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What Is Time

Time, oh, time where have you gone
Hands on the clock seem now to spin
So fast they are turning without rest
Guess I don't know where from when

It seems to fast foward without help
I wish it would pause once in a while
Or perhaps if it could stop and rest
It would make us have a bright smile

Seconds speed into minutes so fast
Quickly the minutes turn into hours
Hours make days speed rapidly by
I don't have time to smell the flowers

Days will shortly become a month
Twelve month then become a year
Years will then become a lifetime
That you spent on Earth down here

Time we spend in Heaven is different
Without time constraints up there to see
Hours and days seem to never pass by
Time there will be what He wants it to be

Lust For Wealth

It hasn't been that many years ago
We didn't need to lock up any door
We could walked freely on a street
Give help to a friend if he was poor

Sadly times aren't like that anymore
This world has become dog eat dog
It seems as though its never enough
One person always has to be a hog

They seem to change things around
That would best fit their greedy needs
Never having any fear of confinement
For all their crooked dastardly deeds

Yet, there will be a time that's coming
When you will no longer lock your door
With no crooks like that up in Heaven
Lust for wealth wont happen anymore

His Gospel

We all face those daily temptations
Surrounded by sins we can control
As you walk with God he will tell you
Without sin your heart will be whole

With love we follow His teachings
Abide with all things He has to say
As His word teaches us the gospel
He will prepare us for that final day

What beauty is every walk with Him
Knowing it is He we can depend on
To show us that path up to Heaven
When this Earthly life has then gone

We know of a place He has prepared
That we all some day will want to go
Believe in Him and go home with Him
If you read His Bible it will tell you so

A New Church

His aged hands clutched his Bible
As he was sitting alone in the pew
His old shirt was worn and wrinkled
It had been years since it was new

Not one time did they hear his voice
Even when hymns they would sing
A slight smile would be on his face
It was plain, to him joy they did bring

One Sunday He didn't attend Church
They didn't miss him for three or four
Soon it became quite evident to them
He wouldn't be coming back anymore

It must have been eight months later
An attorney attended church one day
He said he had a proposition for them
Build a new church and he would pay

One thing they would have to promise
They would have to keep in the old pew
Where the old man sat so many years
In this church that he will build for you

July Rain

A fresh cool breeze is now blowing
Rains have cooled the Summer air
A long heatwave has been broken
Breezes like this in July are so rare

Morning skies still are full of clouds
So we may still see much more rain
No grumbling will be heard this day
As hot weather will soon return again

Grass that had turned nasty Brown
Is coming back to its natural Green
Last night's thunderstorm was heavy
Now everything seems to be so clean

Gardens will flourish with the water
Bringing us many good things to eat
An ear of corn, beans,and tomatoes
A good meal that is so hard to beat

A Beautiful Day

As a brillant Sun raises from the East
Stars fade into the light of a blue sky
A morning misty fog has drifted away
Dew drops on the Rose soon will dry

A day of wonder this day we shall see
As we walk the path down to the lake
There to see the early morning anglers
It a large Muskie they are trying to take

As we look to the hills that are near us
We can see trees in their summer attire
Deep green covers up a brown hillside
Sun dances on the lake like its on fire

Calmness we can see on the lake today
Only a slight breeze is blowing our way
It seems as if I am standing in prefection
God has made this such a beautiful day

Days End

An evening Sun sets in a Red hazy sky
Another day is about to come to an end
Night time soon will bring the darkness
It's another great day our Lord did send

Peace is brought with daytime now gone
Quietness only broken by an old hoot owl
With his keen eyesight he sits and waits
For any small rodent that is on the prowl

Weary from a hard days work in the field
We sit down to our bountiful table to eat
After blessing our food we all say amen
This farmers table is always hard to beat

After a hearty meal of meat and potatos
Other vegetables from his garden grown
He sits in his chair and lights his old pipe
Thankful for this good life he has known

Roadside Stand

Each day he starts out bright and early
He knows all his customers rely on him
Driving his pickup truck out to the farm
He will fill that old truck up to the brim

His gray whispers wave with the breeze
Sitting up his roadside vegetable stand
We see a table with tomatoes and corn
Picked fresh daily by the farmers hand

Beans he sells by the basket or pound
Cucumbers look so long and so green
Peppers he has both the hot and mild
Melons are the sweetest we have seen

Each summer we are glad to see him
Great is the produce grown in rich land
His lady helper sacks up your produce
At least once a week we visit his stand

That Rascal Time

When time has stolen your youth
Your hair changes to a gastly gray
You will ponder back on that time
When one hour seemed like a day

But time has it's way of slipping
Changing it's speed with our age
Gone are the days of adolescence
It's speed then was hard to gauge

Middle age may seem like a dream
A little foggy where that time did go
Hustle and bustle of that time of life
Seems as if it did then ebb and flow

Now has came those golden years
No more worries we were once told
But with the aching joints we have
Arthritis shots now is our only gold

At The Park

With the day so hot and dusty
His walk has become very slow
Beads of sweat cover his face
It's down to the park he will go

He will see some of his friends
Sit around and swap their lies
Reminisce of time that is past
They agree that time really flies

A week ago a friend was lost
Old Joe was only seventy two
They all thought he was alright
His time on Earth was through

His pace to his house is slow
He ponders when is his fate
Knowing God eases his mind
He is now ready for that date

copyright © 2006 By Acie

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