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Roses At The Life Center

As I look through the big plate glass window
I can see that pretty Pink Rose still in bloom
Delicate are the petals of this beautiful Rose
Put in a vase would bring cheer to your room

From the pool I see where they are growing
Drops of rain have dampened them this day
Like tears the raindrops cling to their petals
Made startling brilliant by a single sun's ray

Soon she will feel the sting of Winters death
To stand with only a few leaves she will keep
With mulch over her dainty feet to protect her
From a cold winters snow no matter how deep

Next Spring we will see her buds blooming
After she shakes off those shackles of cold
Again to become the beautiful lady of Spring
As her wonderful soft petals again will unfold

My Vote

As I sat down to watch television tonight
I was bombarded by negative political ads
As I hear what the candidates are saying
Seems to me that they all are rotten cads

From these ads everyone is a crook or liar
Some are both from what I am now hearing
You will hear of the other candidates faults
I think it is their way to do name smearing

One time they tell you a thing thats wrong
Their very next ad will tell you it is all right
They try to keep us from finding the truth
On their old crap they try to get us to bite

So on the seventh day of this November
When I go over to the local voting place
I will try to remember those that were vile
Maybe my vote will cost them their race

Like A Patchwork Quilt

Like colors used in a patchwork quilt
On this sunny October day I can see
Beauty growing upon yonder hillside
Brilliant leaves that don a Maple tree

With a tinge of both Yellow and Red
A sugar Maple stands out in beauty
They are set apart from other leaves
Sheer enjoyment for all of us to see

Each day will add to the colors seen
From hot Red to a soft shade of Gold
Orange added to this beautiful scene
With some other colors are really bold

Too soon it will be all over and done
This beauty will then leave these trees
To be blown around on the forest floor
By a swirling early November breeze


Let not that dark stranger into your life
Keep on that straight and narrow way
For that dark demon will try to fool you
Beware dont listen to what he will say

Each day that devil works much harder
To gain control of your mind and heart
Doing things you know that are wrong
Think of what it means before you start

Happiness isn't found in a martini glass
Whiskey doesn't drive your trouble away
Only you can defeat this lurking satan
Seek God and hear what He has to say

Tho life might get hard some of the time
Temptations will try to take our God away
Understand all the things you are doing
If we are to meet on that judgement day

Until That Day

On this warm clear early in October day
Silence is broken by the singing of a bird
Bringing me back from my deep thoughts
Some of the sweetest music I ever heard

High upon that distant hill stands a tree
Showing leaves that are a firey Red hue
So much beauty has the leaves this day
With this background that is a sky blue

Feelings of excitement I have for this day
It is though I can sense He is by my side
Knowing He is with me when I need Him
Fills my heart with an overwhelming pride

These days brings the sunshine to my life
No sweeter the thought could I ever find
Until that day I then go to that better place
Leaving the scenes of this world far behind

The Leaves

Gazing at these Southern Ohio hills
Beauty is overwhelming to our mind
Now the leaves have turned to color
Bringing an image of a different kind

What was Green just two weeks ago
Has become a sea of colored delight
We see many hues of the spectrum
Seems they have emerged overnight

Each leaf is unique in size and color
No two can be found to be the same
Some pastels, others deeper in color
Beauty that is an indescribable name

Sadly this phenomenon doesn't last
Soon all the leaves will turn to brown
With the strong winds of late October
These leaves will come tumbling down

My Store Bought Knees

I went to see my Dr just this past Monday
He said will you hold up your arms please
He then took out this small metal hammer
I said to the Dr don't hit me on the knees

For you see these knees are store bought
Pay for and installed by the good Dr Love
From a room in Kings Daughters Hopsital
Taken in a wheelchair my nurse did shove

We went to a room, she found this gurney
She said this is as far as I am going to go
If you will kindly get upon the gurney now
Because soon the good Dr Love will show

I was taken to a room that seemed so cold
As I laid there dozing I could feel a breeze
What they did after that it is so plain to see
Dr Love had installed my store bought knees

Down At The Square

They gather every warm day at the square
Some to play checkers while others to talk
A few of them drive here in their automobile
While the ones that are able prefer to walk

Some of the tales they spin are really funny
While other stories are nothing but a big lie
A widower will tell them about his loving wife
Sadly some will shake their heads then cry

Some years ago the city installed spitoons
As many of the old men like to take a chew
Some had Red Man others had Mail Pouch
To many of the old timers any brand will do

Wintertime will find that old square empty
They will be staying home to do their thing
So lonesome to see their old friends again
How many will be missing come the Spring


I sit and wonder about yonder pathway
That leads out far beyond that last star
Insignificant is our being here on Earth
Except to prepare for a trip that is afar

My mind can't comprehend the beauty
That is seen on that path up in the sky
Every step brings us that much closer
To that great and wonderful by and by

We can spend our life wondering when
But in His book He has put down a date
Not knowing if that date is coming today
It is time to get ready before it is too late

Each day as we search for the answers
Remember what He wants us to know
Believe in Him and we find eternal life
When that trip from this Earth we do go

Winds Of October

As the colder winds of late October come
All of our pretty leaves have turned brown
They are tumbling down with a stiff breeze
Swirling all about as they fall to the ground

Scattering around like some of our friends
Some gone and never to be seen anymore
Sadness we feel for having lost our contact
With all these sweet people we still adore

Some of these friends we still see around
Most of the time too busy to chat for a while
Saying "It is good to see you my old friend"
Then leave you with only a nod and a smile

I guess life is much like those brown leaves
Once so proud with beauty waving up high
But too soon those October winds come by
Only God in His infinite widsom knows why

copyright © 2006 By Acie

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