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Golden Years

As my Gold has now faded into Silver
Brown spots are appearing on my hand
I am wondering why anyone would say
Your Golden years will be oh so grand

Aches and pains we can feel every day
There are pills we use for this and that
First to give us an appetite so we eat
Then another pill because we are so fat

Yes these Golden years are with me
Now it takes more of my Gold each day
You know that I might hit it really big
On the lottery if I had a dollar to play

Now that I am one of the older seniors
There is a thought I would like to share
Save some of that Gold you have made
You can't make it on SS and Medicare

A Year Goes By

As 2006 fades into a past memorey
We try to sort the good from the bad
Was it a year that brought happiness
Hopefully it was best year you ever had

Did you achieve those goals you set
Or did they become lost day by day
Thinking tomorrow I'll catch them up
Only to find you let them get away

Is this year a time you want to relive
Or one you want to see pass on by
Did some hopes and dreams arrive
While you let others wither and die

Will 2007 bring a different direction
One thats filled with great adulation
Give you all the things you hope for
A year to exceed all your expectation

Her Heavenly Home

As I go walking down that old dusty road
Visions of her these old eyes do now see
Tho these many years have passed on by
Remembrance in my mind ever she will be

Somehow her voice sends me to thinking
Of a childhood I knew so many years ago
Money was so scarce and hard to come by
But we did manage and continued to grow

As the years have tempered my memorey
So many things time will never fade away
It is very precious the thoughts I now have
As my mind drifts back to a fond yesterday

Yes these are visions of my sweet mother
God called to her in nineteen eighty nine
She spends her time up in Heavenly glory
One day Heaven shall be a home of mine

Sand Of Time

Without rest the relentless sands of time pour
Never to stop until life ceases to exist anymore
When only a vaccumn is where we once lived
No longer mortal but turning to dust once more

Is this not God's plan for dust to return to dust
Then for our soul cease to be as it is seen now
Ascend the long spiraling stairway up to Heaven
To be with angels we know that to be God's vow

We know that if we believe in Him and obey Him
A greater place awaits us when we leave Earth
It is with our great strength we must honor Him
He knows if we are deserving of Heavenly worth

To walk along with Him upon a Golden pathway
That thought should fill all of our hearts with love
To see what a wonderful place He has prepared
Seeking to find that home He has made up above

Thanksgiving At Grandma's

Those days we went to Grandma's for Thanksgiving
Will ever bring a delightful recollection to my mind
Grandma had silver hair and was a short little lady
A lady that had a heart that was gentle and kind

Grandma never had a gas stove to do her cooking H
er stove was cast iron and burned chips of wood
No thermometer would be used on Grandmas stove
Saying a thermometer couldn't cook like she could

When we sat down at Grandma's table for dinner
Everything had been prepared to great prefection
A tom turkey baked in her old wood stove's oven
Would be so tasty far exceeding any expectation

Grandmas house was our family's meeting place
Where we would meet at Thanksgiving each year
That was a wonderful time back then I remember
But times I could see Grandma brush back a tear


I want to walk on the banks of the Jordon
Feel that river's breeze blowing in my hair
Hear the gentle voice of my blessed savior
As I feel the comfort of Him standing there

When He talks my joyous heart will listen
He will cleanse and then make me whole
Bring to me love with His arms wide open
This is the day He will save my sinful soul

On that day when I ascend up to Heaven
A white marble stairway takes me to the sky
Beauty then abounds in all of the directions
Heaven is so perfect, need we wonder why

Steps are light as no burden we there carry
Darkness in these skies will never be seen
Beautiful flowers will bloom in abundance
Edging a lawn that is of a velvet like Green

Let our hearts sing out in a loud expression
Telling the world what He will bring to you
Never doubt these promises He has made
Believe and all your prayers will come true

Heed His Advice

Know that today is another step to salvation
Let God be in your heart keep a strong mind
Heed His advice and let no evil come to bear
Don't be that lost soul who will be left behind

If not today there may be no more tomorrows
Give to Him your time and all of your attention
Be sure you understand His word is supreme
Tell Him that to worship Him is your intention

Great is the wisdom of our King up in Heaven
Prefection He makes with His heavenly hands
From the height of the tallest of all mountains
Down to the smallest grain of the ocean sands

Let not your heart be swayed by false prophets
Heed His advice, hear what our Savior has to say
Knowing His words will lead you on to Heaven
Listen and then prepare for that judgement day

My Treasure Trove

As I hear the rain hitting the sun room roof
My memories flow back to a far distant past
A house with an old tin roof I can remember
I could sleep as long as the rain would last

Snuggling down in that tick filled with straw
It seemed I could make everything go away
Relaxed and warm sleeping in this old bed
Felt so especially good on a cold rainy day

No electricity did we have in this old house
Kerosene lamps would provide us with light
Never to be used during the time of daytime
Used only during the darkness of night

No indoor plumbing was in that old house
Still I look back at that house I did so love
Happy years did I spend in that old house
Now these thoughts are my treasure trove

Just Ask Him

After that last grain of sand has fallen
Our life then will come to its bitter end
That sting of death will come to end it all
No more time on the Earth will we spend

Gone from trials and tribulations we had
In a world that is wallowing in evil and sin
With many of God's children turned deaf
We wonder when life in this world will end

For it is written down for everyone to read
That there will come a day for His return
Will you follow His steps on up to Heaven
Or face your eternity down in Hell to burn

Listen to Him and hear His message today
Walk with Him, let Him come into your heart
For there is no promise of life here on Earth
Just ask Him, He will tell you how to start

That Perfect Spring Day

I dream of that perfect Spring day
With the aroma of freshly cut hay
A bird singing up in the apple tree
Feel wind blowing warm and free

Hear the Bob White's mating call
See the tortoise with a snails crawl
Mow the lawn with its velvet green
Pick the prettiest flowers ever seen

Watch a farmer plow his corn field
Sip water from a bottle he unsealed
Listen to flowing water at the brook
Sit on a rock and bait a fishing hook

Look up and see an unclouded sky
Watch a rabbit as he scurries on by
A picnic this nice day I want to see
In a lovely hideway just Jan and me

copyright © 2006 By Acie

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