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Waiting For Autumn

With days of Summer passing swiftly
We look forward to some cooler days
With little rain for the past few weeks
It's so dry the Sun emits hotter rays

Early days of September are with us
Still it seems like Summer is still here
With days nearly hot as one hundred
Who would think Autumn time is near

With a desert like atmosphere over us
Lawns have turned into a nasty brown
Only an occasional weed we see grow
Not a mower do we see running now

Staying inside an airconditioned home
Is the only way we can stand this heat
I know Autumn will soon come our way
It's a season that is really hard to beat

Moms Favorite Day

Soon the church bells will ring
On this bright Sunday morning
Batter hurry to get ready to go
Ten will be here without warning

I'll make sure to scrub my face
Put on all of my Sunday best
Load up our Ford automobile
With mom and all of the rest

To hear our favorite preacher
Is worth all the effort we make
His voice is filled with sincerity
You always know it is not fake

After the service is concluded
To our favorite restaurant we go
We will wait until we get a table
Cause we love fried chicken so

With no dishes for her to wash
Mom gets a little rest this day
We will take the kids to the park
Relaxing while all our kids play

It's Hot

Big puffy white clouds are floating
Up there in the warm summer sky
Without any breeze to cool the air
Makes the temperature go up high

Mid August and the lawns are dry
Any rain seems to be so far away
It gets so hot during the day time
Yet in practice footballers still play

School has started in many places
Yet the Summer wants to hang on
Guess we shouldn't be complaining
It wont be too long until it is all gone

I suppose I should enjoy this heat
In my airconditioned house it is cool
My riding lawn tractor has blown up
To use the push mower I'd be a fool

So I ride out these hot humid days
Look forward to the time I see fall
Then when it comes to Wintertime
I will think it wasn't all that hot at all

Tree In A storm

With her limbs violently flailing
She tries to withstand the wind
Growing on this hill many years
She has so many limbs to mend

Her small leaves first blow away
Soon the larger ones will follow
Blown by this very strong wind
They will land over in the hollow

She watches as her sister trees
Are beginning to bend and sway
She feels her roots start to loosen
Now afraid she will be blown away

A ray of Sunshine she now sees
There is now hope for a new day
She will grow back broken limbs
Now that this storm moved away

Listen To Him

Seek not the easy kind of life
For we know it is not His way
Walk the straight and narrow
Then join Him one bright day

His is the right way to follow
He will show us its that way
Never doubt what he tells you
Listen to what He has to say

For today you will need Him
To guide you along that path
Feel the goodness in His heart
Follow Him and feel no wrath

If tomorrow He calls for you
Be sure you are ready to go
To that land we call Heaven
Not a place far down below

My Prayer

Will you tell me Lord what must I do
To be the man Thou wants me to be
If tomorrow my time here should end
Have I done enough to be with Thee

Although I have done things wrong
Forgiveness is the prayer I now ask
As I try to atone for all my past sins
Show me if I have finished that task

It is with my upmost thoughts I try
To have a life Thee wants me to live
For all the times that I am tempted
Strength to me Ye will always give

I try not compare myself with others
For they have their burdens to bear
It is Thee loving arms that I now seek
So I live eternally in Thy loving care

This Day

Pink lacey clouds greet the dawn
A perfect painting to start the day
His hands shows us the perfection
Crafting all things in His own way

Day starts with beauty abounding
A lovely Red Rose catches our eye
A gentle breeze blows on our face
We can see the leaves waving high

Its time for us to reflect on our lives
Think of all the goodness He gives
He created everything in this world
For without Him nothing then lives

Give the praise to our loving Savior
Let Him know your feelings today
Thank Him for blessing your family
Tonight as on your knees you pray

End Of Summer

Soon the long hot days of Summer will pass
As September brings cooler weather our way
Autumn is a very lovely time seen in our hills
Nice weather we will have almost every day

September brings the end to summer season
We will see most pools closed by Labor day
But some people will keep them open longer
They are so much braver than me I must say

Schools are open with children back in class
To some the vacation went by much too fast
Boys are glad that football season is starting
After all the hot grueling practice is now past

Autumn will bring a special time of the year
Crops will be harvested for our winter larder
Not satisfied with this years lower crop yield
Next year the farmers will work much harder

Soon Mother Nature puts her flowers to sleep
For the growing season has come to its end
This is the time we should give to Him thanks
For all the wonderful blessings He did send

Our Southern Ohio Hills

Looking at these lovely Southern Ohio Hills
I wonder how long they have been this way
Some say it was a glacier that formed them
But it was God who molded them one day

Bordered on the South by the Ohio River
Whose Southern shore touches Kentucky
Many people drive miles to see these hills
People that live here know they are lucky

Visitors know in the Autumn time of the year
These hills will come alive in all their beauty
With all of the leaves changing their colors
It looks like it's painted art instead of reality

In my seventy six years spent here on Earth
Many places of beauty these eyes have seen
But I love these beautiful Southern Ohio hills
Be it with Autumn's color or in Spring's Green

My Love For Him

If tomorrow my eyes should see Him
His vision would be blurred with tears
Happiness would be mine then forever
As He allays all of these Earthly fears

His voice I know will be ever so gentle
When He says welcome, come on in
For these many years spent on Earth
I have had to battle those many sins

To walk those golden streets with Him
Side by side it will make me so proud
Feeling the outstanding love He gives
I feel as though I float on a soft cloud

That great tomorrow will be here soon
I want to be ready when it is time to go
What a blessed event I will see then
As my love for Him continues to grow

copyright © 2007 By Acie

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