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Grandma's Bible

She would rock and read her old Bible
Her chair was an old straightback cane
Grandma loved to read all about Jesus
When she was living on Pleasant Lane

Her Bible was about as old as she was
Frayed bindings had made it hard to hold
But Grandma so loved her old black Bible
To her it was worth much more than gold

Us kids would like to sit around and listen
On those days when she would read aloud
She would tell us of a place named Heaven
Saying it was far beyond the farthest cloud

Grandma's Bible is still lying on that table
But the pages are no longer being read
Grandma is living an eternal life with Jesus
We know because thats what her Bible said

Land Of Heavenly Blue

I want to walk up those steps with Jesus
On the golden stairs that leads to jubilee
What a precious time we will have there
When our old friends we once more see

Angel bands shows that we are welcome
Smiles will light up every face that we see
Happiness fills our hearts to overflowing
As there with our loving Savior we will be

Beauty that we see will be overwhelming
Flowers and trees like we have never seen
So many different colors we will see there
With the grass a pleasing shade of green

Ask Him and He will make it happen for all
Believe and see Heaven He made for you
With a heart full of love He will be waiting
Up there in that land that is Heavenly blue

I attended a gospel concert in Portsmouth Ohio, and heard a wonderful
gospel Trio, who inspired me to write the following poem. They are
The Good News Trio. Visit their website at

That Road To Glory

There is a road that leads us to Glory
At its end there are wonders to behold
Mansions, He has made for us to live in
All the streets are paved with pure gold

If tomorrow that road before me appears
Happiness will fill my heart to overflowing
Though I might hate to leave friends behind
Faith in Him makes me happy I am going

To see wonders far above any expectations
He has told us will be waiting for you and me
Wont that be a wonderful time for us to know
What no mortal has been privlleged to see

Yes that road of Glory is there waiting for us
Ask Him and he will lead you all of the way
His love, He shares with everyone wanting it
I want to walk and to talk with Him every day

Because He Cared

If today you are sad and weary
Have you begun to wonder why
Do days find you alone and lonely
In despair have felt you could cry

If you look back I think you'll find
A time when things were so clear
Principals would dictate your days
Your dear Savior, you felt so near

I remember those days long ago
At revival meetings we would go
We would hear glory hallelujahs
As the choir voices began to grow

Bring us back to those past days
When love of God we all shared
Think of that place that is eternal
Made for us, because He cared

Look Up To Him

Do you walk in the dark shadows alone
In a valley where the Sun doesn't shine
Clouds follow every step that you make
Do the sirens lure you with their whine

Is your whole world so drab and dreary
Too tired to travel with your head up high
Have feelings of contempt overridden you
Does your heart ache as if you could die

If your day is empty with no one around
Look up and find He wants to talk to you
Place your troubled heart in His hands
He will see all your tribulations through

His wisdom He will implant in your mind
Telling you of this place that He prepared
For all those that believe in His teachings
Will find a place that can not be compared

Another Beautiful Day

Another beautiful day He has given to us
Not one cloud does cover a deep blue sky
A cool breeze has pushed the hot air away
Weather so perfect its a long walk I will try

As I walk I can feel His presence with me
I am amazed when He calls out my name
What a fantastic feeling walking with Him
My life I know now can never be the same

For it is in Heaven He wants us all to be
To join Him forever upon that golden shore
There to find that we will have a life eternal
No sadness or sorrow will we face anymore

Joy will follow your days up there in Heaven
Listen and He will not let your heart drift away
We know He has made this place for everyone
So prepare now for that great judgement day

In His Book

Our days and nights are all numbered
In His book beside our name is a date
No sooner or no later will we see Him
As we meet Him at that Golden Gate

Not one minute can be held in reserve
A second longer we can't then expect
His book has no flaws as for our time
All of the entries in His book are exact

We know not when our time is coming
Held in a secret that only He can know
While we are here on the planet Earth
We must prepare for that time we go

If in His teachings we believe and trust
Time will never run out on you and me
For then we shall see His great promise
Of a beautiful life in Heaven it shall be

A Prelude Of Heaven

On this bright sunny Sunday morning
Down in the lush meadow angels play
Harps played in a melodious harmony
Brings happiness to our heart this day

With joy I can hear songbirds singing
Sitting in up a heavy laden Apple tree
Notes that sound as if they are magic
Can they be singing their song for me

Is this a prelude of Heaven I see here
What wonderful joy it brings on to me
A feel of wonderment enters my heart
As all of the beauty this morning I see

It is wonderful He has prepared for us
A place so immaculately holy and free
Where we can live a life that's eternal
What a beautiful place that is going be

That Glory Way

I am going to walk the road to Glory one sweet day
For I know I will meet my dear Savior along the way
There to see Him offer to me his love and his hand
Hear a soothing song played by His angelic band

That day of repentance will be coming very soon
We will then ascend skies far beyond the moon
There to walk on the streets paved with pure gold
We will then see a great city of which He has told

Tranqulity and peace will ever be with us up there
In that land of so much beauty and unpolluted air
Days of happiness there will never come to an end
There, no broken hearts will He ever have to mend

If on that road you want to walk, you can you know
Just talk to God, for He will show you the way to go
Share His love and you will have a very happy day
He will guide you as you travel along that Glory way

Why We Grow Old

When our feeble legs can no longer stand
We will not travese down that valley of green
Our mind will wander back into those times
When the long pleasant walks we had seen

Earthly time is spend looking for answers
All of these answers will be shown one day
We know not why we grow old and crippled
For some reason He has made it this way

He has created everything we see on Earth
Given each and everything has its own place
Some are fast as cheetah or, slow as a turtle
Every species He gave to them their own pace

No matter who, or what, the days are numbered
From this Earth we will sometime be taken away
He will then give us a perfect and healthy body
On strong legs we can walk up there every day

copyright © 2006 By Acie

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