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A Snow Day

Down floats the tiny white snowflakes
Looking alike, but no two are the same
Falling down til stopped by the ground
Then pile on each other as it's a game

Blowing winds cause them to then drift
Some drifts may grow up to ten feet tall
Children love to play in those big drifts
Laughing as the snow continues to fall

Snowballs they will throw at each other
Choosing up sides to see which will win
Soon they will go into the warm house
After they get warm it is outside again

Tomorrow will be a free day for them
School will be closed for a snow day
Happiness will end for some of them
All too soon the snow will melt away

Hold Pat's Email

If you would please hold all of her email
She is on a journey up to Heaven above
Hold on to the memories you have of her
Fill the notes held for her with your love

Her email address is now, Pat@Heaven
With her computer made of purest Gold
There she will write poems for her Savior
With the most beautiful words ever told

We enjoy her poems written on Earth
She wrote them in her own stylish way
Now that dry pen will flow no more ink
Heaven called and she has gone away

That day we meet her up in Gloryland
She will have Phoenix Writers to dinner
A meeting place she will prepare for us
Knowing Pat has always been a winner

Old Memories

Walking on that old rock filled road
I can smell the needles of the pine
Littered on and along this old road
Filling the air with an aroma so fine

On up the road I see an old house
With its paint all cracked and worn
Looking so much like I remembered
This is the house where I was born

Living there in my early childhood
Memories come so easily to mind
I treasure all the time I lived there
That kind of a home is hard to find

Winters were cold when wind blew
Coming through cracks in the wall
In Summer we would lie in the bed
Listening to the whipperwill's call

If we could only relive those years
But we can no longer live the past
These recollections I have this day
In my mind will for this lifetime last

To My Valentine Jan

As the years go by happiness is mine
Since I met the lady with eyes of blue
Love has been inside my heart for her
Feelings that are shared by only a few

Some can only dream about happiness
Not knowing what true love is all about
Always wondering if they can really care
Love for you never can cause any doubt

With you our world is now so wonderful
So many things we share brings a smile
Being married to that one that you love
Makes our life happy and all worthwhile

All of these years have been good to us
It is with these words I want now to say
Sure as the morning starts with a Sunrise
My love for you will grow more every day

My Peaceful Island

Restless winds blowing in the palm trees
Bring back memories of that island home
Gone away these many, many years now
Beautiful beaches I can never again roam

Seeing all of the wonderful things there
Joy I could feel walking in the white sand
If once more I could only now return there
Kick off my shoes and stroll on the strand

Bring back those nights with great luaus
Hear the singing of all those island songs
For it is here my life had its true meaning
This paradise where my heart still belongs

Gone now are all those peaceful feelings
That filled my heart those many years ago
Dreams I had were left there on that island
Causing me heartaches when I had to go

You Are Different

I look at the sky and birds fly up in the blue
Look at the ground and see the plants grow
See a train wind down the rails and roadbed
Hear the whistle and wonder where it will go

But think...If I could no longer see or hear
Life as I now know it would be so difficult
Would some ridicule and turned me away
Although they would know it is not my fault

Strange how some act if you are different
If not conforming to their ideas and ways
Pity is needed by the uninformed people
Not by those facing adversity all the days

So when you see someone less fortunate
Remember that could well have been you
We all were put on this Earth by our Savior
Everyone a little different, yes that is true

Treasured Time

Those days and nights are gone forever
But to dream about them we still can do
Our thoughts of the past come so quickly
They can bring happiness back to us too

We wonder what happened to those days
They all seemed to pass by much too fast
Gone from the innocence of our childhood
A time that we now wish would forever last

Time wasn't made to stand still you know
If that was so we would be a baby forever
Not really knowing the joys life can bring
No new adventures could we then uncover

But time must march forward without halt
On our Earth where all time is a measure
But until we leave for our Heavenly abode
Thoughts of the past we will now treasure

True Kentucky Snowbirds

They are a couple of Kentucky snowbirds
That spend Winters in the Sunshine state
Kentucky is really great in the Summers
But in the Winter with Florida it don't rate

They love those warm sands down in Florida
Over Kentucky's Winter and its White snow
Early October when it is starting to get chilly
They pack up and its off to Florida they go

Which State do they really call their home
I bet if you aked them which they don't know
For it is drive North in the early Springtime
But when it gets cool it back to Fla they go

True snowbirds are both Shirley and Harry
They always want to wear clothes that are thin
One of these days they will forget the season
Spring will see them going back South again

It Is Winter

Cold icy fingers of Winter surround us
A heavy pack of snow is on the ground
A bright Sun doesn't make a difference
Relief from frigid weather can't be found

Snow can be seen on the Pine branches
With this sub zero air that we have today
It would seem like it will stay here a while
No forcast for warm weather to take it away

To us older seniors it don't seem that bad
Because we stay home where there is heat
Not like we did it those years so long ago
When days of ice skating were hard to beat

They say the Groundhog saw his shadow
I wonder what that has to do with anything
Let's let that critter sleep until it is warmer
Then he can show us all when it is Spring

He Will Welcome Us Home

As your eyes look toward that celestal home
Listen carefully hear those silver bells chime
Walk a path He filled with hope and promise
On to that beautiful city upward we will climb

Those days we spent in trials and tribulations
Have vanished and we seek as we were told
A beautiful land that is far beyond imagination
Where all the streets there are paved with gold

As we then see our Blessed Lord and Savior
Beautiful feelings will engulf our celestal soul
We all know that it was His blood cleansed us
Washed away our sin and then made us whole

It is with open arms He will welcome us home
To this land He has created for the all believing
For it is with all these thoughts we find His way
To our place is Heaven is well worth retrieving

copyright © 2007 By Acie

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