Beauty Of Spring

Beauty seen in an early Spring morning
Greets our eyes as we awake from sleep
Cold dreary weather is no longer with us
Remnants of dirty snow now lie in a heap

Birds fly by gathering material for a nest
As sounds of children playing fill the air
Baseball is the favorite game these days
It seems as if it is played most everywhere

Soon many flowers will come into bloom
Filling the air with their fragrance galore
Over on the golf course men are playing
With an errant shot they all will yell fore

Yes it is the sights and sounds of Spring
Beautiful to see everything coming alive
You can put away the heavy winter coats
A sure sign that Spring did finally arrive

His Home

I want to climb the stairs to eternitys shore
To meet my sweet Jesus that blessed day
Then see His angel band there to greet me
Where all my sins will then be washed away

On that judgement day when I first meet Him
Tears of Joy shall roll from these seeing eyes
To know what He has made for us in Heaven
Brings us a vision that is a wonderful surprise

As He talks everyone there will be listening
He will tell us of the love He wants to share
That His house shall now become our house
Telling us how He does and will forever care

In His land of beauty there is always plenty
No dangers would He ever let there to begin
Heaven is such a fantastic place to call home
How could any believer not want to come in

Our Dear Departed

We grieve for loved ones who have passed on
I know we miss them but is that the reason why
For they have gone from the bondage of Earth
To dwell with our Dear Savior high up in His sky

Gone to a much better place than this old world
Where God waits for them with an open arms
There to spend their life eternal in that Holy city
Safe and secure where nothing causes alarms

For it is there in those beautiful surroundings
He has prepared us a safe Haven to forever be
Wonders there that we could never ever imagine
This He has made that everyone will there see

Although we would dearly love them here with us
Don't lose track of what we still will have in store
Just remember if we will follow all of His teachings
It is there in Heaven we will see them once more

That Old Fiddler

His gnarled old hands has lost all their strength
No more can he caress those strings of his fiddle
Although he at one time was the best of them all
Why he can no longer play the tunes is no riddle

For those many years music flowed from his hands
People from miles around flocked to hear him play
Square dances were held on every Saturday night
His fiddle would not stop until the break of the day

They passed the jug and he would take a big swig
Then he wiped the sweat from his glistening brow
Once again he would take up that old resined bow
He played some hot licks and made the crowd howl

That was in yesteryear but now he can only dream
For his bow and fiddle hangs up there on the wall
No more tunes will be played by his helpless hands
Until that wonderful day that he hears his Savior call

This Early Spring Day

Light rain caressed the young spring grass
Growing green from the drops falling down
So pure now seems our beautiful hillsides
That's turning bright from miserable brown

Throwing off the shackles of a long winter
Flowers show off all their colors so subline
From the Tulip beds with the gorgous tints
To the green leaves up on the timberline

Along the brook we see pretty wildflowers
Deep Purple Violets are growing down there
Over in the meadow we can see the children
Flying kites high up in the early spring air

Sun splashes through a cloud up in the sky
Mother Earth has started showing her array
Getting back the energy lost in cold weather
Strutting her stuff on this warm Spring day

Up In Heaven's Blue

When I walk with my Lord in that beautiful garden
He will have washed all of my Earthly sins far away
It will bring much pleasure with every step we take
We must all be ready for that great judgement day

He has told us we must believe if we are to join Him
Listen to His words and do things He wants us to do
If you don't tomorrow may bring to you great sadness
He has spoken and now the rest will be left up to you

This World is but a stopping place for all of us mortals
Waiting to hear that trumpet to call us from up above
Know that there is a place full of Grace for everyone
Where we will ever find the beauty of His eternal love

How could anyone not want to meet our great Savior
Be all alone and not knowing what He can do for you
Remember the devil will take all of Heavens rejections
Shall it be the firey bowels of hell or in Heaven's blue

Day Before Easter

What has happened to our lovely Spring
It is the day before Easter, what do I see
Something White has covered the Green
That was growing on that Dogwood tree

No grass can I see growing in my yard
So today I wont have to mow the lawn
Perhaps I should use a shovel instead
Or wait until the White stuff is all gone

Did Mother Nature pull this trick on us
Try to convince us it isn't really Spring
Only Tuesday it was up in the Eighties
See what this Ohio weather did bring

Tomorrow the ladies will still dress up
Although their fine dresses will be hid
With her winter coat she had put away
Her bonnet in a box hidden by the lid

Guess Who He Is

When we were rowing through those frigid waters
Silence was broken only by the sound of the oars
We must hurry to get to the other side of the river
We had all our boats split up into groups of fours

Blocks of ice slowed us crossing that gloomy river
Then with great luck we made our landing at three
Some had muttered that we should use the bridge
But that was a matter made by our leader, not me

Slowly we sneaked up on those drunken Germans
Capturing them in their sleep each and every one
We lost only two brave soldiers that froze to death
Just another step in a war we knew had to be won

Many more battles would this nation have to fight
This leader we now know became a popular man
We have seen his picture in many important places
Guess who this great man I fought with, if you can

I love Spring

As I look out across the Green horizon
There are many wonders that I can see
From lush Green grass in the meadow
To leaves high up in a tall Hickory tree

Flowers of the many colors and hues
We see as the Sun warms the ground
Farmers are seen plowing their fields
Soon growing soybeans will be found

I don't doubt this is best time of the year
After that long cold winter has now past
We can enjoy the beauty Spring brings
Now it is warm the plants will grow fast

As we plant vegetables in our garden
Summer will bring to us a bounty table
Corn, Tomatoes, and Beans are tasty I
will tell you that this is not a big fable


All the beauty that we see in Spring
Was put here by our Savior's hand
All the wonders we can see this day
Throughout the entire lay of the land

Such artistic arrangements He made
Working six days to make it just right
It was so grand after He was finshed
So sparkling with not a hint of blight

We can see snowcapped mountains
A creek that feeds a deep Blue lake
Reflections of the sky and mountain
A setting that only God could make

Remember my friend if not for God
What a dismal world we would see
No colors only the drab of darkness
What an ugly universe this would be

copyright © 2007 By Acie

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