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A Morning Sky

Bright lacey clouds in the Eastern sky
We can see on this mid August morn
So light and fluffy are all these clouds
They seem happy this new day is born

Wonderful views we can find this day
As the sky paints scenes for you and me
Rays of sunshine peaking from the clouds
Gives this beautiful image for us to see

As the clouds slowly drift across the sky
Warmth from a sleepy Sun comes alive
A rooster from a farm just down the road
Crows loudly signaling daytime did arrive

Each day we can see fascinating things
For God created this Earth for you and me
With all of His special feeling he put into it
We have very many beautiful things to see

A Family

A smile radiates from the mother's face
When she looks down at her baby boy
Innocence shows on his new born face
He has brought the family so much joy

Born into this world where doubt exists
Not knowing where the road of life leads
With the dangerous twists he finds ahead
Will he find his life filled with great deeds

His father has bought a ball and a mitt
He knows his son will play ball one day
With a lot of luck and with great ability
People will have to pay to see him play

If only every son had a father at home
How much better this world would be
Families who enjoy their lives together
Are the ones God really wants to see

Faith In Him

When you meet Him on that road up in glory
Give Him a smile while you are walking along
Tell Him of the feelings instilled in your heart
When His angels sing you their happy song

Walk with Him up through the Golden Gate
See a Heaven greater than you ever thought
Be thankful for your true allegiance to Him
Knowing the wages of sin that you fought

Know your decision was the correct one
When you gave Him your heart long ago
As all those years passed by knowing Him
Stronger our faith in my God would grow

Peace and serenity shall be our reward
When we enter that heavenly celestial land
No greater feelings can anyone ever have
Than that day we touch our Savior's hand

Rest Of The Story

Sing me a song about our God in glory
Have the voices in unison and harmony
Lift up those spirits from within my heart
Bring both His thoughts and love for me

Let Him find my innermost feelings today
Fill my mind with everything that is good
Bring me a day that is filled with sunshine
Let my life be faithful as I know it should

Fight back all evil thoughts one might have
Know what He has made for you and me
That promise of a life that is full of beauty
In a home up in Heaven soon we shall see

Let Him flood your heart with His great love
Our faith in Him shall lead all of us to glory
If you read your Bible all the way through
You then will have all the rest of the story

A Simple Man

Just the simple things in life he wanted
At a very early age it was God he found
Knowing that his time on Earth was short
That soon he would be Heavenly bound

Each day he approached as if his last
Still, was thankful for each passing day
He knew he was still here for a purpose
Never questioning God as he would pray

Always he was nice to everyone he met
A kind word was all he had ever known
Walking those four miles down to church
His knowlege of his dear Savior had grown

One day he would preach at that church
In the room his voice was the only sound
With so much conviction in his sermons
A way to Heaven so many people found

Way To Heaven

White fleecy clouds are seen in the sky
A perfect day begins this Saturday morn
A long walk through a field with flowers
Makes this old body seem to be reborn

With fresh clean air to fill up the lungs
A song forms on his lips, walking along
Happiness grows within his heart today
Having a feeling he will see no wrong

He knows that he will never walk alone
Contentment and peace each step brings
His pace slow and without a great effort
He feels like a marionette on a long string

Goodness is felt deep from within his heart
For he is walking with the Supreme Being
Today has brought a big change in his life
It is his way up to Heaven he is now seeing

Your Garden

Today I walk through my garden of roses
It is amazing the beauty that I see there
I can hear the birds singing in the trees
Can smell the aroma of roses in the air

So blissful this morning seems to be
It is perfection as far as my eyes see
Nothing can mar this lovely morning
My prayer is that this would ever be

I can feel His presence near my side
As we walk among the lovely flowers
Knowing the serene comfort He brings
I could walk with my Savior for hours

If you look you can find your garden
He will always be there waiting for you
If you will follow advice he then gives
Your dreams of Heaven will come true

Daddy's Little Girl

He saw her so proud and beautiful
As she lifted up that thin white veil
A pang of regret he has felt this day
All dads do feel like that without fail

He remembers when she was born
Wrapped in her little blanket of pink
So proud he was of his little baby girl
She grew faster than he would think

High school seemed to come so fast
Graduation came on the sixth of June
He couldn't believe how the time went
His baby had become a lady so soon

A tear he feels rolling down his cheek
But now is when she will leave the nest
He knows she will make him a great wife
This daughter with who they were blessed

Our Team

In the still of this late August morning
We have a feeling of Autumn in the air
Shackled by the hot bonds of Summer
We know cooler days soon will be here

Soon we will see kids playing football
Big men will be playing the game too
Crowds gather with great anticipation
This is the year it will be coming true

This new player will make them great
In high school he was a fantastic star
Faking with a football he is a wizard
His expertise will carry this team far

Bring on all of the great competition
Our team is going to the rule this fall
Losing is that word that you wont hear
We are number one in college football

Our Day

When the darkness of night is over
Daylight of the morning has begun
Rays can be seen over the mountain
Coming from an early breaking Sun

We must arise from our cozy sleep
Prepare for a day that is now ahead
Have our breakfast then off to work
For we must earn our daily bread

To some a job is just plain drudgery
To others it is no more than a breeze
Wouldn't our life be a great pleasure
If we could have any job we please

But alas our world just isn't that way
We must work the job to get our pay
If we think happy thoughts working
Then it will make a much shorter day

copyright © 2006 By Acie

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