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The Old Orchard

As a young boy I worked in Henley orchard
I picked the dropped apples off the ground
They would grind them in the apple grinder
Producing the finest cider you ever found

Days we all would sample that good cider
Mulling Cider made with spices so very fine
With that baloney sandwich in my lunchbox
It was hard for me to wait until noon to dine

A quarter an hour was the pay back then
Not much but good pay for this young lad
Getting that ten dollars at end of the week
Gave me the most money that I ever had

Those days have long past but still recalled
Happy times when simple things were great
I would love to go back and make some cider
But the apple orchard is gone so it's too late

My Hills

Puffy white clouds ride high in a blue sky
A light wind causes the tall pines to sway
Beautiful are the rolling Green hills I see
Feels as if I am standing in paradise today

In these hills I have lived for my lifetime
Seeing all the beauty nature has to give
Colorful flowers we can see in the spring
Autumn it is a colorful show they do live

These hills once roamed by the Indians
Evidence of where they lived still shows
Arrowheads have been found by many
Arrows that were shot by the long bows

These hills seem so peaceful and quiet
Still there are many animals living here
We see Squirrels that eat Hickory nuts
There are wild Turkeys and many Deer

It is my choice to live among these hills
So a big city would never be right for me
Let me walk through this place in History
These hills where the air is fresh and free

A September Rain

Softly falls this needed September rain
Chasing away the hot days of Summer
With these hot and dry days now past
July and August have been a bummer

Grasses on our lawns no longer exist
All we see is a blanket of dirty Brown
Worse than we see in the wintertime
Needed is a lot of rain to pour down

Even the trees show a lack of water
Some leaves are now on the ground
I walked in the forest a few days ago
Each step made a crunching sound

Soon the nights will be much cooler
With a raised window we will sleep
Autumn will soon be coming our way
A season many wish they could keep

Walking In The Forest

I walk through the forest and I see
Acorns hanging on an old oak tree
A bird sings up in the tree so high
Its limbs reaching out into the sky

Squirrels climb up a Hickory tree
They are trying to hide from me
I watch as they crawl very slow
They have no other place to go

A crow flies high up in a blue sky
He heads North and I know why
There is a field of unpicked corn
Losses for an old farmer to mourn

Spend a day in the forest and see
What He has made for you and me
Walk softly or animals you will scare
With them this forest we must share

A Day To Reminisce

On this cloudy and cool September morn
It feels as though rain is not too far away
As the parched lawns and fields need it
We would hope the rain lasts all the day

A Summer that has been so hot and dry
Soon will be coming to a relief filled end
As our nights are becoming a bit longer
More time in the house the kids spend

With pumpkins now at our local market
We know halloween wont be far behind
Time enjoyed by neighborhood children
To them everyone is generous and kind

In their plastic sacks they carry goodies
Apples and the candies they get galore
Some of the houses have better treats
Some will go back and get a few more

These days fade and are gone forever
Some that will live forever in our mind
A special person or even a rare event
In our memorey they certainly do bind

A Cool September Morn

On this beautiful cool mid September morn
Some fleecy white clouds are flying up high
Its a prelude to the coming Autumn season
Time to wave this long hot Summer goodby

A tinge of color is now showing in the trees
Early this year because it has been so dry
Normally this means a lack of good colors
Some of the leaves will turn Brown and die

Still there will be some beauty in these hills
Although pretty rich colors we may not see
With some trees withstanding this drought
They will have the colors as they should be

Soon we will take a drive in Shawnee Forest
To see what Mother Nature will have in store
She will never disappoint us with her mantle
We will see many animals and much more

Seasons Of Beauty

On a cool mid September morning
With not one breath of wind to feel
As I drink in the start of another day
My feelings are so genuine and real

Knowing Who has put this all here
Makes me appreciate it even more
Seeing all the beauty He has made
Just outside of my living room door

Flower beds are under the window
Many beautiful plants are growing
Multi colored Mums are my favorite
When their lovely bloom is showing

If we look we can find beauty anytime
Be it Spring or the start of Wintertime
Even the drifts of snow can be pretty
Any season shows us things sublime

Beautiful Seasons

Walking on a wooded trail this September day
With air that is clean and the sky crystal clear
It gives a feeling of spiritual uplifting as I walk
With a feeling of comfort as though He is near

I look at the leaves as they are starting to turn
Feel the cooling breezes blowing on my face
It is a time of beauty but sadness in my heart
All of this beauty bareness soon will replace

Seasons don't last the way some would like
Each person has a preference it would seem
Since they can't live one season all the year
They spend nine months in a wishful dream

I can find beauty in each of the four seasons
From the beautiful flowers in an early Spring
Summer gives us vegetables, fall the leaves
Wintertime with the snow its beauty will bring

Forest Fires

Billows of smoke raise from the hilltop
A fire is consuming the dry forest floor
An odor is choking the clear air today
How much of this do we have in store

Downed trees lie from that ice storm
That hit in Feb Two Thousand Three
Has made a tinderbox of this forest
Danger lirks far as the eye can see

Those fighting the fires are in danger
If the fire should alter it's way or path
A sudden puff of an unfriendly wind
Makes the firefighters feel it's wrath

With no rain in the forseeable future
Alertness is the word we must know
What is needed by us is a downpour
Danger of forest fires then will be low

Doctor Who

Although you can't see any rust
There are potmarks on this skin
Like an auto in need of a repair
I go to the Drs again and again

Replace the knees one Dr did
Another said open up his heart
I have two appointments today
Wondering how they will start

I did get my heart overhauled
Had that done in middle of May
Infection got into my right thigh
Got to be something every day

If your lower back wears out
Which Dr renews them things
Arthritis is wearing the joints
Medicine makes my ears ring

If your gas tank is now empty
I can give you a bunch of mine
Maybe it is something I did eat
Probably is a pretty good sign

Bones seem to creak and groan
Have to get them greased soon
Body needs to get a lot of work
I really need to get it all in tune

copyright © 2007 By Acie

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