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New U S Grant Bridge

She spans the expanse of the mighty Ohio
This bridge of concrete, cables and of steel
Named U.S. Grant after as her predecessor
Perfect in design and structured with appeal

Her cables are standing like a spider web
Hanging from a tower that centers the span
A broad deck that holds four lanes of traffic
I want to drive across her this week if I can

Her cost being nearly thirty million dollars
This bridge would be one that was of need
As the old bridge was in so much disrepair
It was old and a hazard to travelers, indeed

They opened this fine bridge two days ago
Economics of Portsmouth will soon improve
People did applaud those who made it true
When they saw the traffic to Ky start to move

Our Dinner

He was a scruffy looking old man
Kinda like a man down on his luck
Looking at me with a wistful grin
He said mister I could use a buck

I told him I was having my dinner
At the Golden Corral this night
I asked if he wanted to join me
He looked like he needed a bite

Five plates they brought to him
Eagerly he then filled them all up
They asked him if he want a coke
No he said just coffee in a cup

He cleaned all five plates of food
With a smile he said this to me
Mister I surely want to thank you
He was so sincere you could see

That night as I sat watching TV
A warm feeling came all over me
I had shut my eyes and I saw Him
Around His head a halo I did see

Sunshine In Your Day

As I got out of my warm bed this morning
I wondered what was in store for me today
Would I be the person He wants me to be
Or would something cause me to go astray

Hard it is to walk on a path of the righteous
Temptations will flirt in your mind every day
Strong must be your will to evade the devil
In your heart you must let your Savior stay

If you are cheerful in both mind and spirit
Happiness will follow down deep in your soul
Making you a life that you find that is graceful
Knowing that your Faith will keep you whole

This day has begun with the bright sunshine
Like a light from far up in the Heavens above
Bringing brightness to a winter like landscape
Could be the way He is showing us His love

An Indian Summer

Dark is the sky of this Autumn afternoon
Black clouds forming in the Western sky
Soon we will see rain come falling down
Drops to kiss fallen leaves where they lie

Yesterday it seems had so much beauty
Jack Frost's magic now has taken it away
Only a few brown leaves are on the trees
From where they will fall some windy day

These are the days of an Indian Summer
One day can be nice or the next one bad
It becomes an in-between season for us
Showing what is coming and what we had

Winter's cold is lurking around the corner
Frigid weather we know will come our way
Then to forget beauty of Summer's flowers
As we survive from a cold snow filled day

Early November

Ugly black clouds seen early in November
Drops down rain that saturates the ground
With the strong winds as rains companion
Leaves will fall as they are no longer bound

Swirling leaves blown across the landscape
Will be scattered and go their different way
Going far from a tree where they were grown
To some foreign soil where they now will lay

Winter will then bring gloom to these forests
Where their trees once wore a colorful style
But today are defrocked down to bare limbs
As the brown leaves are seen lying in a pile

Sadness it brings to see these bare limbs
Although we knew what winter would bring
To chase all this sadness from our minds
We dream of their green leaves in Spring

Family Gatherings

As a heavy frost covers the rooftops
We know winter is a short time away
Indian Summer will give us a reprive
Only to fade into a cold Winters day

It will be time for family gatherings
Thanksgiving will give a great feast
Our table will be filled to overflowing
Room for a dozen visitors at least

With Turkey and all of the dressing
Sweet potatos will be made just right
With all of the pies and cakes we eat
Our clothes seem to fit a little tight

These days of celebration and thanks
Should be directed to our God above
For it is He that provides these things
Along with a heart that is full of love

Past Peak

Now that leaves have past peak color
Soon they will turn into an ugly brown
Cold rains of November will then come
Causing leaves to come spiraling down

What once was beauty in those trees
Has all vanished and cannot be found
Limbs that were doned with the leaves
Stand bare their beauty on the ground

On the ground winds swirl the leaves
Casting them to go in every which way
Some of them will travel quite a distance
Finding a place to light and forever lay

This happens each year as we all know
Still it is with sadness we see them go
As the dormant season is now with us
It will be Spring when again they grow

Late Night Phone Call

Why do we let these little things bother us
Like a phone call in the middle of the night
You stagger out of the warm bed to answer
It is a wrong number but don't get too tight

Back to that warm bed and then you wonder
Did they just pick my name out of the book
Could it have been someone that you knew
If you had caller ID you could taken a look

You toss and you fitfully tumble in your bed
Wondering if the phone will again start to ring
At last you fall off into a most wonderful sleep
Until the wake up sound your alarm does bring

Your night wasted by that unknown phone call
Something that should never bring anger to you
Things like this happen to us almost every day
Do you still wonder if it was someone you knew

That Old Mansion

What was once a beautiful mansion
Now sits in a state of utter disrepair
It's only a shell of what it had been
Long it has stood without any care

Many nights the dances were held
Invited were all the elite of the town
Bright lights lit up the big ballroom
Who's walls are now an ugly brown

Many people have now moved away
New people have here settled down
But as people are proned to gossip
It is the haunted house in their town

On some nights you can hear sounds
That once was heard inside the house
People think the noises are unnatural
Some think it is a cat chasing a mouse

On Halloween when it was pitch dark
Us kids thought we would check it out
But the noises from that old mansion
Scattered us and left us without doubt

Where Skies Are Ever Blue

Many wonder how or when they will go
Knowing that soon we will be on our way
We must prepare for when our time comes
To face our God on that judgement day

Be ready when our Master calls to you
It will happen in the twinkling of an eye
No warning will He ever give to anybody
When it is time to tell this Earth goodbye

Every day tell Him of your undying love
Let not evil thought enter into your mind
Walk with Him in good times and in bad
For He is the only truth you will ever find

Tomorrow may find you wishing for Heaven
Remember only you can make it come true
If you are prepared for that exciting meeting
With God up there where skies are ever blue

copyright © 2006 By Acie

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