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One Year Ago

It has been one year since God took you
To be there with Him in that sweet forever
Tho we miss, and would love to see you
To ask God to send you back to us, never

We will always remember our little angel
Who gave us so much while you were here
Thinking about the sly little smile you gave
I stop and brush back a meandering tear

God was good to let us have you with us
All those precious years went by so fast
Tho I knew you less than half of your life
My memories of that time will forever last

Some day I know we will see you up there
A beautiful smile will be on you pretty face
Happiness will overflow up there in Heaven
That day we meet you in that lovely place

Our Searching Eyes

Bubbling waters of a clear little brook
Flowing through a line of green pines
Tall and straight are these large trees
Cast long shadows as the sun shines

To see these tall trees reach to sky
A fascinating thought comes to me
I know He has made all these colors
For all of our searching eyes to see

As we look at the scene on this day
We marvel at all the beauty we see
So exacting in every hue and detail
Everything you could ask for it to be

Quietness broken only by the brook
As it splashes rocks along the shore
Brings this sense of relaxation to me
Feelings that I want to keep evermore

Don and Lena are our neighbors

Don And Lena

With fifty years of wonderful memories
Don and Lena have had a beautiful life
To this lovely couple we now honor you
For the love you have as man and wife

Years brought both happiness and pain
But your love has persevered the years
With your two lovely daughters arriving
Love had helped relieve all of your fears

Raising your girls has been a great joy
Then grandchildren soon came along
You look around and find that your life
Has created a family bond that is strong

May many more years of wedded bliss
Now come to this couple we call our friend
They know working together is happiness
God has given them two hearts that blend

His Masterpiece

Cool rain falls on this early September morn
Signaling the end of the hot Summer days
A welcome relief from all the sweltering heat
As dark clouds are now hiding the Sun's rays

Autumn is a little less than a month away
Still we can feel changes made in the air
Soon our leaves will be turning to colors
We will then see their beauty everywhere

These hills in this Southern part of Ohio
Become a showplace for everyone to see
There is a multitude of very exciting colors
One of our favorites is the Red Maple tree

If you would like to see some of this beauty
Southern Ohio is the place your visit must be
Come see this wonderful collection of colors
A masterpiece painted by God for you and me


You can hear Him if only you listen
His voice is so sincere and strong
He will tell of you what is expected
If that place in Heaven you belong

He will be there for you every day
Walk with Him He will show the way
Give Him all the love and the praise
Tell Him of your feelings as you pray

Listen for his words are the truth
In His widsom you can't go wrong
With a place waiting for you and me
He is looking for us to come along

If tomorrow is the day to leave here
Be prepared for that place you will go
To make your home up in Gloryland
It is our precious Lord you must know


Have you ever awaken on a sunny morning
Wondering what gifts He will bestow today
Thought of how you pass along the feeling
How you can help another's life someway

Gifts that He gives to us should be shared
Not taken by us selfishly to use for our own
Knowing how precious are the gifts He gives
We do know they weren't meant for us alone

Share a smile, share everything that is good
Do a fine deed for you neighbor and then see
Returns many time over what we have given
Rewards given from God to both you and me

Seek out a friend and share with his burden
Work with him to take all of his troubles away
In your heart you will have great satisfaction
You have done your best for this friend today

In His Arms

Although I walk in the deep dark valley
I have no fear for He is walking with me
He will protect me from all the evil harm
Feelings of His deep love will forever be

He will show to me where I am to travel
Danger I fear not for He is here by me
Tho the black warrior of a devil is near
All of his pitfalls of sin I can clearly see

Believe in Him and He will protect you
Any sin comitted will be washed away
He has prepared a kingdom for us all
Be ready for that great judgement day

If tomorrow I do feel the sting of death
That city of gold will be waiting for me
Happiness will then be mine for eternity
In the arms of my dear Savior I shall be

His Perfection

Blue skies reflecting off the mountain lake
Huge pines enciricle the lake's sandy beach
As quietness engulfs this wonderful setting
I have feelings I never though I could reach

For It is here I know the true meaning of faith
Knowing it is He that made this beautful place
Each day I know that He is walking beside me
As I pray that I will ever be in His loving grace

Every day I marvel at this world He has made
I see all the perfection created by His hands
From the top of this snow covered mountain
Down to the deep blue lake and white sands

My life here I know will be a very short one
He has given me so much beauty that I see
Seeing the things on Earth He has created
Heaven will be perfect for both you and me

Feel The Love

Dream not with those foolish thoughts
Bring your ideas of goodness this day
Know that your rewards will be plenty
If you walk a straight and narrow way

Help all friends in both work and spirit
Sharing ideas brings strength to mind
You will find that peace is everlasting
When to all of the people you are kind

Feel the love from those around you
Returning that feeling ten times more
Satisfaction will bring you happiness
Knowing what you will have in store

This life can bring to you so much joy
Let not the devil enter into your heart
There will be a beautiful place waiting
When from a life on Earth you depart

One Man Crew

It was the smallest leaf at the top of the tree
Once a beautiful Red, but had turned Brown
On this cloudy day a windstorm had come up
Snapping it's stem, soon it came falling down

Blown along by the ferocity of a savage wind
Soon it was far away from it's home in the trees
Lonely for the other leafs it had know so long
Still it was blown along by this strong breeze

As it neared a creek down in the deep hollow
It fluttered down to the rock covered ground
Thinking this would now be its home forever
Down in this hollow it would never be found

An ant was pulling a big grasshopper along
Stumbling it fell with the leaf in the water below
With the ant now serving as the leaf's captain
Down to the sea this one man crew will now go

copyright © 2006 By Acie

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