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Spring Scenes

Today is a wonderful day and I am happy
Knowing that tomorrow might never arrive
Seeing flowers this early Spring blooming
Makes this whole wide world become alive

Fragrance we can smell of a Purple Lilac
So dainty are the petals of its pretty bloom
Growing in those large clusters of beauty
On branches where there is no more room

White clouds float by this warm April day
Hiding the Sun as playing a childs game
Robins are picking up straw for their nest
I walk near them and they seem so tame

If you my friend will open wide your eyes
There is so much beauty for us to behold
These scenes don't cost you any money
But they are worth much more than Gold

Our Beautiful Land

I open my eyes and see this beautiful world
Rolling hills and fertile valleys that abound
It is if I have found a paradise waiting for me
Love for the Southern Ohio hills I have found

Rich soil has formed the Scioto River delta
Where the soybeans and corn hardily grow
When Summer has warmed this fertile land
We see green fields far as our eye can go

Rich in heritage is this area where we live
Shawnee Indians once roamed this land
Hunting the abundant game found here
Fishing from Ohio River's shores of sand

We feel as if God did something special
When he created this place where we live
For this beauty found in Southern Ohio
Thanks to our Heavenly Creator we give


When his eyes no longer can see you
Remember those good times you shared
Tell all those who enjoyed his friendship
They must realize how much he had cared

Friendship is a precious thing you know
It means on someone you can depend
To bring us out of a depressed feeling
Or to help make a broken heart mend

Talk brings wonders from deep within
When darkness has blinded our mind
Gentle is knowledge that comes to us
When a voice sounds loving and kind

That day when we must depart this life
It is with love I will give to each of you
Friends may morn my untimely demise
As I head for a sky that is always Blue


As I look out at the landscape and see
So much beauty there to catch my eye
I realize it was put here for a purpose
Looking upward to the sky I know why

His plan was for a paradise on Earth
But that was spoiled by Adam and Eve
They disobeyed what He had told them
Their punishment was to wear a fig leave

Still He did not destroy all the beauty
Leaving that for all the people to see
When you open your eyes up each day
Look what He has given to you and me

Today many people disobey His words
How long will He let it continue to grow
Wickedness and evil is ever spreading
Look for Armagedon He has told us so

That Big Tree

I love to walk down that memorey lane
To those times past so many years ago
When every day was fun and carefree
Playing with all my friends made it so

Summer would find us in Brush Creek
On hot days the cool water felt so fine
We always had our favorite spot there
Sometimes we would even wet a line

A big tree overhung where we swam
Some of the boys climbed to the top
Only to turn and climb back down
It was the height made them stop

One day I was feeling really brave
I climbed up to the forks in that tree
My hands slipped as I showed off
Falling made a big hero out of me

Of course the others soon followed
Jumping, being happy as could be
I didn't tell anyone what happened
But I never went back up that tree

Dreaming Of Those Years

I often dream of time passed and gone
Thinking back to an age of twelve or so
Of barefoot days down that dusty lane
To my grandmothers house I would go

I dearly loved my sweet grandmother
She was always baking a cake or a pie
At lunch she would make me a sandwich
My lemonaide glass would never run dry

One day she sent me for a loaf of bread
A nickle was the what she gave to me
As I picked up the loaf it said six cents
Mr Miller said we are in a war you see

I thought my grandmother would faint
When I told her bread went up a penny
She said the poor doesn't have anything
But the rich man will always have plenty

Those are the days I love to think of now
When life was but a time to run and play
Of times when there was no fear of crime
How I wish it could still be like that today

Sadness Or Happiness

Many of our days are filled with happiness
There are days when we are feeling so sad
Clouded are some days that we might find
It is those sunny days that will make us glad

Dark dreary days somehow bring sadness
Those are the days that everything is wrong
But if our a day has a Sun shinning brightly
It makes us whistle or sing a beautiful song

We know brightness brings a happy mood
While a gloomy day chases happiness away
There's a place where the Sun always shines
It is in that land I will make my home one day

For in Heaven we will never find a dreary day
Know it is up there the Sun will forever shine
There much beauty will bless our eager eyes
Up there happiness, every day shall be mine

One Of His Miracles

Refreshing is an early Summer breeze
With the air fresh from the gentle rain
Everything is Green and grows so fast
Turf Builder makes it grow that is plain

With the time of frost now passed by
We see beautiful flowers everywhere
Many of the home owners work hard
Giving their lawns extra special care

In my yard blooms the Rhodendrons
Some are Red others of a Purple hue
Their beauty is breathtaking this year
People stop by to see this lovely view

Isn't it wonderful this time of the year
When things are fresh and so clean
So enjoy the beauty that is around us
It is one of His miracles that is seen

Friends We Know

There are friends who will move away
Who then will forever stay in your heart
Thinking back to the time when you met
You became good friends from the start

A smile radiates as you see that friend
Gentle smiles are then returned to you
A bond has been formed by two people
A friendship that today remains true

Down through the years we drift apart
Never knowning when that time might be
Sadness fills our heart when they leave
Not knowing when they again we will see

Although that friend is no longer seen
Thoughts of them are never far away
Visits we will expect from them at times
To come back and see us some day

I Give Thanks To Him

I look out and see a clear Blue sky
Without His help this would not be
He kept me from the sting of death
My Savior, I know does so love me

As He walks by my side I see Him
He always tells me right from wrong
His word brings to me great comfort
In a voice that is gentle but strong

Though I never ask about tomorrow
Those decisions shall be His alone
For I know to question Him about it
Is the one thing He will not condone

Forever to follow my Lord and Savior
This heart now can see no other way
Precious is the life He has given me
I want to join Him in Heaven one day

copyright © 2007 By Acie

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