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Our Beautiful Land

I open my eyes and see this beautiful world
Rolling hills and fertile valleys that abound
It is if I have found a paradise waiting for me
Love for the Southern Ohio hills I have found

Rich soil has formed the Scioto River delta
Where the soybeans and corn hardily grow
When Summer has warmed this fertile land
We see green fields far as our eye can go

Rich in heritage is this area where we live
Shawnee Indians once roamed this land
Hunting the abundant game found here
Fishing from Ohio River's shores of sand

We feel as if God did something special
When he created this place where we live
For this beauty found in Southern Ohio
Thanks to our Heavenly Creator we give

We Have Been Told

I am walking on that sunny side of life
With joy in my step I look on up ahead
Facing this uncertain time we now live
I look forward without any fear or dread

Knowing He is walking in step with me
Brings a gladness within my very soul
For I know my Savior has blessed me
With Him I now find my heart is whole

Great was the day when I first met Him
I still can remember my feeling that day
Excitement flowed throughout my body
I knew He would lead me the right way

On a sweet tomorrow, Heaven I will see
This land richer than all our Earthly gold
So much beauty will our eyes there see
To us all these wonders have been told

If I Had Time

If I only had the time to tell how much I love you
My voice you would hear every minute of the day
Sweet words would tumble from out of my mouth
In a million years my feelings could never go away

When the heart beats only for the one that it loves
There will not be room for another to get in the way
My eyes can see only the beauty of my sweet wife
All of those other images I will simply turned away

For it is with you that my life found its true meaning
You still bring happiness to me each and every day
No petty differences could ever come between us
That day we joined our hearts it was for all the way

Together we are as one never will we be separated
On this Earth until that very day He calls us away
Then we will be reunited in that Heavenly Kingdom
What a joyous occasion we will find that happy day


Some how these days seem to be sweeter
Age seems to brings stability into your life
Gone are all of the days of irresponsibility
Happiness is being at home with your wife

Retirement brings contentment these days
No hustle and bustle of life do we now see
Do what you want and do it when you want
That is the way my old age was meant to be

Grab a burger and fries down at McDonalds
Maybe Wendy's is your favorite eating place
Find yourself a booth that has a good view
Eat your meal at a slow and leisurely pace

These are the days we worked years to find
Alarm clocks are now just a part of our past
When you are young retirement is a dream
As I look back, those years went by so fast

Tears From A Broken Heart

Near the scrubby pine tree on the ridge
A bugler plays taps on this gloomy day
Fighting that war in the dirty sands of Iraq
A roadside bomb has taken his life away

Alone she felt as the guns fired the salute
She knew his child was soon to be born
Her eyes blurred as they gave her the flag
Fingers holding a kleenex she had torn

Happiness they had known just a year ago
When they walked down the aisle that day
He had trained in the ROTC at his college
Knowing someday duty might call him away

Many trips she will make up to that ridge
Knowing not one of them will ever be easy
Teardrops will roll down from her red eyes
Having a chill because the air is so breezy

Her little boy has his dad's rugged looks
A reminder of the love they once shared
Her faith that she will see him in Heaven
Will show God how much she has cared

Filled With Love

As he sits alone in that old easy chair
He thinks of his life through the years
Although many things have been good
Loss of his wife still brings on the tears

He remembers their young years of love
How they were wed when she was twenty
Through their young years the family grew
As he now thinks of it his gifts were plenty

Love of the family grew with grand babies
Proud he was when he spoke about them
None could compare to his family he knew
He had love for them and they loved him

Now he is alone but is still filled with love
He knows love comes from Heaven above
Each night he prays to his loving Saviour
For it God that has filled his life with love

Give Me Summer

Will I still gripe when Summer comes
Because the Sun has become too hot
From the cold of this long Wintertime
You can bet your last dollar I will not

This cold weather is getting me down
Inside we have to crank up the heat
I know most children love this season
But to me the Summer is hard to beat

Give me the flowers over this snow
Take me out of this heavy overcoat
Give me sunshine out on the lake
Where I can ride in a fishing boat

Hearing the lawn mowers running
Beats all those high heating bills
I can hardly wait for warm weather
When we can see yellow daffodils

Herman And Shorty

Herman and Shorty wuz jest good ole boys
They tried to fit in with the rest of the crowd
Iffin they got all likered up they wuz terrible
Hit seemed as ifin their minds got all fouled

Hit wuz at the local dance hall hitid started
Herman brunged in a jug of mountain dew
Shorty took a big snort and grabbed a chair
Hit wuz then that them feathers really flew

Shorty's chair hit that Mayor's pumpkin head
Took that thar chair and swung hit all around
Hit wuz then that mayor got reinforcements

They put poor ole Shorty down on the ground

That Herman went to jail jest to see Shorty
Dern fool sneakted a jug into that thar jail
Now theyse like two peas in a big peapod
They haint no one to put up them fools bail

My Island

As the fresh salt air blows softly
Happiness floods my inter being
Here on this lovely tropicial island
So much beauty that I am seeing

With fruits that grow so plentyful
I will fill this basket up to it's rim
Cut a coconut from a palm tree
Pick a ripe mango off of a limb

Walk the white beaches daily
Look for seashells in the sand
Admire the beauty found there
Seeing a sight that is so grand

Visions I can see of this island
If it is only in my wildest dream
Still it is so vivid in my memorey
I have seen it or so it would seem

That Yesterday

Yesterday has gone and left us
Never to ever be seen anymore
That day can never be recalled
To see the vision she once wore

Faded in the past she has gone
Leaving only our dreams behind
Without hopes to bring her back
It would seem time is truly blind

If only we could recall yesterday
Bring back good times we knew
But alas that is not a possiblity
That time has passed on through

Tomorrow will bring memories
Perhaps not like our yesterday
Hold on to those good dreams
They may come true some way

copyright © 2006 By Acie

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