reason

May there be joy this Christmas season
As this sacred time of year rolls around
Let there be peace come in your hearts
Feel the excitement that will surround

Think of the reason for this great season
Know it was He that was born that night
This son of God in all of His great Glory
A Baby born for all goodness and right

For all of those that don't believe in Him
Look around and see all the great things
All made by God's hand in just six days
It is for you that goodness should bring

May you pray for all those less fortunate
Remember that not everyone is like you
Be kind to all the people you meet today
Speak with a pure heart, always be true

It Is For Him

Carolers were singing at the big mall
Shoppers were busy buying the toys
Twinkling lights on the Christmas tree
Were adored by all the girls and boys

It is time to be filled with good cheer
Greetings to all of those that we meet
It's time for the celebration of that day
When Baby Jesus they did first greet

Christmas is a time that we celebrate
His birth in Bethlehem that dark night
In a rustic manger our Lord was born
A star up in the sky shined so bright

So it is for Him we have a Christmas
To show Him our hearts are full of love
Knowing He is the Prince of all Princes
Reigning up in beautiful Heaven above

copyright © 2007 By Acie

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