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It's A Shame No Game

As the long hot Summer still lingers
Without much rain the forests are dry
A lit cigarette from a careless smoker
Send plumes of smoke up in the sky

Without our internet, cable, or phone
With only a radio to keep us informed
Fire has melted their fiber optics cable
Now it hangs dangling and deformed

Thank goodness for those two for five
We bought at Walmarts sometime ago
As we watch those movies on the discs
They are the only thing my TV will show

Three thirty this afternoon OSU is to play
Was to be first time on our cable this year
With their repairs so slow and uncertain
Sadly another one we will miss it's clear

My neighbor has Dish Network to watch
No freezing of the Big Ten Network there
Time Warner tells us that Big 10 is unfair
But is it fair to us keeping them off the air

Summer's End

A cool breeze has broken the hot spell
Summer is now a thought of yesterday
Trees are so dry their leaves lack color
Many have fallen, in piles they now lay

Rain we haven't seen in quite a while
With little color most leaves are Brown
They have become so dry on the tree
A light wind makes them flutter down

With a danger of forest fires looming
Lit cigarettes can be quite a danger
Get caught smoking in the dry forest
You will hear the wrath of a ranger

Lots of rain is woefully needed now
Our watertable is twelve inches low
Today we can look for a thunderstorm
WSAZ's Marina Jurica has told me so

A Season Hard To Beat

With this cool end of September night
Sounds of Crickets no longer fill the air
It is so quiet without their loud chirping
In Summer they are heard everywhere

Summertime has now passed and gone
Autumn's returned as it does each year
Gone is all that hot and muggy weather
We feel cooler days and nights are here

It is time for a farmers to reap his crops
Soy beans and corn stand in the field
He must harvest them before too long
He hopes this crop gives a good yield

Days find the doors wide open to cool
Airconditioning will soon switch to heat
Most people love this time of the year
We find that it's a season hard to beat

Wonderful October

Magnificence of a early October Sunrise
Is seen on this clear cool start of the day
As a bright Sun peeks over a distant hill
We know that daylight is soon on its way

October is time for harvest of the crops
Last vestige of vegetables to be gleaned
Frozen or canned for a long cold Winter
After they have been sorted and cleaned

With the cool of night and warmth of day
We have seen Summer come to its end
So nice is this weather we are now having
Our days and nights are the perfect blend

October holds many wonderful occasions
From it's start to the end and in between
Beautiful leaves are changing their color
Children will trick or treat on Halloween

Happy I Made It

If the older years are the Golden years
Someone pass me the tarnish remover
With the ills and spills that seem daily
It is amazing how we can ever recover

Beating a path to the bath every night
Is easier than to depend on Depends
Waking up when the old rooster crows
Happy that the long night finally ends

Wearing a bib when eating at restaurant
Trying to keep the food off from the floor
Why when after your first sip of coffee
Does the waitress ask if you want more

I hear creaking bones with every step
Back feels like it was hit with a hammer
Golden years might be for some people
To others these years are just a bummer

Fall Weather

In this chill of an early Autumn
We feel Summer drifting away
Nights now down in the forties
Highs are sixty during the day

Gone is the heat we suffered
Sleep comes easier each night
With a window slightly raised
My blanket makes it just right

A few days ago air conditioners
Last night we had on the heat
Don't you just love this time
To me it is really hard to beat

With Indian Summer to come
Some warm weather we will see
Then to fade into colder times
Too soon Winter time it will be

That Gloomy Night

As a dank gloomy day turns into night
Darkness brings blindness to the eyes
Overhead whirring noises can be heard
Could it be witches filling the dark skies

In the distance a low moan can be heard
Filling our hearts with this dreadful fright
For we must still pass by that graveyard
Walking alone on this dark October night

A shrill scream raises the hair on my neck
As a screech owl flies from his lofty perch
As my legs turn as weak as a bowl of jello
I can't see my way now I can only search

A light can be seen and it does guide me
Down the road past that haunted house
With my heart thumping inside my chest
I make less noise than a small gray mouse

This night is one I shall never ever forget
From this night and all that are in between
In the next year I must remember this night
Because most everyone calls it Halloween

That Beautiful City

When this Earthly life is over and done
To that beautiful Eternal City we will go
It's there we will see our Lord and Savior
A smile on our face we will clearly show

It is love we can feel as we enter that city
Angels are heard with their lovely singing
With a clear Blue sky to show us the way
Up on high where our Master is reigning

There to see beauty never seen on Earth
Colors that we have never even thought
This land is picture perfect in its setting
But remember this land can't be bought

Be not concerned nor have fear of death
For He will give to you a new beginning
If you believe and follow his teachings
He will give you a life that has no ending

Color Of The Trees

On this cool Sunday morning in mid October
Hills of Southern Ohio are a picture of delight
God has painted the leaves on the trees here
With the colors that are both vivid and bright

Atop the hill just West of my home I can see
Flaming Red leaves on that large Maple Tree
Burnt Orange, Deep Purple, and Pale Yellows
Are some colors He has made for you and me

As the Sun shines through the tall tree tops
A glow of colors seem to reach up into the sky
Tho it was thought there would be little color
Because of the hot Summer that was so dry

Beautiful are the hills we have here in Ohio
Kentucky and West Virginia have colors too
How lucky we are to live in the Tri State area
To enjoy the colors each year as they renew

That Dark Night

It was a dark and windy night in late October
Shutters squeaked as they hit that old shack
Down that dusty road I was walking that night
Scared that a ghost might jump upon my back

With a heart pounding hard inside my chest
I could almost feel boney fingers on my neck
Although I tried to hurry past that old house
Slow feet made me a completely total wreck

I then heard a whoo from a tree in that yard
My feet suddenly reacted and then came alive
I was running past the scary house so fast
I think my feet must have been in overdrive

A good lesson was learned that October night
Never again will I go by that old shack at night
I don't care if it was a night called Halloween
Because I almost died from that terrible fright

copyright © 2007 By Acie

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