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A Late October Night

It was a ghoulish night in late October
Witches brewing mischief in their pots
Bats hanging in the caves upside down
Ghosts and goblins hatching sinister plots

Over by the graveyard an old Owl hooted
Banshees were wailing their mornful song
It was one of those terrible dreadful nights
Fear within this Heart was growing strong

With weak legs I stumbled past the castle
Eerie sounds I heard coming from within
Was it just the wind blowing in the trees
Or imagination of what it might have been

As this sinister figure appeared before me
This loud thump I heard inside my chest
I then hit that figure with my balled up fist
Now wait a minute I want to tell you the rest

Next day I did see him, he the village drunk
He had a big knot on his old pumpkin head
He said someone hit him so hard last night
This morning he should have woke up dead

Now that is the end of this Halloween story
I hope it filled your mind with so much fright
That you will remember to stay at your home
No tricks or treats on this late October night


As the Sun shines through the half bare trees
To melt a heavy frost we can see on the grass
We are reminded colder weather is on its way
With sadness we see the Autumn season pass

Baseball bats and gloves have been replaced
By the sounds of a punter kicking his football
On the gridiron a Friday night game is played
You can hear a moan with every officials call

Others have moved inside to play their game
We see bouncing balls hit the hardwood floor
Hear crowds erupt with their wild enthusiasm
Their team steals the ball and makes a score

For every season there is a game to be played
But the game of life is most important to us all
A great reward awaits the winners of this game
Given on the day we hear the voice of God call


As a cool breeze blows this November day
Seems we were in Summer just yesterday
Time spins on its relentlessly way forward
Never stopping no matter whats in its way

Twenty four hours is all we can get in a day
Not one second less, not one minute more
It is very precise in what the clock will show
As the sands of time does continue to pour

Some days seem to be longer than others
Maybe it could be the way of time we use
Hours of daylight and of darkness enter in
How tract of time we might sometime lose

Not knowing how many days is in a lifetime
For some they are few but others have many
Make the best of the days He has given you
You will find the joy in all days will be plenty

Sad Isn't It

To many of the kids they were their hero years ago
Babe, Joe D, Teddy Ballgame and so many others
Remember Stan the Man he was a St Louis landmark
Pops Stargill, Al Oliver and Roberto, Pirate brothers

We know the men were true heros of those days
No steroids did they need to help with their game
Today with doubt clouding the entire sports world
Somehow to me the player are just not the same

Oh I know I should never judge without the proof
But it seems that some players aren't playing fair
Boosting up their body strength with shots of junk
Seems the sports world is in a state of disrepair

What do we expect from the kids growing up now
When an official can control and bet on the game
A player can shoot up and become a super star
Tell me if you can just who in the world is to blame

To Be Free

Stand up and be counted friends of the USA
Show your true colors if you are an ally to thee
Not one fake do we want to see as a pretender
Don't try to fool this land that's home of the free

Don't envy this great Nation of the United States
Join in with us to bring freedom the world around
Throw off the shackles of the bondage you have
You will soon find that you are freedom bound

We will fight with all of our strength for freedom
For once you are free then you will know the way
To live in a country that allows you to travel about
Without restrictions to go anywhere on any day

Our forefathers fought hard to build this nation
Some worked in city factories others plowed sod
They worked hard for all the things we now have
Always giving their thanks to our protecting God

His Perfection Shows

Hear those winds blowing through the pines
Making sounds that can sooth a body's soul
Peaceful feelings fill the air this perfect day
It is days like this that makes a person whole

Knowing these sounds were created by Him
Makes me think and realize His awsome might
Creating everything in this world in just six days
Even things that are far past this mortal's sight

With perfection He put all things in their place
With a mixture of both land and water He made
A place for plants and animals to thrive and grow
Making all the grasses down to every single blade

Think my friend these things just didn't happen
They were drawn up according to His master plan
Realize what knowing Him and believing His word
Will do when we meet this loving Heavenly Man

Thats Life

There once was a frog
She was sitting on a log
Watching her pollywog
Along came a big gator
That gater then ate her
That was the end of the frog
But not the pollywog

When We Meet

Some day my friend I will meet you
As we walk on that Golden Strand
Face to face we will meet up there
Hear music from a Heavenly band

Wash our feet in that beautiful river
That flows so clean and is so clear
We walk to the center of that river
For there we will have not any fear

Fragrance of the flowers is gentle
Like the finest perfume ever made
There to see the sun ever shining
Where light of day will never fade

My friend when we have our meeting
Where streets are paved with gold
We will realize it is worth the effort
To abide by the words that He told

The Old Catalog

I would read the Sears and Robeck catalog
When I sat down on that hard wooden seat
With the breeze blowing through the boards
I shivered in the winter from the lack of heat

Summertime was so much different though
Yellowjackets and wasps would build a nest
Muddabbers would fly in by the hundreds
While I wanted to read that catalog and rest

Days of rain drove the flies to the outhouse
Sometimes we would give those flies a swat
With the catalog rolled up to make a swatter
I sure could kill lots of them when I was hot

Too bad the days of the outhouse are over
These days we throw the old catalog away
You know sometimes I do miss those times
But not on one that's is a cold snowy day

Holliday Greetings

As the Sun peeks through a snow filled cloud
We feel much happiness for this blessed day
Soon the table will be filled with bowls of food
Platters of meat, pies and cake will there lay

Pleasures of seeing our friends as they arrive
Shaking hands and some will give a big hug
Many of them we haven't seen in quite a while
I see one has a new baby thats cute as a bug

We will then give thanks to our great Creator
As many of our of friends sit down at the table
It is the time for us to show Him our gratitude
Knowing He is real and not a madeup fable

Thanksgiving is the start of the Holiday season
May each and every heart be filled by this year
Knowing that in just a month we will celebrate
A Christmas day that will be full of good cheer

copyright © 2007 By Acie

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