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Years Of Bliss

Twenty nine years with you have passed by swiftly
So much happiness you have brought into my life
With fond rememberance I look back to that day
When we exchanged vows and you were my wife

Years have gone but it seems only a short time
Since we met on that bitterly frigid Winter day
You were so beautiful when my eyes saw you
Your beauty still shows brightly in every way

A wonder came into my life that day we met
Opened up my heart to you in a special way
Love that we have shared since our wedding
Will ever stay strong throughout every day

Happy Anniversary to my loving wife so dear
You have filled my life with so much happiness
May there be many more years to our union
To you I owe so much for these years of bliss

Post Thanksgiving

Now that Thanksgiving is over and done
All of our company has all left and gone
Leftovers will fill our plates for a few days
Forget the rigid diet that we were once on

But the joy of having the nice people visit
Fills my heart with joy and causes a smile
Knowing that we will see them at Christmas
Which we will be seeing in just a little while

I find their visiting lifts my heart with comfort
Good friends together sure makes your day
When we sat down at that food filled table
Eating too much knowing later we would pay

Isn't this what the Holiday season is about
To share the friendship we know and love
May your season be filled with happiness
Christmas is named for the Man up above

Late Night Blues

In those early morming hours
When most people are asleep
You can see the screen lite up
On a keyboard some will keep

Yes some will be chatting there
Others will just surf the internet
Some will be gambling for real
Looking for a place to lay a bet

I guess some will be writting
Maybe they will publish a book
If it has a very interesting story
I would like to take a quick look

I will say to the keyboard jockeys
I know it is time to go to sleep
Rest your old blood shot eyes
Overnight everything will keep

Ah Yes Shopping

With the stores crowded at the mall
We see that time of year once again
With all of the hustle and bustle seen
Some see shopping as one big pain

Going down the aisle with your cart
Finding you you can't go on through
Two people are having a conversation
They wont move but just glare at you

This is some of the joys of shopping
Dodge that erratic child shoved cart
Find that one item you came in for
Has been moved so where do I start

Go shopping for a dollar costing item
Wind up spending a hundred or two
Some of the happy days of shopping
Doesn't this always happen to you

The Same Day

As the snowflakes fall from the gray sky
We know Winter will soon be on its way
Fingers of frost were seen this morning
On our auto sitting out in the driveway

Cold it will be tonight they have said
Gonna grab me a chair and stay inside
Watch a movie or perhaps two on the TV
Maybe snooze a bit here by the fireside

Dreams of joy flow through the kids mind
As they see the snow stick to the ground
Knowing if it gets deep enough tonight
No school and they will be home bound

Workers will grimice, they have to work
To drive down that slick and icy roadway
Not knowing what confronts them ahead
It's two ways of looking at the same day

One Christmas Eve

Along the street he saw the swirling snow
Long ago he lost his home and everything
As he looks for a shelter from the cold night
Down the street he hears the carolers sing

Attracted by the beautiful songs they sing
He slowly makes his way down the street
A voice he heard as he was walking along
Saying there is someone you should meet

Directed by that voice he saw the Mission
Inside was heat and perhaps a soft bed
He knew he hadn't bathed for some while
To enter that door he had a doubtful dread

Still he was cold and hadn't a bite to eat
Up the steps to the Mission he slowly went
This feeling of shame then came over him
He an old man who was broken and bent

Inside the Mission he heard the voice again
Asking him if he knew it was Christmas Eve
Shaking his aged head with a negative reply
He was then asked if in God did he believe

Today he is the minister at the old Mission
God entered his heart that Christmas eve
He had a rebirth on that bitterly cold night
It was the spirit of the Lord he did receive

A Snowy Day

With silver dollar size snowflakes falling
It seems old man Winter has now arrived
With all of the schools closing for the day
We wonder how us older people survived

Going to school with the snow knee deep
If the bus couldn't run we would then walk
Steam would curl from our nose and mouth
Evertime we would open our mouth to talk

I smile as I think of those times long ago
Of the kind things we would have to play
Computers weren't even known back then
A homemade checkerboard passed our day

With white buttons for red dark ones black
We enjoyed as much as a store bought one
Back then we found so many games to play
Each one was bound bring us kids some fun

A Time To Reminisce

With the peaceful glow of a setting Sun
It's a perfect time to think and reminisce
About the many things He has given us
Filling our hearts full of Heavenly bliss

If we will only look around us we can see
Wonders He put on this Earth long ago
He made everything to total prefection
Not making these things just for show

When He created a man and a woman
In His own image did He make them be
Just think and you will know the reason
Open your eyes and then you will see

If you love Him and heed His teachings
It is to a much better place you will go
As you depart your mortal life on Earth
Just listen His teachings will tell you so

Christmas Eve

It was snowing very hard late in December
Several inches were laying on the ground
It was so frigid with the wind blowing hard
Not any landmarks was there to be found

Long since had Santa's old pipe gone out
Snow had filled it to the rim and much more
Santa pulled his cap down as far as he could
Just able to see as snow continued to pour

As I was lying in my bed I was fast asleep
I woke up to hear this thunp upon my roof
I began wondering what made such noise
It might just be caused by a reindeer hoof

Next morning I went down stairs to see
If anything was under our Christmas tree
Presents galore there I found there for me
Still I wondered what that noise might be

I went outside and I looked upon the roof
Near the chimney I saw snow kicked about
I have heard Santa came down the chimney
Seeing my roof now it leaves me no doubt

Old Bill

Lord I don't know if you remember me
Everyone around here calls me old Bill
We met just a little over six months ago
Beside that grave up on cemetery hill

I have been thinking since we talked
How you said I could again see my wife
But first I must straighten things up here
If I was to see her in that eternal life

Lord you know I will need a little help
I have never thought about this before
I just don't know how or where to start
But I want to enter Heaven's great door

On my knees I now beg of you my Lord
Cleanse this sinner soul make me clean
Let me enter your house on my dying day
I will worship you forever is what I mean

copyright © 2007 By Acie

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