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My Heart Attack

Walking down through the valley of death
Boney fingers of the grim reaper I did see
Deep throbs of pain I felt inside my chest
Wondering if this was to be the end for me

First I was taken to Scioto Memorial Hospital
I was told this kind of an operation we can't do
Then I was taken to Kings Daughters Hospital
By one of Life ambulances and its fine crew

Dr Nores and his well trained surgerical team
Opened my chest to see what they could do
They found four blocked arteries the problem
Caused from a high cholesterol mess of goo

It is to this surgical team I thank so very much
But I also must thank my Lord and Master too
If not for Him guiding Dr Nores skillful hands
My life on this Earth would have been through

My Heart Thanks You

Magical hands were shown on that day
As I was wheeled into that room so bright
This team that worked in perfect harmony
Certainly doing everything well and right

With skill was that scalpel then guided
Removing arteries that were to be used
Replacing blocked and damaged ones
That had these many years been abused

How little we seem to realize the dangers
Puffing on cigarettes or having beer to drink
To many people this seems to be so natural
They poision their body and don't even think

I had given up the smoking and the drinking
More than twenty years have now gone past
Thinking the damage I had done was healed
But I now realize it is for a lifetime it will last

I give thanks to Dr Nores and his great team
Perhaps much more than they will ever know
For they gave to me more time on this Earth
To still be with all of the people that I love so

His Plan For Me

I was on my way up to Heaven
When He sent me back down
Saying my child you must wait
Before you can gain your crown

I have a plan for you on Earth
What it is you must wait to see
You will find it brings happiness
Not only to you but also to Me

But go now and do My bidding
Believe what I tell you this day
Let this spirit fill up your heart
Listen to the words I have to say

Bring good to those you meet
Tell them what I have said to you
Let them know all about My place
Far up where it is Heavenly Blue

As I Think Back

Walking down that old familar pathway
Where I strolled those many years ago
Memories flood my mind of yesterdays
Where in the world did all the time go

As a youth our fun days lasted forever
But childhood slipped by much too fast
Reliving those carefree and happy days
I reclaim those days that are long past

As I go back to those days so long ago
A feeling of warmth over floods my being
Clearly forgotten dreams come to my mind
It is back to another age I am now seeing

How great are these thoughts of the past
Some make us laugh others make us cry
We have heard those were the idyllic times
Thinking back I now know the reason why


With beauty seen through these aged eyes
A feeling of thankfulness flows into my mind
God has given me an ability to see and hear
While many other people are deaf and blind

When I start to feel a little sorry for myself
It is easy to see someone worse off than I
With limbs missing and confined to a chair
Yet they seem happy and they do not cry

They don't want your pity but cherish love
Little things can bring a smile to their face
Once you feel the true bonds of friendship
You have feelings you could never replace

So if you will wear a smile and be happy
Go all day long without showing a frown
Life you will find so much better for you
Smiles won't let anything get you down

Only Memories

I hear those raindrops slowly falling
On my flat roof they make a sound
I wonder if the drops are kinda flat
Or could it be they are really round

Lying on my bed I can hear them fall
They give me a feeling of drowsiness
Taking me to a dream of a time past
When life was filled with happiness

Though long ago we lived those times
They seem to have been but a day away
I recall and relish thoughts of my youth
How I wish I could go back if only for a day

Time has a way of making us reflect back
Picking out those times we would relive
Precious would be thoses hours to us
It is only memories now time can give

A Circle

A circle has a begining it has no end
Where it starts no one will ever know
It's ending is very much like the start
It clearly resembles the number zero

We know a circle can never be broken
Because then a circle it would never be
A broken line would make it imperfect
A circle we then could no longer see

Life has its circle from a child to adult
Never knowing when that life might end
Yet that circle some day will be broken
Its a place the line will no longer bend

A Gold circle is worn on a ladies finger
She has placed one on his finger too
A lifetime they have pledged this love
Their circles now proves this to be true

Your Baby

A smile of a child is pure and sincere
No false impressions are seen there
A twinkle in their eye tells us a story
Innocence of a life is made quite clear

With not a thought to corrupt their life
They remain perfect in mind and soul
Seeing only the happy aspects of time
Their heart remains loyal and whole

As they sleep with a contented face
Their image tugs on your heart strings
Knowing a bond is growing each day
Happiness to a parent the baby brings

All too soon the baby has grown up
Grand babies then will come along
That smile you saw back years ago
Tugs at your heart twice as strong

A Quick Summer Storm

Dark clouds rolling in an ominous sky
Streaks of lightning dance and sway
Wind is strarting to blow the treetops
Looks like a storm is headed our way

With the rain leaden skies beckoning
Thunder can be heard from miles away
Rumbling with a muffled roar I hear it
A thunderstorm can't be too far away

With the rain falling upon the rooftop
Gutters and downspouts now run free
A large limb has come crashing down
As lightning has hit an old Maple tree

Our lights flicker and then they go out
Leaving us in the dark as is the norm
Another four hours without electricity
Caused by this quick Summer storm


I worry not about things I can't control
Life is complicated enough as I see it
Every day is different in so many ways
Twenty four hours is to be a perfect fit

Some spent their free hours fishing
Others prefer to watch movies on TV
Many love to lay on a sunny beach
It is beautiful scenery there they see

Some people will love the mountains
It is there they feel so happy and free
While many love to sail on a big boat
Their hours are spent out on the sea

With time to work and a time to sleep
Enough time is left to have some fun
Each hour is used the way we chose
Until all of our hours on Earth is done

copyright © 2007 By Acie

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