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Santa's Night Out

In the quiet of a snow filled night
Silence is broken by jingling bells
Reindeer are pulling a big fat man
Over the hills and down the dells

A night filled with him giving gifts
To all the little girls and every boy
To leave under the Christmas tree
Making sure each child gets a toy

Through all this night he will work
Making sure no house he will skip
Being careful when on the rooftops
That snow doesn't cause him to slip

With his night's work over and done
Back up to the North Pole he will fly
To plan on the next years gift giving
Sitting by a fire that is warm and dry

What Is Christmas

May this time of the year show you happiness
Let the joy of this festive season be heartfelt
Think of why we celebrate this great Holiday
Know It isn't for the fat man with a black belt

It is the birth of Baby Jesus that we celebrate
He who was born in a manger that dark night
Unable to get a room at any of the local inns
They then decided that barn would be alright

Born that night in the small city of Bethlehem
He was both adored and hated by many men
This son of God told of a place named Heaven
Giving us a life better than this one has been

So when we think of this season of Christmas
Remember what we really celebrate that day
This Holy man who gave His life to save us all
His life started in that manger filled with hay

Two Thoughts Of Christmas

As children feel the excitement in the air
Something we know happens every year
There is a special day that's coming soon
As a fat man visits along with his reindeer

Down our big chimney he will be sliding
Bringing gifts for every girl and every boy
With his large sack that the elves loaded
He brings dolls for girls and for boys a toy

For all the children this then is Christmas
Getting gifts and having good things to eat
A day filled with opening up the packages
To children this day is really nice and neat

Older people know this to be much different
For it is a birthday of Baby Jesus we observe
Son of God in a manger that night was born
To Him we give this praise He does deserve

Holidays Of Past Times

I often think about those Holidays of long past
Of times when we indeed had peace on Earth
Wonder why so many values have gone astray
Looking for ethical men, to find they are dearth

If only we could go back to that time we knew
Glad tidings were then said and truly meant
Today it seems money has become the King
We all wonder where "Merry Christmas" went

Is Thanksgiving merely a day we take off work
To gorge our selves until we are as full as can be
I remember when it meant giving God our thanks
Being happy with all things He had given to thee

Times change sometimes I know not for the best
Ideas today seem not to come from in the heart
Forgotten are the ideals that started our country
Showing the ten comandments would be a start

Don't be Scrooge

Many men lust for both gold and silver
Never realizing what misery it can make
They will steal and rob to get the booty
Some kill for the money they then take

It is said to be the root of everything evil
Causing men to turn from good to bad
It is without any doubt they know better
Ruining the good name they once had

Greed becomes an infatuation to them
Walking over those that get in their way
Then leave a pathway of broken dreams
We know some day they will have to pay

With the Christmas season approaching
Have a good feeling of giving to the poor
Dig into your pocket for the extra change
When your walk out of your favorite store

Winter Games

With the flakes big as silver dollars
Soon they will cover a frozen ground
Their school will be closed tomorrow
Happy children will be homebound

With no school its fun they will have
Outside seeing the feathers in the air
Someone has plucked that big goose
They yelled playing without any care

Red noses are seen as the kids play
Frigid temperatures make eyes tear
They can play outside for many hours
Dressed in heavy clothing they wear

Back inside frost is seen on the window
Painted on the glass by that man Jack
After a good night spent in a warm bed
Games outside will welcome them back

Twenty Eighth Anniversary

Tho there was snow on the ground when I met you
You have warmed my heart down through the days
Days that have turned into these many happy years
With a love that continues to grow in so many ways

Your beauty that is seen by the eyes of this man
Continues to grow as all of the years pass on by
Lovely you were that very first time that I saw you
Love was implanted in my heart, today I know why

My world became complete early in December
We exchanged vows and were married that day
Happiness that day filled my heart to overflowing
This wonderful feeling I have and will forever stay

So as I give you these few words of my thoughts
With all of my sincerity I give these words to you
These days I have spent with you have been great
I hope you have found happiness in your life too

We Give Thanks

We have a heavy frost in late Novenber
Sun has come up to brighten this day
Thanksgiving has come and is now past
Dishes has been washed and put away

Enjoyment came with those around us
Giving us the spirit of this Holiday season
Bringing back the memories of past time
When families gathered for any old reason

Happiness it brings to our heart as we meet
To sit down at the table with its bounty of food
Smiles I can see from across the family table
That reflects their happy and joyous mood

May there be happiness within your home
As we are approaching this Christmas day
We thank God for all the wonderful blessings
He has bestowed on this family in every way

His Colors

Let me not forget all of the beauty
That He gave my aged eyes to see
From snow up on top of a mountain
To the sparkle of the deep blue sea

Lush green in that paradise island
Where palms rise high into the sky
Let me keep it within my memorey
Ever to remain and never let it die

With Orange bloom of a Tiger Lily
Highlighting those fields of flowers
Brightened by the warm sunshine
After the refreshing Spring showers

Just think of what He has given us
Colors that give brightness to a day
A Sun to light up the surroundings
Changing to blue a sky that was gray

Two Lumps Of Coal

As I laid deep within that mountain
Undisturbed for over a million years
Thinking I would never see Sunlight
Tightly crowded there with my peers

An old man they called Mr Peabody
One day tore our mountain all apart
His machine was a hungry monster
Belching out smoke when it did start

As it ate at my brothers and sisters
Hugh chunks it loaded on that belt
For the first time I could remember
I was alone and sadness I now felt

As I looked across that old conveyor
I spotted this nice looking girl lump
As the belt was running to her side
I got closer and felt my heart pump

Put on an Norfolk and Western train
We got to ride those rails side by side
Soon we will be inside a big furnance
We will turn to ashes with a lot of pride

copyright © 2006 By Acie

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