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Acies Poems Page 18

That Sweet Lady

The smiles that graces her face
Is the lovliest I have ever seen
So beautiful is that sweet lady
Her features so bright and clean

I love to hear the songs she sings
Her voice is so soft and so sweet
When she sing her love song to me
I am completely swept off my feet

Every time I see that sweet lady
I get that special feeling inside
The wonderful things she has done
Her talents you could never hide

The love I share with this lady
Makes my heart keep beating fast
I know I will forever love her
True love that will always last

You Make My World

You make my world go around
I have no cares or troubles
Every day is pink champagne
And your love is the bubbles

Our love will be just for us
To live our lives in delight
To think of you love every day
And dream of you every night

My love for you will always be
Held deep inside of my heart
Always waiting for you my dear
Our love has a very good start

Today I make this solemn vow
My heart will ever be for you
Throught all the coming years
My love will always be true

The Only One

The love we share is like heaven
Our dreams will always be the same
I will forever cherish you my dear
Our love is much more than a game

The days with you are so bright
Our love grows more with each day
The magicial feelings between us
My heart says yes in every way

Do you know how much I love you
To that I can never be quite sure
I know I have a heart full of love
But you know I even love you more

To spend my time with you forever
Hold you in my arms and love you
Will be my lifes aim and ambition
No one else in this world will do

Our World

My heart is set in motion
You make it beat so fast
With all the love we have
We know it will ever last

The love we share is great
I know my love is for you
Give me your heart my dear
I'll fill it with love too

Let's start our own world
Our love will be so strong
Only happiness lives there
Nothing can ever be wrong

I am ever so glad I met you
My life is so happy with you
Lets share our life forever
Be equals in what ever we do

One Hellava Team

He loves her with a passion
Every day is their holliday
Their love could never fail
For their love was all the way

With sweet devotion to her
Their hearts became as one
She showed her real love for him
Ever day when she called him hun

The life they share is fantastic
Even though there is a bump or two
They will have so much love there
So much happiness in what they do

Forever they shall love each other
For deep in their hearts is a dream
To always be there forever together
For together they make a hellava team

Better Love

The blossoms of love surround us
On each petal it says I love you
So wonderful are these feelings
Darling only your love will do

Your love is like magic to me
It makes my heart seem to float
Forever in my heart you will be
Like lovers on a lake in a boat

The days ahead will be happy ones
Let our hearts reach out for a star
With you snuggled in my arms honey
We know heaven can't be very far

For tomorrow and every day after
Our love will never fail or die
Lets keep the love we have going
It can even be better if we try

Love Me

I have a thought so sweet
That says I love you true
No one else could ever be
In my heart just like you

I dream about you at night
I think of you every day
Such sweet feelings of you
I love you in every way

Your sweet ways have my heart
Beating with a rhythmic beat
Everytime I get to see you
Something turns up the heat

This magical love I give you
From deep within my heart
Says darling please love me
We know we can never part

To The Letter

The smile I see on your face
Makes my heart beat so fast
The love I seek and long for
May it forever grow and last

Your heart I prize so highly
Always afraid it could break
Forever I will love just you
Your beautiful love can I take

Please hear this heart of mine
Listen to it calling for you
You know what you mean to me
Only your sweet love will do

If there is anything I can do
To make you love me even better
Please tell me how my darling
I will follow it to the letter

Each Passing day

The Beauty of your smiling face
Makes my heart beat with pride
Happiness I will seek with you
Our love we can never ever hide

My love for you grows on and on
Intensifying with each passing day
Please show me the way to your heart
Wont you let me love you in every way

Please let our love live and grow
For without you I know I would die
For happiness only comes with love
We can make it let's give it a try

A heart full of love I give to you
Don't squander or ever throw it away
It will forever be so true to you
I love you more with ever coming day

On An Even Keel

The love I have in my heart
Is for that special someone
That wonderful lady I know
Her heart I know I have won

I feel her in my heart today
A feeling of great exultation
The tenderness I find in her
Has surpassed my expectation

I love her more as days go by
My heart she has stolen away
So wonderful our lives will be
For our love grow more every day

Tonight we will meet again
I will tell her how I feel
To know that I love only her
Keeps my life on an even keel

Copyright © 1999 By Acie

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