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Scioto County Hills

When the Sun shines on the Scioto County hills
You can see the magicial delight He has painted
Some of the most beautiful colors He gave to us
So pure in tint and spectrum that is never tainted

Hills that were roamed by the Shawnee Indians
Many years before any white men were around
There are other signs of what the area was like
When we take a trip out to see Tremper Mound

Wildlife did and still does flourish in these hills
Whitetail deer, the fox, and squirrel flourish here
We can also see the raccoon and the opossum
Times that are rare we see a black bear appear

As God made the beautiful Scioto County hills
He had this most wonderful place in His mind
With care He then planned the hills and valleys
He wanted this place in Ohio to be one of a kind

Our Seasons

Cool rain falls on this September morn
As Summer fades into the distant past
Soon those cold winds will come again
Winter then seems to come on too fast

As we look at all the different seasons
It is so amazing how they seem to go
Winter shows the children enjoyment
Skating or sleighing or playing in snow

Springtime is a season of sheer beauty
It is when we can see blossoms galore
Trees will show blooms of delicate tint
As flowers will show many colors more

Summer is the time for having the crops
Vegetables like corn and tomatoes grow
They provide us with great healthy food
Sometimes it seems so sad to see it go

Autumn is the time to harvest the crops
See the beauty from leaves on the trees
Prepare for for the coming winter season
Too soon this season will bring a freeze

It Is Called Football

It is a rockum sockum football season
Couch potatos take this time with glee
With all the goodies spread on a table
Today at least twenty games are on TV

Can the Buckeyes retain their standing
Will Southern California win every game
As the Maize and Blue of Michigan won
Will the Fighting Irish ever be the same

Are those Florida teams good as usual
Georgia's Bulldogs seem to be strong
West Virginia could be a title contender
Michigan State Spartans might belong

Texas seems to have been eliminated
Auburn is looking very tough this year
Officials let Oregon beat the Sooners
Must be what most top ten teams fear

To those that lose there is a next year
A single team will wind up number one
Turn on that TV and watch your favorite
Don't be so serious and have a little fun

Beauty Of The Hills

Beauty as seen in these rolling hills
Were painted by the Masters brush
All of the perfect tints He has used
Exactingly made and never in a rush

Pleasure we can find in this forrest
Restful scenes are brought to mind
A collection of multicolored leaves
Most beautiful place you will ever find

Lush yellow we find in the Ash tree
Some Maples are of a brilliant Red
While Dogwoods are of a purple hue
Pine's green til it's needles are dead

Take a drive down to Shawnee Forest
See the masterful way He made trees
So many colors for you to see there
To searching eyes it is bound to please

Memories Of My Mother

As I search back into my childhood memories
Thoughts of my sweet mother comes to mind
A wonderful caring mother she was to us kids
In my heart she will always be one of a kind

If we were sick she how to make us feel well
No Doctors did we go to those years long ago
She would bandage the cuts and stubbed toes
Told us not to smoke or else we wouldn't grow

Smiles it brings to my face thinking about her
She was much wiser than I thought back then
When I did something wrong she used a switch
After I grew up she should have used it again

Mothers are someone who is special to us all
I lost my mother nearly seventeen years ago
For the hard life she had here on this Earth
Her home is in Heaven with God, this I know

His Promise

If today you could start your life over
How many changes would you make
If God should grant you a new start
Would all of His advice you then take

Would you look at things differently
Cast your life into a God loving way
Be a person that's proud of yourself
Live your life like it is judgement day

Could you do everything that He asks
Not vary but stay on a way that is true
Know that he will ever be on your side
See the great mansion he built for you

This is but one thing awaiting in Heaven
Where the streets are paved with gold
There you'll meet your Lord and Master
It is a promise to everyone He has told

Colors Of Autumn

With a cool rain falling this morning
Time to say goodbye to Summer now
Today Autumn has arrived to greet us
Summer has slipped away somehow

Seems as if days are getting shorter
Nearly as much darkness now as light
Soon we will have to look at our clock
To find if we are having day or night

Soon we can see changed landscapes
Autumn's show then will be on the way
With a great variety fall of flowers to see
It is a beautiful season some would say

Many like the different and varied colors
Of leaves they soon can see on the trees
Each season has its time of great beauty
To most eyes, colors of Autumn do please

Another Boondoggle?

Although it is years passed their completion date
It looks as though it is finally going to be finished
A bridge from Portsmouth Ohio over to Kentucky
With cost overuns Ohio's coffers need replenished

Why did Ohio let a company doodle and daddle
Work only when they felt that there was a need
Could this action have been planned years ago
I wonder if it has been fueled with a lot of greed

Was, or will there be an under the table payoff
Seems to me the contractor drug his feet along
To hold up finishing the bridge for these months
People that will use that bridge this is plain wrong

With downtown Portsmouth business devastated
This delay has bankrupted so many businessmen
With disgust for both the State and their contractor
Not wanting to hear excuses I want to know when

He Will Forgive

Yesterday has passed and gone away
It has become part of our faded past
Never can we live any of it over again
Only in our memories will it ever last

God created our life to work this way
Not to dwell on present time worries
Tomorrow will bring us new feelings
It is strange how a good day hurries

How many days will He give us here
An answer that no person can know
Perhaps it would worry us too much
If we knew the exact time we will go

We must prepare for what's inevitable
Face today as if it is our last day to live
Knowing that we have sinned in our life
If we ask Him sincerely, He will forgive

Love For America

Years ago when things were different
You went to bed with an unlocked door
Automobiles had a key left in the igition
You just don't do those things anymore

With all of the many changes these days
Things must be kept under lock and key
Back at the time we were much younger
These times we didn't think we would see

Carefree days have passed and are gone
Protection is now a word we hear every day
Our home and homeland is now in danger
It is time for us to keep bias thoughts away

We are Americans, pull together and survive
Let not those petty differences push us apart
It is imperative that we must all stick together
As we keep the love for America in our heart

copyright © 2006 By Acie

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